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  1. Returning coach and team Coach name: Orielensis Team name: Famouse (previously 6th in 1B season 6, 1910 tv) Race: Skaven
  2. Wow well done @Mongloom!
  3. I have found it tough to get a game once approaching mid tv. Actually happy to start new teams as it’s the quality of games/opponents I like about the brawl. But in terms of competition the way the ladder works it prefers more games up to quite a high cap for our ladder (42). So if it’s tough to get games for your main team after the first month then you become de facto out of contention. I’d be happy trying 2 months.
  4. Wow you are too hard on yourself! The key thing was only deciding to score early to play for a result. That can then always go two ways. But I'd definitely have done the same in a game like this. The troll taking out mb man very early was really lucky for me. He deserved his mvp!
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