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  1. Kylo Renfield

    Season 9 Signups

    Kylo Renfield Barcelona Bubonic XI Skaven
  2. Kylo Renfield

    Colour Red gone on Laptop..ONLY when playing BB2.

    Windows 10 update is often the culprit, like the others have said, double check the drivers etc and reinstall if required. Maybe the colour depth parameter or something has been changed by the update? Check the config file for BB2 perhaps? Mine is set to <depth 32> [in resolution in config file] and I have a radeon integrated laptop too.
  3. Kylo Renfield

    Season 8 Signups

    Can someone remove my skaven team from the reserve list? I've recently joined 5A with a dwarf team as a late call up. Ta, Kylo
  4. Kylo Renfield

    S8 - replacements wanted

    Can someone sign me up [if that's okay and I'm not jumping the queue] so I can sub for another dwarf team in 5A? Kylo Renfield Moria Pasty Co Dwarf This is an existing team at TV 1180, which has played three CCL games only.
  5. Kylo Renfield

    S8 - replacements wanted

    need to sign up here of course! doh!
  6. Kylo Renfield

    S8 - replacements wanted

    I'm in BB2 at the OCC Tier 5 league section, and when I click register, it says not competition. Have I gotten ahead of myself? Does something need to happen on here first? Or the replacement team removed?
  7. Kylo Renfield

    S8 - replacements wanted

    I have a Dwarf team at TV 1180 that could enter [I hope I'm not mixing up my Dorfs and Chorfs!] I could probably get their TV up a bit in the next few days if needed before transferring. The are currently in the CCL. [Edit - I can play tomorrow if required as I see that this week's fixture will need completing asap] However, I don't mind being at a lower TV to most teams; and I've actually payed two of the coaches recently in the Brawl league; both really fun games.
  8. Kylo Renfield

    Season 8 Signups

    Ironically slow sign up for a Skaven coach, doubtless placing me on a reserve list for the reserves. Nevertheless, if for some reason you should burn through all your "re-rolls"... Kylo Renfield Team name: Renfield's Rodents Rapido Race: Skaven