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  1. Eya Bob

    im around early mate if you are.



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    2. Ahriman Black

      Ahriman Black

      no worries mate


    3. bob152


      i can start early but not this early- need to pick kid up. will post again here when free. 


      cool. home and good to go. logging in

    4. Ahriman Black
  2. I had never even known this was a thing until I read this thread- of course it happens in my match vs Brotherkane. Nuffle did not like my flaunting of the rules, so I caught the ball on the reroll, but on the sideline, so BK was able to dodge in and surf me, eventually scoring. Lesson learned.
  3. In any other sport, I would feel bad about what just happened to the vegetarians. Multiple TDs lost to 1s in a 1-0 win for the Goats of Death. For once, onion breath worked in our favor.

  4. pulled off ridiculously lucky shit at the end of both halfs= good start to the season. just silly stuff.

  5. 33 turns of losing to flings. At least it's not raining.

  6. I'm used to pulling that crap with rats or elfs. Pulling it with goats feels dirty.

    1. Barristan


      This could be quoted out of context.

    2. midievil


      He was pulling it against my goblins!