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  1. Connectivity in BB2?

    Thanks to all. Lurking on the boards again for the first time in almost two years, I actually forgot about my last post, which was after BB2 vanilla had just been released! Consensus at the time was that everything in-game was prettier, but everything outside (leagues, chat, PvP mechanic etc) was worse than BB1. Also many problems like broken skills, inability to turn off mandatory skills etc, and the standard Cyanide ignoring them. Also keen to hear any updates people may have on the problems in that thread!
  2. Connectivity in BB2?

    Hi all, haven't really been active on the boards for a couple of years but with the looming release of BB2 LE I'm looking to get the game & dip my toe back into the OCC! The thing that killed BB1 in our playing group was the connectivity: the variability of whether you had to stuff around opening ports (some did, some didn't), the variability of whether this worked anyway (sometimes it just wouldn't connect for some reason regardless), and the fact that games would not infrequently drop out even if the connection worked. Is this fixed in BB2? We have a player group that, no matter the reason/excuse/justification, will just expect to buy the game and be able to connect out of the gate 100% of the time without having to shag around with opening ports or reconnecting after dropouts and losing half a game already played or anything else (ie like virtually every other game on the market apart from BB1). I really hope this has been fixed. Most of our group were only casual fans of BB at best but they gave it a go, couldn't play half the time and gave up. I couldn't really blame them at the time. Cheers