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  1. Season 6 signups

    Aloha everyone, Coach name (ingame): james cook Team name: Woodo Oceania ™ Race: Union Elf By signing up i confirm that i've read the rules.
  2. legendary french league cabalvision is coming now on BB2 !
  3. the winter season is coming
  4. Aloha everyone, welcome int the largest French community of Blood Bowl with one of the most beautiful site in the world devoted to our favorite @sport http://www.ligue-bloodbowl.fr/index.html
  5. Aloha everyone, Welcome in the south pacific in the heart of Oceania http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BBLANZ
  6. Season 5 signups

    Aloha SNOT, Happy to see u again... enjoy this league
  7. Season 5 signups

    Aloha fans & legendary coachs of this league Coach name (ingame): james cook Team name: Tropikal Woodoo™ Race: Undead New OCC I confirm i'm agree with the rules.