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  1. OCC Season 10 TIER 3 divisionC
  2. Racial distribution by TIER enjoy it
  3. Kiaora everyone, before the last dance of OCC season n°9 ! this is the final list of races played :
  4. Aloha everyone, After amazing holidays (missing Season 8) my Woodoo Oceania ™ are back. Coach name (ingame): james cook Team name: Woodoo Oceania ™ (returning team) Race: Union Elf By signing up i confirm that i've read the rules.
  5. Aloha ghouls and vampires, new story ... new heroes...new champions ! good job ! Standings▼ "TOP5" @Francach @wismerhill @Pidpad @Rymdkejsaren @Mongloom
  6. Aloha every coaches on another side... u can use goblinspy ! u need to download your competition... and after... it looks like this one to follow your team : enjoy
  7. @Mongloom @Javelin @Ramtut_III @bob152


    anyone to help us to play our game again at 12UTC  : T6 D6E MD02


    this is the story


  8. Aloha @bob152

    Could help us to play our game again


    because a poor connection .


  9. Aloha everyone, Coach name (ingame): james cook Team name: Woodo Oceania ™ Race: Union Elf By signing up i confirm that i've read the rules.
  10. legendary french league cabalvision is coming now on BB2 !
  11. Aloha everyone, welcome int the largest French community of Blood Bowl with one of the most beautiful site in the world devoted to our favorite @sport http://www.ligue-bloodbowl.fr/index.html
  12. Aloha everyone, Welcome in the south pacific in the heart of Oceania http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BBLANZ
  13. 735292FotoJet.jpg


    Aloha legendary coach !

    this is my welcome gift to thank you for my participation in your world league ;) !


    1. Rymdkejsaren


      Wow, thanks!


      Though we actually have 210 coaches in season 5, spread across 7 Tiers (championship is its own tier, and Tier 6 has 6 divisions). But it looks very nice!

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