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  1. me four! but with the same player and not an ogre. but same.
  2. im in! bet on 19 so i can go for the surprise scorer to.
  3. "Bribe???? I would never bribe my way to true love!" Nes is very upset that the producers accuse him of trying to bribe his way to a better position in the competition. "I will let them know what a bribe is if that is the way they want to play it out!" Nes stomps his feet angry before calming down a bit. "Oh, never mind the producers. Producers, more like shmosucers" Nes giggle at his own wit "I dont have time for them. I have a ogre to seduce." "Ok, lets see. Something olde, my family fortune is quite old and if Lennifer choses me that will be a good gift. Something new, perhaps some diamond necklace, yes, that will be perfect. Something borrowed, hmm.. the summer palace I borrowed, but I cant use that again. If we end up getting married I have to borrow my parents big palace for the wedding." Nes nods for himself. "Something blue... something blue... Oh! My grandmas old engagement ring. It has this big blue sapphire. Perfect! All I need to do now is to get to my money vault and get some money for the necklace and take out the engagement ring." Nes walks to his money vault and put his hand into the pocket where he keep the key. "Whats this? Where is the key? Have i misplaced it? Surely I cant have done that... Someone must have stolen it!" he bursts out before his servent clears his throat. Nes looks at him. "Master, forgive me. But yesterday you almost forgot to eat your lunch. And last week when you was on the date with... Lennifer... you forgot your daily bath. You never forget things like this." the servent says. "Damn. You are right. My love for Lennifer has made my mind play tricks on me. Try to find the key for me." Nes says. "Ok, lets get the other things first and then..... oh no..." Nes puts his head into his hands when he realize that he cant buy a diamond necklace or get the blue sapphire ring because of the missing key. "i'M DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!!!!" Nes cry out. After sulking for several hours Nes finally wipes his tears and starts to think about a new plan. "The team needs a new blitzer after the last one died, Ill give him to Lennifer! She can name him and get him when he isnt fit for the game any longer. Yes, that have to be sufficient. And for the blue... Surely a random skaven or hench-gobgo of some sort turns blue when strangled. And Lennifer like violence. But they are so tiny, a rat-ogre!" Nes smiles. After meeting up with a random rat-ogre and asking him if he liked ogres and getting and angry snarl as answear Nes told him to follow him if he wanted to beat up an ogre. Together with the rat-ogre Nes enters the garden and walks up the steps to meet with Lennifer. "Lennifer, oh I have missed you." Nes smiles and make a small bow. "I have come with four gifts. My family fortune is olde and if we end up together you will take part of that fortune. As for the new thing, if you remember the elf heart I gave you a couple of days ago, my team needs a new blitzer. He will be yours. You can name him if you want, and he will also be served to you when his carrier is over. For the borrowing part, I will borrow my parents palace as the place for our wedding. And lastly, the blue." Nes looks at the rat-ogre that is waiting for the signal from Nes. "I give you this rat-ogre to beat up and strangle. Surely he will turn blue from lack of air. Im highly convinced of that, but Im not entirely sure so you might need to test it." The rat-ogre looks at Nes, first surprised and then angry and then shocked as Lennifers hand hits him over his face and the other hand grab his neck. And the beating begins.
  4. Nes sneaks up to Lennifer and gives her a small box. "I've heard you like elf hearts. One of the blitzers in my team accidently died in the last game, and I... just let us say, 'convinced' the apo not to help him. I've roasted it in garlic with a hint of thyme. I hope you will enjoy it." Nes gives a small bow and kiss Lennifer on her hand. "To next time my darling Lennifer." he says and departs.
  5. thank you for boosting my confidence again!
  6. am i the only one betting???? how can i loose if im the only one betting???
  7. so what you are saying is that Sid didnt manage to hurt even a halfling? let me and everyone else laugh. Nes scored 3 out of 3 TDs in todays game in Lennifers name.
  8. Nes didnt even notice that, and it was exactly the date before Nes. he will sharp up his game!
  9. "Oh Lennifer, my heart aches when i think about you" Nes smiles at the ogre and bow deeply. "I have ordered my parents to free their small summer palace for us. There will be a banquet with lots of food to eat and wine to drink. And for entertainment i hired some former blood bowl players to fight each other in a small cage." Nes puts his small hand into Lennifers big hand and walks towards the carriage that will take them to the summer palace. "I heard that you scored a touchdown in your latest game. How impressive! I myself also managed to score a touchdown in my latest game, probably more luck than skills like the ones you have Lennifer. And then the undeads was so angry so they put me in injury box, but you dont have to worry about me. It was nothing serious." Nes smiles as the two sits down in the carriage and begin the travel to the summer palace. "I also heard you were hit by a lightning bolt. Those damn wizards! Im really happy that Dogbert killed the bastard for you." Nes smiles at Lennifer. When they arrive at the summer palace Nes shows Lennifer the banquet room where 5 big tables are full with food, all sorts of meat, fish, bread and wine. Two big doors are standing open leading out to the garden where a cage is set up. To the side of the cage stands two snots, two goblins, two halflings, two trolls, two humans and two minotaurs. "I hope you will enjoy this evening in my company dear Lennifer." Nes says and kisses her hand.
  10. AD Invitational are as some of you may know running a large team competition with several other large BB2 communities involved. OCC are one of the leagues we would love to involve in season 3, starting March 1. By design at AD Invitational, almost all members call another discord 'home' and we focus entirely on collaborations with other leagues to complement them rather than compete. The now ending season 2 involved 10 leagues of 6 coaches per team, including a ReBBL, ReBBrL, Twitch BBL, Sagelings, MAD, ICBBL, and BBLANZ team to name a few. Already confirmed new leagues in Chaos 3 include UKBBL and Gamin Dads BBL (2 teams). We are flexible with number of leagues and can run up to 16 easily. Rules are included here, and @Meshuggah (UTC +1)#3337 (on discord) is always available for questions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P0gRG6HZR3O2DPlBVibtHPudvePjk3c7C9jYmIIeXsE/edit# Kindly, Meshuggah Got this question/information, so do we have 6 OCC coaches that wants to play? I think the easiest is that those of you that are interested writes here and i can tell Meshuggah if we will be able to get a team or not.
  11. "Oh, how lucky I am to already been given a nickname from my lifes love." Nes smiles. He clears his throat and starts recite from his memory: "The love of an ogre - what an wonderful thing! The love of an ogre - is bigger than a fling! The love of an ogre - so pure and so rare! The love of an ogre - can never compare! Oh Lennifer Jaw-Rends - what a beautiful and wonderful name! Oh Lennifer Jaw-Rends - my love for you can never be tame!"
  12. brocCooLi

    Home / Away

    really strange. i can understand that they dont have full random because then someone could get 9 home matches in one season. but having it like this is almost as bad.
  13. brocCooLi

    Tie Breakers

    the order of tie breakers in occ are: Order of tie-breakers within a division Points TD differential Least TDs conceded Head to Head Wins Random Method* *Should the tiebreaker come this far in the Championship, the winner of the title will instead be determined by the result of a friendly match. you can read about all of the tie breakers here: http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/help/rules/structure/tiebreakers/