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  1. we also have a link to the discord in the header on this page.
  2. you are welcome back when you can :)
  3. yes you can ask that if you want :) but to answear, we will discuss it (dont remember how much we have done that) and return with information about it.
  4. finally some action is returning "down there"
  5. the dummy team is because a coach couldnt play the first 2 mds. in 5B we have one that are going to leave. will look in game and see what i can do.
  6. you have a ticket to accept in game
  7. nope. none what so ever. the only thing that you should now is that most teams in tier 5 already played 10-11 games. so pick whatever team you want to play, and if you want to continue with the team after this season that is a possibility, also, if you like to create a new team for next season (s13) instead you can also do that.
  8. if someone is thinking about signing up, please do and you can jump right in to the action in tier 5!
  9. changed. use LordOfChaos777 when you log in in the future :)
  10. I can see what you see not. Vision milky then eyes rot. When you turn they will be gone, Whispering their weeping song. Then you see what cannot be, Blisters pours where flesh should be. Here comes your Judgement Day, You will face of God of Decay. Once Again Regor proves his worth in eyes of Nuffle (and Nurgle, duh!). He and his Carnival of Nurgz was undefeated during Season 11. ALL HAIL REGOR. ALL HAIL NURGLE. ALL HAIL SEASON 11 CHAMPIONS! And remember kids. Eat bananas but not those rotten. credit to @Gobas who wrote this master piece.
  11. your forum name must be the exactly same as your coach name in game. so please confirm if your coach name in game is LordOfChaos777 and i can change your forum name for you.
  12. pretty sure you cant do it yourself.
  13. changed your name so that it correspond to your in game name :)
  14. sure. just make a new post with the team you want to play.
  15. added @Badger69 to coaches to get access to the forums.
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