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  1. Season length discussion

    I have found it tough to get a game once approaching mid tv. Actually happy to start new teams as it’s the quality of games/opponents I like about the brawl. But in terms of competition the way the ladder works it prefers more games up to quite a high cap for our ladder (42). So if it’s tough to get games for your main team after the first month then you become de facto out of contention. I’d be happy trying 2 months.
  2. Season length

    Yeah I am not sure there is a fix there @Borke a MM ladder will favour the most active coaches as well as the "best" coaches
  3. OCB Admins: General Stuff

    I can post in the BLUA discord that will be fine. Otherwise I’m in ukbbl but fairly new there. I have advertised us in Andy Davo and Jimmy F streams when they were around 150 viewers. I think that reaches a lot of the main scheduled league and CCL good coaches plus some younger people.
  4. Season length

  5. Season length

    Oh true I don't disagree with what RK said though hmm
  6. Season length

    I think overall ranking is fairer. This is a "test" season so I don't mind if it's highest ranked teams, but I think for future overall is best. I'm not a fan of incentivising people to grind away 1 team (even though I only have 1 team as I needed to practice UW!).
  7. Season length

    Remind them it’s fresh tv 1000 entrants?
  8. Season length

    Hi yep I agree. Making it a regular competition with prizes should stimulate interest within OCC I’d say.
  9. Time to widen the net?

    Good idea!
  10. OCB Admins: General Stuff

  11. OCB Admins: General Stuff

    Do we allow stadium enhancements?
  12. Time to widen the net?

    So we need RK to become as forum notorious as Dode - step 1! From a community point of view I’d say on other ladders: Official ones: Open and Anarchy - farmed teams can be entered in Open, custom and the mixed race teams in anarchy. Both have a very high rate of conceding and low standard of play. I don’t think you see loads of people who would be members of private leagues here, except maybe to get a few relaxing easy wins. So not really our competition. CCL - this would be our main problem in terms of competition. This will be first thought for the vast majority of BBers wanting a good quality, concede free pick up game. There is a 5 strikes and you’re out for the season rule policed by Dode and other very respected admins. Population is good at most eu friendly times and I assume us prime time. People still complain about tv mismatches (cap is 500 and successful teams pick up net win adjustments making them more likely to match with higher tv oppo). Best few teams each season (usually about every 6-7 week’s?) go into a knock out playoff with cash prizes. Still plenty of new/poor players and complaining/insults in chat (though this can also be reported). Personally once was enough for me in terms of the grinding required to get to the playoff. If I’m just playing a few ladder games a week I’d rather spin where I think it will be more of a private league atmosphere and higher standard opposition (consistently). Strippin and Cknoor ladders - Two huge streamers from a BB2 perspective. I gather their ladders are not popular except during streams. Also likely to be quite a poor standard of play. NAF official - this is new. Uses the NAF euro open ruleset for custom teams (1100 plus 6 for tier 1) and res. So ticketed entry. No clear admin policies otherwise (eg chat or conceding). A few of the not quite so popular but much better quality (in terms of BB!) streamers play in this. The format limits mass appeal and makes it very distinct from Brawl. I think trying to compete with CCL for the quality end of the mass market is probably doomed. The OCC ladder does hold a lot of attraction for the private league player who wants a consistently much better experience than CCL though, with a lot more flexibility than NAF ladder. my thoughts!
  13. Time to widen the net?

    I’ll just mention a new season of the official CCL with the cash prize tourney is about to start. And there is also the “NAF Official” fixed tv res ladder set up by Jimmy Fantastic which will get a bit of streamer coverage. So we are fishing in a restricted pool (BB2 coaches who want something better than the official open/anarchy ladders) and have competition. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, just to say don’t be disheartened if momentum is slow despite your good efforts RK!
  14. Time to widen the net?

    Very good RK
  15. Hopping on the bandwagon

    Wow you are too hard on yourself! The key thing was only deciding to score early to play for a result. That can then always go two ways. But I'd definitely have done the same in a game like this. The troll taking out mb man very early was really lucky for me. He deserved his mvp!