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  1. just postingMD on 6A and saw you did the same right now. You want me to finish or you are finished alrezady?


    1. Breschdleng


      just finished^^


    2. Ozone


      lol, ok, i'll erase my 6A thread


  2. Ozone Norse Too Clean has no Taste I am legally an adult in my country. (although my wife still considers I might be a little childish...does it count?)
  3. Hey mate,


    currently l’y putting kids to bed; so if you prefer 7.30 it’ll do!

  4. Ozone


    Yeah sure, first season was just meant to start things up! Real stuff should begin on next 2/3 seasons! we could even discuss POs involving best race teams, such as CCL. Not sure it is needed in OCC though, as it seems we already have a nice race mix. It could be useful if people start playing only a few races I guess
  5. Ozone


    Wouldn’t brawl playoffs be a fun idea? Involving top 4 coaches for example, at the end of each season ?
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