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  1. New team Coach name (ingame): Valentin Team name: Lost Accounts Race: Vampires
  2. Valentin Church of Evil Cult of the Possessed
  3. As practice shows, I can play 2 matches a day. Which is equal to 2 hours(same as bb match). While in the league I play one round consists of 3 matches with the same opponent.
  4. I would not play the story mode at all. It is much more fun to have a team of vets without some parts of the body who look forward to loose what is left of 'em. Of course there will be teams who got lucky and went through barely touched, but not for long. In our league even weak teams have a chance in the long run, because even the best models may die being taken down for the first time =)
  5. I am playing in one atm and would not mind to play in yours as well =) With injuries and everything that makes your life miserable in this damned city.
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