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  1. Hello, this is my first post I'm a new player of BB1 and searching for a league. I have sopme question cause I am a bit lost in the forum. 1) I am beginner player, can I still join the OCC. Is there any dedicated league for beginners? 2) I learned that season 7 (or 8?) has started about a month ago. Can I apply to enter or I have to wait until next season starts? 3) Do the leagues are intended for BB1 or BB2? I prefer 1 since my crappy laptop cant run BB2 atm. Is still this community active on BB1? 4) how does it work the participation? DO I have to create a brand new team? May I use my existing teams (for instance the ones I played on auld)? Hope to meet you ingame asap. Cheers!
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