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  1. Blitz with snots! Encourage your opponent to triple skull against your snots! What could possibly go wrong?
  2. This made me laugh at 6:15am, no mean feat. In other news, I'm also being accused of being a gentleman. I shan't be able to show my face in impolite society again.
  3. Greater the challenge, greater the accomplishment!
  4. Suido

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    Working beautifully.
  5. Suido

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    How come the community content feed on the right doesn't show Team Blog activity (and probably some other forums too)?
  6. Blocks and blitzes count, number of block dice is irrelevant Your player must earn SPPs for causing the casualty Injury is evaluated post apo/regen - returning to the reserves counts as badly hurt Winner determined by the net TV of the two players involved: Points = (opposing player TV) - (your player TV) + (injury modifier). Death +50k Permanent injury +30k Miss Next Game +10k Badly Hurt +0 Example: Rookie human lineman kills rookie chaos warrior Score = 100K - 50K + 50K = 100K Entry = 1 coin
  7. Since I was the only scorer, I accept my default win. Hurrah!
  8. RIghto, Bob wins 3 coins - my input refunded due to not playing.
  9. Haha, oops. My bad. Fixed now. After playing 15 turns and then watching the server crash and lose all information regarding the game (I'd niggled a lineelf, but pretty sure the score would have been negative), my opponent has had to cancel on the replay and so no game for me this week. That leaves a prize pool of three, and only @Rymdkejsaren in the running to beat bob's score.