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  1. nice to see ya raziel :) happy you're here man :)
  2. Thank you for the Nice match report. 

    I know what you wrote is right. 

    But in all fairness , all things i producten that would go wrong went wrong . For Some reason i had that feelin€ and inwas right. 

    I played too cautious Thats i correct but i’d Love to have a team left next Season Thats why . But i enjoyed the read and loved the game , hope to See you soon on the pitch with wizard ? only thing i should changed imo ?????

    1. Asiemoagelis


      Predicted not producten

    2. C2MC


      Je moet de Orc-mentaliteit adopteren; als je gelooft dat het werkt, dan zal't wel werken. :Bananas:

      Veel success met de komende MD en misschien tot binnenkort!

    3. Asiemoagelis


      well denk als ze overleven dat ik er nog seizoen mee ga spelen , maar orcs zijn optie voor nieuw team 

  3. As Asked above ???? anxious to play this Season too
  4. New coach coach:Asiemoagelis race: lizards name: Hamse puiten
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