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  1. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Hi Cap’n. I’m afraid my laptop has shuffled off this mortal coil and you now need two people.
  2. Season 4 Sign-Ups

  3. Season 3

    Well done! And thanks to Cap’n for running stuff.
  4. Season 3

    Don't worry about it, I already know I'm not the winner.
  5. What platform do yall use?

    Or you could sign up for LLC and play BB1: CE on your toaster.
  6. What platform do yall use?

    The previous console ports were crippled not so much by technical deficiencies as proprietary nonsense by Microsoft and especially Sony. I doubt much has changed.
  7. [VOD] OCC Tier 6B Game 1

    I just stayed up way past my bedtime to watch this. Thoroughly entertaining stuff, and top sportsmanship from both coaches. +rep to each of you.
  8. Season 3

    All in all, not the best night's work for the Cult.
  9. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    I'll keep this lot going unless a) Jrpeart does something truly horrid to them or b) missing a shipment is as fatal as I think it is. I've spent a lot of time resting and a new demand just dropped while I have almost no stone. Devious Little Cult
  10. Season 3

    My scheming match went a bit pants. It didn't help that I hadn't realised my leader lost his staff somewhere, suspect Bo nicked it.
  11. Season 3

  12. Season 3

    Tuesday at that time would be preferable, I have a regular gaming session on Mondays.
  13. Season 3

    Something has come up for Saturday. Can do Sunday though.
  14. Season 3

    @jrpeart We meet again. Hopefully more people will keep their arms on this time. Most evenings work for me, given notice. Daytime weekend play may also be an option.
  15. Season 3

    BoCelt gave me a fright as he ambushed my leader and took him out before I got so much as a swing in. Fortunately my band held their composure and swiftly returned the favour, causing the undead to flee without any further casualties on our side (we also took out a ghoul). GG, nice to actually get to the fighting this round. That's the first shipment sent off too.