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  1. Looks like ending the competition ends access to that data. I'm admin of a bunch of the divisions and i can't access it in game either. Hmm. workaround....?
  2. Season 9 Planning

    Thanks for doing it- adds some spice. Nice job. I would like another season long- I like my moderation in moderation. Can we add a new thing to the weekly rotation? Once Bears play Lions i'm going to try to provoke some NFL betting in the back bar.
  3. scored with thro-Ra. 7+2+2 (KOR SH)= 11
  4. did you look at my vampire SV while you were in there? He's the only Forevrat I really miss.
  5. TG (150) injured Rat Ogre (170) with a -MA so: 170-150 +30= 50 (i think never did this one)
  6. <gently rocks the machine to make the coins spill out>
  7. @Suido i agree on KoR for next unlikely scorer game
  8. scored with a TG. 4+1= 5. That's pretty good right there.
  9. i did not cause a cas. Let's go 0 point draw!
  10. I'm rich! now i use all these coins to ...... to......... gamble more and accrue more coins! YES!