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  1. Bane182 Dark Elves Death Disciples 18+
  2. Season 5 signups

    Returning coach. Bane182 Hell's Teeth Vampires
  3. So what action do we need to take when the tickets go out at 12? Is it like a race to register or something?
  4. Well that didnt work out. Didnt level the player i wanted and picked up a niggle. Jumped into the holding ladder. Look forward to the kick off.
  5. Whats the actual deadline for joining the holding ladder, want to see if i can skill up a few players before i jump across
  6. Lets have a go! InGame Coach Name: Bane182Steam Name (if different):Loken182Team Name: Avelorn ArrowsRace: High ElfTV: 1600 and risingMP Comp it comes from (e.g. COL): champions ladder 3Speciality Moves: Elf BS to the max!