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  1. Mister Natural One-Turner just wants to confirm that previously mentioned rat-ogre was indeed totally random and was not part of his pack.
  2. Rat enters the room. He moves more steadily than previously, but also slowly and more catiously. In his small hands he got a big, ragged bag full of something. - My luv, - He starts unwrapping the bag - as You asked i prepared proper gifts for you. First thing is a skull... but not just a regular skull. I quickly grabbed Sid's Vicious head when he was trying to reassemble himself, and made a great spaulder out of it. I wonder how he will be playing without it, but looking at his last performance I assume that he don't need it. Of course he was pretty ancient, so this is the Old part. Next we got fangs of my cousin, who You killed with such a grace on arena, which me and my pack prepared for ya. I made a butifyl necklace out of his teeths. He was freshly killed, so it could be considered as a New part. Last night I have sneaked into the Nes'es house and I have stol.... i mean... borrowed a key to his money vault. You can use it and buy great dress for yourself. And for the last part. Sometimes, when I stop breathing i turn a little blue, so the last gift is me my luv. After this words rat starts to hold his breath. He was able to remain without breathing for about two minutes and collapsed to the floor unconscious. What is strange, maybe because of living within area where warpstone is pretty common, his fur turned blue a little bit when he fell to the floor.
  3. Nes talking to himself in a third person. Neses ego bigger than his lack of taste. Gold and silk are so ugly - Rat starts to giggle.
  4. @C2MC Mr Natural One-Turner is recovering from his injury. Because of that he got enough time to take a participation in special course of Ogre's Language. Rat, wobling, enters the room and looks at magnificent ogre woman Ma Luv" - He Squicked deeply - I wrot da poem He clears his throat and starts reciting: "Roses are red Violets are blue I like your face Ughh Last verse me bonehead couse ya buity" Rat makes simple, clumsy bow and smiles akwardly with complacence waiting for opinion of his beloved one. ********************************************************************************************************************* After his display of (lack of) poetry skills One-Turner continues. "Me prepared special date for ya" - he says trying to squick as deep as possible, grabing Lennifer by her hand - "Follow me" They walk a little bit to the nearby mountain. One-Turner guides ogre woman to the cave. When she enters, firstly she sees tens of red eyes piercing from the darkness. One of them are siuated a lot higher than the others, approximately at the high of Lennifer's eyes. Suddenly hundreds of warpstone torchess enlightens the cave exposing a fighting arena with great, black-furred rat-ogre inside of it. "Ma pack give green stone to ma cousin to change him. He will be your sparrin.... i mean.... punching bag for this evening." - after this exposition rat moves to the left side of cave to the object covered with dirty gray canvas. When he removes it, Jennifer sees two horses on the large stone table. Both skinned, one rosted and one raw. - "Me heard you like horse, but me don't know ..... ugh..... raw or cooked. So me prepared little snack for ya and options to choose from, ma luv." Rat starts to smile nervously hoping that Jennifer would like this kind of gift.
  5. Mr Natural One-Turner is very devoted to the cause. "I will even break my legs to get heart of my beloved" - he squeaked while running to the pitch Well maybe he is a rat, but he is a rat of his words, couse he broke his leg during last game. He is not fast as he used to be, so he will be focusing on growing some sexy horns. Girls likes horns, right?