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  1. Doomy77

    OCC cast?

    @Pidpad seems to remember an Underworld episode being a thing.
  2. Doomy77

    OCC cast?

    You did. Smokey was the guest.
  3. Doomy77

    OCC cast?

    Hi Jav. I’ve spoken to @Borke, he will consult with @brocCooLi to determine the best way to preserve this precious resource. Hang on to those files and expect to hear from our benevolent rulers soon.
  4. Doomy77

    OCC cast?

    We have Juriel’s blessing, so I believe we were waiting on @Javelinto give the files to @grumplekins. I can’t say if either is still here/alive though.
  5. Doomy77


    I've played in most/all LLC seasons and it's fun. There are a lot of high TV teams here and legendary players galore for you to kill.
  6. Great stuff. Doesn’t seem such a long time since you were constantly moaning about Ellen being the worst ogre on the team, so perhaps the other ladies will eventually raise their game.
  7. Doomy77

    The People Have Chosen

    Well done! While this post won the contest, all of them have been entertaining. Thanks to the entire fluff crew for their efforts.
  8. Doomy77

    Season 9 Champion: notorious noob

    Insane werewolves are hard to stop. Well done.
  9. Doomy77

    Forum trouble

    Borke told me how you two were keeping busy figuring out WTF was going on. I've no idea what you did, but thanks for doing it.
  10. Doomy77

    Adding Images to Posts

    Might it be tied to usergroup rights? Greens and teals are clearly OK but perhaps not blue rabble like Danton?
  11. Doomy77

    Suido is Green!

    Welcome, Suido. Condolences on all the extra hassle you’ve set yourself up for.
  12. Doomy77

    Bantha is Green!

    Congratulations, Brother B!
  13. If nothing out there scratches your particular itch, feel free to start your own league. I’m sure we’ll be happy to give you forum space for it too.
  14. Have you noticed how Mormons go door to door in pairs?