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  1. the Sage

    OCC cast?

    I do have some guides, but not nearly all races (12 vids in this playlist). Doing it well takes a lot of time, doing it meh doesn't seem worth it. =)
  2. If you haven't yet watched my OCC WCQ wood elf mirror vs @brocCooLi, you should! (playoff round 2): Also, if you want to watch these woodies' other exploits, they can be found in this playlist:
  3. I'm sorry I haven't used this "Club" more; I figured most people who want to see my content find their way to the streams / youtube videos one way or another. Anyway, this one was from OCC and spectacular, so figured I'd put it up here. After a failed lightning bolt, Skydancer's necro scored 2-1 on T16. I had 5 players on my woodies including an MA9 sprint, but without sidestep. Also, I didn't have guard. I was facing 2 fleshies and a ST4 wight between them on the LoS. Without a quick snap, the only way to equalize was a double halfdie blitz... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/246986109?t=02h02m43s
  4. Ooh wow, I hadn't realized I'd get one for div 1. =) I'll have Tropico 5, thanks!
  5. Championship MD4 vs RTSD Championship MD5 vs Ballstothewalla
  6. ^ Championship MD 1 ^ ^ Championship MD 2 ^ ^ Championship MD 3 ^
  7. Sure thing mate. Seemed like the kind of thing people need to know. =)
  8. Hi all, my match day 7 vid just went online! It's against Svemole's Norse:
  9. Hi all, All the past games from my OCC wood elf team 'Mourning Wood' are available in this youtube playlist: I'll post here whenever a new video goes online as well.
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