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  1. OCC Season 4 signups

    Coming back from holiday. Team Name : Cold Blue Steel Coach Name : skydancer Race : Necromantic I was promoted to Tier 2 before freeze, will i get my spot back?
  2. Summer breack?

    Summer is coming, nerd try to get a life, OCC2 will take some week of pause during the summer? Like july, august?
  3. Unplayed match.

    IT's not clear if unplayed match result will be 2-1 or 2-0. IT's a big difference and i think 2-0 is the right result. Sometime lose 2-1, get money and spp and recover all miss next game is a desiderable result if you're going to face an hard match. Match skipping must not be tolerated.
  4. Hi mates, i would like to know if is possible to take a breack of one tournament between two torunament and come back with the same team. Example : i play OCC2 S1 in T2. In OCC2 S2 i must forfeit because i can't play. (family, holiday, work problem etc...) in the upcoming OCC3 can i come back from lowest tier with my old Team used in OCC2 S1 or i must use a new one? There will not be problem if someone retire a 2000TV team and come back after some season and play the lowest tier vs team with low TV?