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  1. Season 3 Question(s)

    You could just put Crim there now. Saves time.
  2. Season 3 Question(s)

    Almost missed this thread. I'm in and as it's a mandatory reroll I'll try the Cult of the Possessed. Feel like shooting things once in a while. Name, unless I come up with something better, will be "Devious Little Cult".
  3. Mordheim Season 2

    Sounds good. I'll poke things when the content is transferred.
  4. Mordheim Season 2

    Cool. I assume my global moderator rights will carry over, though it's hardly as if you need additional mods with such a small group.
  5. Mordheim Season 2

    I'll wait til I know how many chunks Crimson tears you into. Shouldn't we get one of those clubs RK just announced?
  6. Poison Wind Globadier

    Oh no, sometimes I... oh, never mind.
  7. Poison Wind Globadier

    ...and this is why we won't be meeting in Mordheim for a while. My tactics are: See bad thing, hit it. If dead, find new bad thing. Else, repeat.
  8. Mordheim Season 2

    Get well soon Cap. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of our limb-swapping antics.
  9. Mordheim Season 2

    Yep. The score was one arm each, with us stealing a nice hammer in exchange for our matriarch, Mother Alma, becoming Mother Armless. The retirement home beckons for her as she's a 1h and shield user with max agility of 9 so can't really adapt to Dodge-based combat. Sulu, on the other hand, is reputed to have found his amputation an improvement!
  10. Ogres are AG2. Trolls and Treemen are better examples.
  11. 'Allo

    Scraping for cash appears to be standard procedure. After many hard battles my girls have a whopping four gold pieces to show for it.
  12. Mordheim Season 2

    Hi Peart. Tuesday then, 1900 UTC is ideal.
  13. Mordheim Season 2

    That could be useful as I am aiming to play my OCC1 match tonight, so if you clear your backlog I ought to be available for most of this MD.
  14. Mordheim Season 2

    No worries. We're not exactly famous - yet.
  15. Mordheim Season 2

    I love reading the latest in the Blabbermouthe. Even when they get our name wrong. Peart! When would you like to meet the Sisters of St. Grabthar?