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  1. I KNOW!!!! totally NOT my fault!!! *hmpf*
  2. forgot what turn it was so i didnt have time to score with my beast or my nurgle warrior with +st -ag, so instead i went for the rotter td and failed and lost the game :)
  3. im on! easy win after i score with my beast
  4. damn.... i will do better next time @C2MC, i will not lose at loosing again!!!!!!
  5. ok..... so my beast of nurgle hurt a snotling with mng. 40-210+50=-120 so i win with largest neg score?
  6. im in! playing my game tonight probably.
  7. im doing a yolo and saying 20 and sending 2 coins. if im to late just return it :)
  8. i wanted to be on this and score with my beast of nurgle, but i forgot :( will take it next time!
  9. Waleed's Pidpad Challenge...

    it might be easier to do it in two, 25 + 25 and with new team both times. will also be a bit faster (it will feel that way at least). both its not really about doing it 'the right way' since there are no right way, as long as you play bb and have something to aim for :)
  10. The 2018 World Cup, 64 Coaches are...?

    well, we know 2 of the 64 at least :)
  11. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    no gutters is pretty bad. and me playing bad isnt helping, so even if i had the gutters im not sure it would have helped that much. and so far not that many skills because the bad playing :( but soon it will turn around!