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  1. AndyDavo

    OCC cast?

    @grumplekins It would be great if you could push new people in my direction! I'm working on race guides and as soon as we get to 1000 you tube subs i'm going to release some. I have done a half way house so to speak already - some replay analysis games - where i pull apart the game and look at the positioning. While that won't tell you how to build a team I think it would actually do more for someone if they are looking to improve, team management is only 10% of the game, the other 90% is on pitch. I'm also trying to position the stream towards answering any and all questions and I field all discord PM's that are thrown my way regarding anything Blood Bowl, from tactical advice to level up questions. Here is a link to the first tactic video to save you trawling through to find it : Let me know what you think?
  2. Coach: andydavo Team name : placeholder Race: Orc New team
  3. Working list that is complete here Best Blood Bowl stream around* here Best You Tube channel around here This post is a classic example of shameless marketing and the maker of it is slightly sorry. Slightly. *personal opinion
  4. Coach name (in-game BB2): AndyDavo Team: Dark Elf Team name: Try Hard Mode engaged Confirm that you fulfill the age requirements of the BB2 World Cup 2018: Yes
  5. I'll be doing it on Sunday, can I declare then or shall I pick now?
  6. RK, I had a idea (I think great, but others can judge too). I'd like to "give away" my prize on the stream; to publicly enhance the image of OCC. Is this allowed? Don't get me wrong - i like the idea of Civ4 and a couple of others, but i would like to help promote leagues where possible.
  7. Hi all,This match was cast on my Twitch page and has also been uploaded to You Tube
  8. Hi all,This match was cast on my Twitch page and has also been uploaded to You Tube
  9. Hi all. So MD8 is upon us. Some of us have had acceptable seasons while others are uncomfortably close to relegation! (I do hope i'm not relegated.... I'e never been relegated!) As for the games, this week they are: High and Mighty! AndyDavo HighElf - 1970 - Elf Plates Da Coach HighElf - 1930 Live at 1800 UTC on Thursday 7th September And Brazuca Surfers Frankolino Norse - 1460 - Immortal Coil Zunk Chaos - 1680 Live at 0830 Saturday 9th September. They will be streamed at: https://www.twitch.tv/andydavo Replays available at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4hzfz2rbFULXNJ4xOewDkA
  10. So this week we will be streaming Zunks 2A top(ish) of the table clash between his Chaos and @GaryW with his Norse. Next up we have My High Elves as they look to build on last weeks 6-2 demolition win facing off against @Kayeka and his High Elves. Join Zunk and myself from 1800 UTC where we'll play some quality Blood Bowl and chat shit about anything and everything..... https://www.twitch.tv/andydavo
  11. Cool we look forward to seeing you :) Thank you also for the sub! very generous!
  12. Greetings all, Today we will be giving away several copies of BB:LE live on stream!!! You don't need to be a member and it doesnt cost you anything, you just need to enter the random raffle draw. In addition I will be playing my Champ Ladder season 7 semi final with $500 up for grabs and my qualifier for the special twitch league that Cerumol has set up. As always my co-caster coach Zunk will be with me constantly talking to the chat, keeping the chat amusing and full of banter (sometimes it's even about blood bowl!) Join us from 1900UTC tonight , Sunday 27th August. : https://www.twitch.tv/andydavo
  13. haha, i have been watching our TD battle. the final game is on Friday 1600 UTC - if you're interested. It will also be streamed.... UTC
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