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  1. Just had this happen for the first time, so not sure if this is a glitch or not. My opponent didn't mind, as the game was at its outcome. ~Beastman throws ball to Chaos Warrior (standing next to other chaos warrior). Successful pass, failed catch, reroll, failed catch ~Ball scatters to other Chaos Warrior, failed catch ~Ball scatters back to first intended Chaos Warrior, catches the ball ~Turn continues, Chaos Warrior scores TD. Not sure this was legit or not.
  2. Derp, I should have jumped on this but I'm at work. When there's a replacement team, is it "just to play out the rest of the season"? If it doesn't start at 1000?
  3. HEY EVERYBODY This league sounds familiar. So um... is this for replacement coaches? Team name: Delicious Fireball Race: Chaos Coach: Fweddy (my in game name, I can change my profile here to reflect that if need be). ALso glad to see the best league is still going strong this many years in. Please let me know.