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  1. Suido Chorfs Never Mind the Bulls 18+
  2. OCC Names ?

    Ha. While we're on that topic, mine's pronounced the same as pseudo.
  3. I assume coaches would be allowed multiple teams, as with other matchmaking open leagues. Confirm please?
  4. I'm trying to write my match report for my most recent game, but installed Legendary Edition since it was played. The replay is now super buggy. Any one else experiencing this? Has it been noted as an issue to Cyanide? Edit: could it be connected to the broken ladder information? BBLE isn't correctly providing info of old games?
  5. Probobly a stupid question about Season 4

    I'd love to get started on a pro elf elven union team, but nuffle keeps giving the Bridgeburners stat increases.
  6. Summer breack?

    Those of us in the southern hemisphere appreciate the summer break coinciding with christmas/new year. It's a much more sensible way to arrange things :-P Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk