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  1. uploader thread....

    Never noticed it in the game. Thanks for the explanation.
  2. uploader thread....

    And another uploader question: When I look at an uploaded match it gives that match a rating (X / 20). What is that for, and how is it calculated ?
  3. Okay, done. Thanks again ! I actually looked at the 4th division but was unsure since it was already nearly full (guess I'm just the last one to apply) and it had information about 29 being the last season or something like that.
  4. OCC1 s36 signups

    My profile Pic isn't Wismerhill. It's Ashram from the "Record of Lodoss War" Anime. Guess it's time for you to re-read the Black Moon Chronicles (which is a great series in my opinion !) ;)
  5. Thanks to Wismherhill I can now access the Tier-Forums and have my password to apply ingame. Problem is I don't really know what I'm looking for... best match was when I searched for "OCC". That lists several Divisions, Holding Leagues a Championship and several others. I'm a bit lost where I should apply. Would be grateful for a hint.
  6. OCC1 s36 signups

    And awesome it is indeed ! Thanks :) Btw is Wismerhill a reference to the Black Moon Chronicles ?
  7. OCC1 s36 signups

    Looks like the new season is about to begin. My team is quite anxious to finally spill some blood to honor the mighty gods of chaos... but uh... this might be a silly question: according to the help-section I should " Go to your tier information forum and find out the password for your tier ". Thing is, I'm unable to find such a forum section or any information about passwords. If someone could give me a pointer I might be generous and actually be mercyful towards that coaches team in the future. Okay... I wont be mercyful. But I promise that the first kill shall be dedicated to the gods of chaos in the name of said helpful soul. Deal ? PS: And sorry if thats the wrong thread for questions like this.
  8. OCC1 s36 signups

    Pick me ! Pick me ! Ingame Name / Headcoach: Runenstahl Race: Chaos Team Name: Dark Phoenix ! Timezone: UTC +1 Edition: BBCE Edit: ...oh wait, I guess I'm the "Chaos Squad" you mentioned. Ah well. Can't hurt to to post here anyways :)
  9. OCC1 S35 signups

    Hey there, would like to join the fray. So if something opens up, I'm ready to rumble. Otherwise I'll just have to wait for the next season I guess... Ingame Name / Headcoach: Runenstahl Race: CHAOS Team Name: Dark Phoenix ! Timezone: UTC +1 Edition: BBCE