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  1. Dont mean to be rude. I willl be playing on my TV. Resolution wont be perfect and I can prolly dont read what you type.


    In advance: GL And HF.


    You can expect a quite drunk opponent since Sweden advance in the FIFA  WC in Russia  :)


    Cheers and Celebrationg.


    If England wins againt Belgium we will meet in the finals :)


    /Sincerely Lars

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    2. C2MC


      Well, the game automatically conceded. I didn't validate. I think we have to reschedule, as per the rules. But I marked it in the MD5 thread. Let's see what the Admins say and we'll probably try again later.

    3. Raslurbat


      sure thing its up to the admins


    4. Raslurbat


      i can play everyday at 19.00. if thats the perfect time for you

  2. Season 7 Signups

    Returning team Coach name Raslurbat Team name: Slime Pit Sluggers Race: Nurgle