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  1. What the Fluff??

    I will give it another shot if you will have me.
  2. Hey Doomy. I gathered that we were short one team in division 4. I am looking over the ingame leauge info and teams already signed up and I noticed you have a Liz team in the mix. Thank you for getting another team into the tier if we were short. Also, for some reason, my team already has a win/loss record listed. As does one other team in the tier. Will this go away when I actually play a league game?


  3. Thanks for the game Bjj Hero. That was the funnest game I have had in a while. And thank you again for directing me to this website. I am new to league play though. What should I do in order to join a new or existing league?

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    2. bjj hero
    3. Jadman


      cool thanks for the link bjj. Does the team have to be a new team? If not, what value does it have to be?


    4. bjj hero

      bjj hero

      New team with 0 played games.


      Check out bbtactics.com as well. On their forum they run 2 bb:ce leagues. The crunch cup and the big crunch. Its smaller but i play khem in the big crunch. Look for the big crunch 1 sign up.