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  1. Sorry dude, league is coming off for this year :( (ligue en sommeil depuis mars 2019) if u like league with no reset like me, OCC is the best for championship and LFFB (ligue française de BB) is the best for OPEN (with Playoff like CCL) with about 100 coaches ;p
  2. Aloha every fans of OCC,
  3. OCC Season 10 TIER 3 divisionC
  4. Racial distribution by TIER enjoy it
  5. Kiaora everyone, before the last dance of OCC season n°9 ! this is the final list of races played :
  6. Aloha everyone, After amazing holidays (missing Season 8) my Woodoo Oceania ™ are back. Coach name (ingame): james cook Team name: Woodoo Oceania ™ (returning team) Race: Union Elf By signing up i confirm that i've read the rules.
  7. Aloha ghouls and vampires, new story ... new heroes...new champions ! good job ! Standings▼ "TOP5" @Francach @wismerhill @Pidpad @Rymdkejsaren @Mongloom
  8. Aloha every coaches on another side... u can use goblinspy ! u need to download your competition... and after... it looks like this one to follow your team : enjoy
  9. @Mongloom @Javelin @Ramtut_III @bob152


    anyone to help us to play our game again at 12UTC  : T6 D6E MD02


    this is the story


  10. Aloha @bob152

    Could help us to play our game again


    because a poor connection .


  11. Aloha everyone, Coach name (ingame): james cook Team name: Woodo Oceania ™ Race: Union Elf By signing up i confirm that i've read the rules.
  12. legendary french league cabalvision is coming now on BB2 !
  13. Aloha everyone, welcome int the largest French community of Blood Bowl with one of the most beautiful site in the world devoted to our favorite @sport http://www.ligue-bloodbowl.fr/index.html
  14. Aloha everyone, Welcome in the south pacific in the heart of Oceania http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BBLANZ
  15. 735292FotoJet.jpg


    Aloha legendary coach !

    this is my welcome gift to thank you for my participation in your world league ;) !


    1. Rymdkejsaren


      Wow, thanks!


      Though we actually have 210 coaches in season 5, spread across 7 Tiers (championship is its own tier, and Tier 6 has 6 divisions). But it looks very nice!

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