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  1. as above, i'm happy playing whatever the team needs.
  2. I could do rats if no one else wants them
  3. that being the case, i guess i'd fill us out with dwarfs
  4. i'm fine playing a wide variety of teams. let me know what category we need to fill and i'll play that.
  5. We need a Tier 1 Replacement for a Chaos Dwarf team. Contact me and @Borke
  6. Bob staggers around outside the closed bar. God damn it. Someone is going to gamble me something. He starts drinking his flask and challenging random strangers to feats of blood bowl as they walk by. "Hey you in the cab- I bet you my new blitz-ra kills a delf!" "You- you there- come over here and bet me- my total ball control stat will beat yours by 3%- I bet my House!" "If say 2 guys were close to winning the 2A fouling title, would anyone like to say, place a relevant wager?" BET ME
  7. Heperu Sethat, thro ra. 6+2 + SH= 9 and Mongloom did not score
  8. Going off-board: The trick about new homes is you never actually get done unpacking. You'll have a few boxes in your attic or closet of the spare room that are still there when you move into your next home.
  9. Sorry, I’ll look it up when I get off work ~6 hours
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