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  1. sure. just make a new post with the team you want to play.
  2. added @Badger69 to coaches to get access to the forums.
  3. i fixed so that @RytterT should see the forums. if not, let me know.
  4. probably early june, could be one week earlier also. but around that time.
  5. now when i actually tried to figure out when, i think it will be more or less in between season 12 and 13.
  6. not sure about that. just guessing, but i think its closer to season 13.
  7. but that is in october, early october but still. so im not sure how it affects season 12? maybe season 13?
  8. middle of june is my estimation. when @Pidpad manages to do a 'timeline season 11 -> season 12' you will have more accurate date. but as you already signed up, you could be fetched earlier. so i would suggest that you have notifications on for pm as that will probably be the way you will be contacted on if the situation occurs.
  9. you can see it in 3 different ways. 1. you can wait until sunday to see the new md-threads. so new md will come up today. 2. you can see it in game, go to schedule, use the arrows to switch between the match days. 3. go to leaderboards (link in the header) and go to fixtures, choose your division in the drop down.
  10. this has been so much fun! especially when Dogbert was locked in and came smashing in at last minute. thank you for this @C2MC!
  11. it will be easy for you! i voluntered my high elfs as a fresh team to start in tier 5. ended up 3 place. you have 5 games more than my team did, easy win i say
  12. i did a quick search and found out about a x-box league called fabbl. what i read they use facebook to schedule games and stuff, so if you have facebook, search for "fabbl" or "blood bowl 2 xbox one" and you will find it. right now they had about 930 members. so i hope you will find that at least some of them still plays and are active.
  13. Nes is pacing restless in front of Lennifers house and the studio. From time to time he bites on his nails. When will Lennifer decide? Will it be Lenny or Dogbort? Being removed at last minute made it even worse to wait on the decision.
  14. (how can I even be mad or angry when this is so funny? Nes should be upset but nope ) "Im sorry that I dissapointed you all. But most, I dissapointed myself." Nes lower his head and wipes a tear from his face. "And I hope you all can see that I at least have changed. From that arrogant high elf that thought that money was all, to what I am today, a friend to you all. Im really sorry for my earlier behavior. Right now Im just happy to have experienced this and that it made me change into a better me." Nes looks up at Lennifer, Lenny and Dogbert. "If its ok for you, I would be really happy to pay for the wedding and a honey moon. Its the least I can do."
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