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  1. OCC Names ?

    So as long as I'm not playing BB2 I should be fine I guess...
  2. OCC Names ?

    I could not find any note about having to change names due to OCC requirements. But I'm quite possibly looking in the wrong places. So please enlighten me. Did I miss something ? Do I have to do something ? Thanks in advance !
  3. uploader thread....

    Never noticed it in the game. Thanks for the explanation.
  4. uploader thread....

    And another uploader question: When I look at an uploaded match it gives that match a rating (X / 20). What is that for, and how is it calculated ?
  5. Where/how do I find the league in the game ?

    Okay, done. Thanks again ! I actually looked at the 4th division but was unsure since it was already nearly full (guess I'm just the last one to apply) and it had information about 29 being the last season or something like that.
  6. Thanks to Wismherhill I can now access the Tier-Forums and have my password to apply ingame. Problem is I don't really know what I'm looking for... best match was when I searched for "OCC". That lists several Divisions, Holding Leagues a Championship and several others. I'm a bit lost where I should apply. Would be grateful for a hint.