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  1. Pidpad's Pidpad Challenge

    as someone wrote "it doesnt matter how you do it, as long as you play blood bowl". and the match making.... what to say....
  2. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    final game against undead. won cas with 4-1 with 9 armor breaks td was 3-1. so 17-4-8 with woodies. players worth mentioning: my thrower (that died on the second last game), with +ag, accurate, dodge, +st, block my wardancers, one with mb, side step, tackle, frenzy. got +ma after the last game. the other with strp ball, +ag, tackle and my catcher with nerves of steel, block, sure feet, +ma, +ag
  3. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    played the chorfs again.... lost 0-2. have 0-1-3 against that team and 1-6 in td played newbie humans. used apo to save my wardancer from -av. later my thrower died. screamed 'noooooo' in my head before i started laughing the thrower had +ag, accurate, dodge, +st, block. game ended 2-2. 16-4-8 so far in total and only one game left for them.
  4. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    managed a draw against the chorf team that i lost 2 games to. so now i have 0-1-2 to that team and 1-6 in td 16-3-7 in total
  5. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    true, hadnt thought on that. and now its even longer. played high elfs, won 4-1. before that i played chorfs that conceded so that the coach wouldnt rip anything apart at home. 16-2-7 so 9 wins in a row. also only 5 games left with this team. gonna miss all my ag5 players :'(
  6. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    played the same orcs. managed to win cas 2-1??? won 3-1. 14-2-7
  7. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    played orcs. my tree got killed, so im on my third tree now. won 2-0. 13-2-7
  8. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    played against goblins. it really wasnt the goblins day. won 5-1. 12-2-7
  9. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    played against chorfs. always seems to struggle against them no matter what. but this time i managed to win, 2-1. 11-2-7
  10. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    played against high elf. won 3-2. the opponent managed to ko two of my players that got back on the next kick off. 10-2-7
  11. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    played against undead. won 2-0. 9-2-7
  12. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    wood elfs mirror. totally smashed the other team. won 3-1. 8-2-7
  13. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    got out bashed by the same chaos dwarf team. lost 0-3 this time. 7-2-7
  14. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    played against slann, this time win with 5-1. a lot of 1 from the slann. 7-2-6
  15. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    welfs on welfs. during my one turner i got tripple skull with my treeman so lost 1-2. the block was to make it a bit easier with the first dodge. 6-2-6