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  1. Doomy77

    Adding Images to Posts

    Might it be tied to usergroup rights? Greens and teals are clearly OK but perhaps not blue rabble like Danton?
  2. Doomy77

    Suido is Green!

    Welcome, Suido. Condolences on all the extra hassle you’ve set yourself up for.
  3. Doomy77

    Bantha is Green!

    Congratulations, Brother B!
  4. If nothing out there scratches your particular itch, feel free to start your own league. I’m sure we’ll be happy to give you forum space for it too.
  5. Have you noticed how Mormons go door to door in pairs?
  6. There are teams which discourage stalling tactics. Others have already mentioned Stunty. Me being me, I will of course cite vampires as an example. It's usually difficult for your opponent to stall because the ballcarrier is never safe, while you can't stall either as a) you cannot guarantee your ballcarrier will actually want to score on any given turn, plus you generally need as many KO rolls as possible.
  7. Doomy77

    OCC cast?

    The podcast introduced me to the Dropkick Murphys. Love ‘em.
  8. Doomy77

    OCC cast?

    I dragged him here to bless the rehosting, don’t get too excited.
  9. Doomy77

    OCC cast?

    I have/had Juriel on my Steam list. If I see him I’ll tell him about the interest in rehosting the casts. Dunno if he’s still in touch with Xander though.
  10. Doomy77

    Sustenance of Fluffers

    Don’t tell me what I can and can’t like!
  11. Doomy77

    Join the Legendary Ludites Championship!

    I'll need to install BB1 and make sure my teams still exist, but otherwise I'm in.
  12. Doomy77

    Season 8 Signups

    +rep for vamps. You may be unable to join this season, but I hope to see you in action soon.
  13. Losing 50K every time I bite a thrall seems a tad ungenerous.
  14. Doomy77

    Season 8 Signups

    Two veteran vampire coaches returning in the same season! Things just got sexy.