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  1. Going off-board: The trick about new homes is you never actually get done unpacking. You'll have a few boxes in your attic or closet of the spare room that are still there when you move into your next home.
  2. Sorry, I’ll look it up when I get off work ~6 hours
  3. bob152

    AD Invitational

    I’m interested
  4. some of the divs jumping off early- will we be ready to gamble week 1?!?!?!
  5. 7 in first 2 matches with all the heavy hitters already playing. The under looks golden.
  6. scored 50 twice, Carl Jenkins (200) BH by Hapi Asteru (150)= 50 Nestor (130) KILL by Spohis Heqmut (130)= 50