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  1. For the record I believe the ladies hate Dark Elves more than diet soda. Possibly more than claw.
  2. I am always entertained. But I need to hear more about everyones favorite killer: Ellen. Has she been quiet this season?
  3. I have a mostly full roster now. Still going into my next match as a 1000 TV underdog, but one step at a time. Unless Ellen smacks you around and forces a couple backward steps in team development. BTW After the mostly successful use of our Free (Padded) Gloves for opposing teams trick on the Women last season our sorcerers took it one step further and put a pushing enchantment on some padded gloves and offered them to @Sidley's orcs. Turns out orcs love free stuff even more than ogres and they did not even question the enchantment. Sids was on the sidelines screaming, "You can't even hurt an ELF???". Dirty tricks, good times.
  4. Created a street legal team :) . Return of Strong Vikings. Same as what the old team had except I spent some of the gold on a new runner. He had 160K, I spent 90K for the runner.
  5. I created the team. Team name: Waddia Snow2. Norse. Please send ticket if this is acceptable.
  6. I would be happy to build a Norse team and bring it in. I'll create a duplicate of an actual GOBBLN team I have.
  7. There is only one Witch Elf. All hail Myrcy the undying. Myrcy takes offense at being called filthy. She regularly bathes in the blood of her opponents. And the Minions are bathed and scented to her pleasure.
  8. Coach name (ingame): Weljamir Team name: Merciful Minions Race: Dark Elf
  9. USAB is looking for a few new players. Season 34 starting soon. Sign up in Soda Pop League: http://www.usabloodweiser.net/forum/index.php
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