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  1. Coach name: Al Bundy Team name: NO MAAM Race: Nurgle This is indeed a returning team.
  2. In some instances it can make a very big difference. And also if you have a spare reroll that you don't need, why not use it?
  3. Yeah, that's also true once they specifically say that it is allowed.
  4. Exactly, skills being mandatory is kind of like a BB2 house rule, whereas rerolling the catch on a blitz is not, it is a bug, and it is also a bug that a conscious player can avoid, whilst some other bugs aren't, such as the wizard being stronger than it is supposed to be in BB2.
  5. Yeah, although the difference between that reroll and Fend being mandatory is that Cyanide consider the former a bug and the latter intended behaviour.
  6. @zulu You can indeed use team rerolls during a blitz, but the catch roll does not happen during the blitz, that's why you're not supposed to be able to reroll it, both because it's not your turn anymore, and because in general you can't reroll catches when it's the kick off.
  7. Just like you can't reroll a scatter on an opponent's turn, or like you can't reroll the catch after a High Kick or whenever your player is standing under it for example.
  8. I meant a coach that doesn't know that this is an exploit/bug, since it is not specifically listed in the OCC rules as an exploit.
  9. In BB2 there is a current bug that allows using a team reroll to catch the landing ball on a Blitz kickoff event, after the defending player has ended their bonus turn, which is not supposed to be able to be used, and many players are unaware of this being a bug. The "Cheats and Exploits" section warns against cheating, abusing client functions, or using exploits to gain an unfair advantage, but does not refer specifically to this bug. Is this considered an illegal exploit in OCC? Other leagues for example do consider it so and specifically list this as an example of an exploit. What happens if a coach that doesn't know about it does it?
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