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  1. Aloha OCC fans For OCC s15 this is the distribution of new teams by race and coaches by country without coaches from reserve
  2. Aloha mate, it's ok now i'm back
  3. Aloha everyone, anyone could help me , i've got a problem to login me to BB ! i need an advice to recover my account ... and to play the next round OCC 14 @Javelin @midievil @Suido
  4. New coaches, new heroes, new legends.....
  5. Aloha everyone, last days to sign up !!!! Preview new teams & returning teams for OCC Season 14 before November 12th
  6. Preview new teams & returning teams for OCC Season 14 before last week to sign up (November 12th)
  7. Aloha everyone, after 3 months on holidays, returning team Coach name : james cook Team name : Woodoo Oceania ™ Race : Elf
  8. so see you next season for me ... ty for your quick answer!
  9. Aloha everyone, to see the press release of the PNA * please click on the following picture *Pacific News Agency
  10. Racial distribution by TIER enjoy it
  11. Kiaora everyone, before the last dance of OCC season n°9 ! this is the final list of races played :
  12. Aloha everyone, After amazing holidays (missing Season 8) my Woodoo Oceania ™ are back. Coach name (ingame): james cook Team name: Woodoo Oceania ™ (returning team) Race: Union Elf By signing up i confirm that i've read the rules.
  13. Aloha ghouls and vampires, new story ... new heroes...new champions ! good job ! Standings▼ "TOP5" @Francach @wismerhill @Pidpad @Rymdkejsaren @Mongloom
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