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  1. already played my game, and the only cas i did was on foul. so im skipping this :)
  2. managed to play the game. didnt score. i guess it had something to do with the pass to my warrior in the rain... he didnt catch it. but he would have leveled up if he did so totally worth the greed
  3. brocCooLi

    brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    i have almost done ogres. so i will wait a bit with them. but good suggestion! not sure how it works? but i could join col without trouble with my team at least. so it should work fine.
  4. brocCooLi

    brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    so what should i play next?
  5. brocCooLi

    brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    finally done with one more team. dark elf. or boring elf. had to play the last 4 games in open just to finish them off, should really have played them all in champ ladder. but no. yawn yawn yawn. 13-6-10 not that great. had some fun players. but still boring to play. not sure why i thought it was so boring. but it was. glad i finally done with them. want to play something fun next, or do something silly with a team, like taking wrestle as first skill on a dwarf team
  6. i think i will try to focus on playing the game this time and trying to win or something like that instead of gambling away my money. but on the other hand.... im in!
  7. nurgle warrior with +st and block did a bh on the tame bear with block +ma so 200-180=20 did another bh that would give me -40 two kills that would give me -110 and -90
  8. i have also paid @Suido, dont just take my money like that. you can at least write up my name in the contest list before laughing at me and taking my money :)
  9. brocCooLi

    What am I thinking?

    halfway there!
  10. oh! is it a riddle? hmm... the watch? or is it a grandpa that is stuck with his garter in the rocking chair?
  11. that was the worst description of me i have read. i havent given you any coins and im not really generous and im not a gentlemen. but impressive that you can put that many errors in a simple line :)
  12. playing against @wismerhill so this should be a walk on the edge, easy! im in.