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  1. Hi Zombie & : @notafunhater @ZombieNo7  @wismerhill my game crashed right after the last turn ,so unable to confirm it .Could someone do that for me please


    Thanks Glassboy

    1. ZombieNo7



      Heya mate, you need to send this as a message, as oppossed to on my profile.


      We will also need your oppenent to confirm what your saying before we can act. 


  2. I would imagine mate, that a brief description from the reporting coach as to what occurred and when, i.e What match, what turn, what infringement, then a simple watch of the replay would show any breaches of the rules. Obviously screen grabs will go a long way as evidence, i use https://gyazo.com/en for this, very quick to use and is free, and any images are stored online for awhile, but are able to be saved to your hard drive which would allow for attachment to any correspondence with your admin team. Reported to all your league admins in a PM.
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