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  1. Yes I have again traveled back or forth or not in time to come to you with a very important message (or unimportant depending on the when and where you read this). Yesterday morning at 0.00 hour the amazing and unexplainableTimeshift happened again Luckily for you I was able to postpone it till inbetween seasons. It if wouldve happend midseason your heads wouldve exploded trying to arrange a game So I just stopped by to gently inform you all to change the UTC's in your profile in accordance to your current timezone. Time Fu Panda OUT!
  2. Today, I will tell you a secret of the Time Fu order. Do not worry, it will still be today, even if you read this tomorrow. This is an application of Time Chi – careful manipulation of the time stream. Time Chi requires balance – the Daylight Saving time shifts happen twice a year and balance each other out. This is simple. Not so simple is the stretching of a match day without an equal and opposite compression. The upcoming match day stretching has required some deft and delicate Time Chi – stealing a private moment, taking my sweet time and lurking in gyms, lifting the tempo. Ever get to the end of an offensive drive and realise you’re short on time and too far from the endzone? That wasn’t me, that was your lack of discipline, but you get the idea. Enough time has been accrued to allow stretching MD8 for the convenience of coaches encumbered by seasonal, worldly distractions. The match day will commence (as normal) at: 0000UTC Wednesday 19th December The match day will end (a week later than usual) at: 2400UTC Tuesday 1st January Good luck and have fun. Don’t worry, you did. All I ask in return is that you think of Time Fu Panda when you receive a present.
  3. Greetings All, It is me, your friendly neighbourhood Panda Please consider yourself reminded that the bi-yearly time warp (at least for the europeans) is happening in between the current and the next season! In the night from SATURDAY the 27th and SUNDAY the 28th of October the clock will be turned BACK 1 hour, meaning you all get 1 hour closer to UTC. I will sign in again somewhere closer to that date, but figured it couldnt hurt pointing it out sooner as well!
  4. Greetings. I am Time Fu Panda, and I come with tidings of temporal fluctuations. Even the most wet-eared initiates of Time Fu know about Daylight Saving Time. In large parts of the world, on the night between Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th, TIME WILL SHIFT FORWARDS. So, don't be one of those coaches who leaves your opponent waiting for an hour because of your IGNORANCE. If you want to know the specifics of this Time Fu shift for your location, click the link below. LIST OF DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME CHANGES AROUND THE WORLD
  5. Greetings. I am Time Fu Panda. Beware, schedulers of Blood Bowl matches! I come to remind you that due to a fluctuation in the Space-time Continuum, the European clocks have moved one hour backwards this night between Saturday and Sunday. (In the US of A, this happens next week, instead). Actually, time did not change. It is only a feeble human attempt to master time, but all you change is your perception of it. As my great Master once said: "Only the weak of mind would think something changes when they give it a new name."
  6. Q: But Time Fu Panda, why do I have to use Time Fu? A: Because we see a lot of mistakes being made when people try to figure out each others' time standards. If everyone uses the same standard, people are more likely to turn up for matches at the same time. Although we won't ban you from the league for the occasional weak Time Fu, it will certainly weigh against you in any admin decisions.
  7. Q: Time Fu Panda, what do you mean by "generally accepted EU hours"? A: Most of our coaches need to play either during evenings or regular waking hours on the weekend (and EU coaches are around UTC and UTC+2). But it varies so widely from coach to coach that there can be no set definition. If all you can offer is kick-off times that are in the middle of the night, early morning or regular working hours for an EU player, this probably isn't the league for you. We do expect our EU players to offer some flexibility as well.
  8. Click the time and date at the bottom right corner. Click 'change date and time settings'. Click the 'additional clocks' tab. Fill in the details like below, and click 'OK'. When you hover over the clock or click it, you will now see both your local time and the time in UTC.
  9. On the 24-hour clock, the first twelve hours of the day are the same as when using AM and PM. But after that, the 24-hour clock keeps counting. So 13:00 is 1 o'clock PM, 21:00 is 9 o'clock PM, and so on. The rule is if it's higher than 12, you can subtract 12 to get the PM time. 00:00 and 24:00 are both midnight, but the first is midnight at the start of the day and the second at the end. So Tuesday 00:00 is Tuesday very early morning, and Tuesday 24:00 is Tuesday late night.
  10. Question: In the OCC Rulebook, paragraph III - B1 reads: And paragraph III - B6 reads: Isn't this vague? Wouldn't it be better if there was a time limit? Answer: The OCC admins have one priority above all others: that matches get played. The reason is simple: it is the fairest on all participants of the division and the league. That means we would rather that matches are rescheduled than to set an arbitrary time limit which lets one coach get a default win. That being said, it doesn't mean people who are late to schedule or turn up get off the hook. We have both a warning system for serious offences and a hidden note system for admins to keep track of misdemeanours. Coaches who can't handle the commitment of a league will get warned and eventually banned. Below are some clarifications to the rulebook. These are not written in stone. 1. MD threads go up on Sundays - meaning coaches have plenty of time to post availability before the MD kicks off. If you get a PM from your admins about not having posted availability, that's not a friendly reminder; it means you fucked up. 2. Turning up to a match up to to 15 minutes is an acceptable delay, provided it's not part of a pattern and that the coach apologises. Anything 30 minutes and beyond is considered very bad form. Respect other people's time. The solution to most problems is to COMMUNICATE. 9 out of 10 conflicts are avoidable if coaches communicate clearly and on time. Plan your matches well ahead. Inform your opponent. Post your plans in the MD thread. Use UTC. If you're going to be late or can't make it, post in the MD thread. If your opponent is running late or missed a match, post in the MD thread. If you weren't able to make it, post in the MD thread. (See a pattern here?) Bottom line: coaches who have communicated clearly, on time, and in a friendly manner stand a much better chance of avoiding negative consequences.
  11. Time Fu Panda is glad you asked. UTC is Coordinated Universal Time. UTC does not switch between summer and winter times, but time zones may change their offset from UTC when they make the switch. For example, in the winter, the UK is on GMT (UTC+0), but in the summer they are on BST (UTC+1). To convert your availabilities to UTC, you can find out the offset of your local timezone and do the maths (there's a nice list here), or you can use a converter, like this one. A third option is to follow this guide to add a UTC clock to your Windows desktop.
  12. Time Fu Panda bend time and space. You only edit post.
  13. It is okay. Time Fu Panda went back in time and fixed mistake. So it never happened. Now you look very silly.
  14. Greetings. I am Time Fu Panda. How is your Time Fu training going? Because Time Fu Panda senses many instances of bad Time Fu emanating from this league. If you cannot handle your daily Time Fu, how will you deal with the upcoming... FLUCTUATIONS IN THE TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM? On Sunday morning, clocks all over Europe (and some other places) go through the SPRING FORWARD. Clocks magically skip an hour ahead. Only the Masters of Time know why. Be prepared, so that you do not end up late!
  15. Greetings. Time Fu Panda thinks the lack of knowledge is often the same as the lack of respect for the time of others.
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