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  1. Time to widen the net?

    Cheers RK
  2. Season 2 Winners!

    Wow well done @Mongloom!
  3. OCB Admins: General Stuff

    We could possibly get sage to do similar? I think we may get impacted by WC qualifiers this season I’m in more than one so less time for brawling for example.
  4. Orielensis Wood elves Elf Correcting System 18+
  5. Season length discussion

    I have found it tough to get a game once approaching mid tv. Actually happy to start new teams as it’s the quality of games/opponents I like about the brawl. But in terms of competition the way the ladder works it prefers more games up to quite a high cap for our ladder (42). So if it’s tough to get games for your main team after the first month then you become de facto out of contention. I’d be happy trying 2 months.
  6. Season length

    Yeah I am not sure there is a fix there @Borke a MM ladder will favour the most active coaches as well as the "best" coaches
  7. OCB Admins: General Stuff

    I can post in the BLUA discord that will be fine. Otherwise I’m in ukbbl but fairly new there. I have advertised us in Andy Davo and Jimmy F streams when they were around 150 viewers. I think that reaches a lot of the main scheduled league and CCL good coaches plus some younger people.
  8. Season length

  9. Season length

    Oh true I don't disagree with what RK said though hmm
  10. Season length

    I think overall ranking is fairer. This is a "test" season so I don't mind if it's highest ranked teams, but I think for future overall is best. I'm not a fan of incentivising people to grind away 1 team (even though I only have 1 team as I needed to practice UW!).
  11. Season length

    Remind them it’s fresh tv 1000 entrants?
  12. Season length

    Hi yep I agree. Making it a regular competition with prizes should stimulate interest within OCC I’d say.
  13. Time to widen the net?

    Good idea!
  14. OCB Admins: General Stuff

  15. OCB Admins: General Stuff

    Do we allow stadium enhancements?