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  1. So we're up to 32 teams, eight full divisions and still getting some stragglers wanting to join up. Hmm, what to do.... LET'S KEEP GOING! The Dauntless Athletic League Expansion continues!! To fill 2 more division we would need a total of 8 more coaches, so if you've been on the fence thinking about joining us. NOW IS THE TIME! The playoffs for Season 1 are just about to kick off, and ALL new coaches will join before the off-season begins and join in everything that goes on before Season 2! Check out the website in the OP, and/or shoot me a private message with any questions or to get in the door! Thanks again! ~RK Blaze
  2. Hey fellow Blood Bowl Fanatics! The Dauntless Athletic League is looking to expand in Season 2 and is now recruiting new coaches! This is a NFL-Style league played within North American time zones. 24 teams divided into 6 divisions, and we want more! We do training camps, the draft and free agency in our league (like the NFL) and do so in-game. Looking for a League that lets you develop mixed race teams without all the min/maxing douchebaggery that goes along with it? Then you need to check us out! The league's experience level is from novice to experienced, with maybe a a small handful of players whom are anything remotely close to "expert." Season schedules run weekly and use a schedule-based ladder format (NFL Style) hosted on our website so that there isnt any regulation or promotion between divisions. New teams are built as mixed race teams, using only one roster to build the starting team. Then during the off-season coaches have the opportunity to trade and/or draft for players from the other rosters in their group. Coaches that will be happiest here are those that want a relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on sportsmanship and the enjoyment of the game, and will be active within our small and tight-knit community of enthusiasts. This is very much a private league, so expansions like this will be rare! For more information; and to see if it's the league for you please check out our website: https://jparsley00.wixsite.com/dauntlessleague Interested Coaches feel free to PM me with any questions or comments! Once accepted, information regarding to the FB group, discord channel and alike will be provided. Thanks for checking us out, and I hope to see you on the pitch! ~RK Blaze
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