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  1. OCC Season 4 signups

    Great, thanks for the quick response! In that case, if there's a spot I'd to return with my slightly tardy miscreants please. The official bit: Coach name (ingame): dynamoDes Team name: Lethal WeaPOMB Race: Chaos I've read the current rules.
  2. OCC Season 4 signups

    I suspect I already know the answer (no), but is there scope for a returning team to slot in as a reserve rather than a completely fresh team? If not, no worries and I'll see y'all around Christmas.
  3. As this thread exists, I'd probably better bring up another 'feature' that's been found (but the twitch community will probably disown me for mentioning it..). Another rare one, but if there is an opponent prone in or next to their own endzone, when you path out the ballcarrier route in to score you can actually move into the endzone and foul them. You will still score, the foul will process (along with any injury inflicted) but it is impossible for the fouler to get sent off.