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  1. Leap + Foul = ???

    I haven't come across this much as I dont take leap (but am playing the new team in prep for some Slaan tourneys), and I'm noticing that I can't both Leap into a Foul Action in Bb2. Am I missing something?
  2. Just had this happen for the first time, so not sure if this is a glitch or not. My opponent didn't mind, as the game was at its outcome. ~Beastman throws ball to Chaos Warrior (standing next to other chaos warrior). Successful pass, failed catch, reroll, failed catch ~Ball scatters to other Chaos Warrior, failed catch ~Ball scatters back to first intended Chaos Warrior, catches the ball ~Turn continues, Chaos Warrior scores TD. Not sure this was legit or not.
  3. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    Well no, I don't think my work would like me playing a video game when I have 3.5 more hours to be there. Weekdays I can rush and be ready at 2130. Friday just a bit earlier at 1930, but that's the earliest I can do.
  4. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    Let's aim for... Wednesday?
  5. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    How's Sunday look?
  6. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    As there are 4 pages of details, which page are the league details on? And has it already started?
  7. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    I'd join this, I play a lot of Mordheim