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  1. scored 50 twice, Carl Jenkins (200) BH by Hapi Asteru (150)= 50 Nestor (130) KILL by Spohis Heqmut (130)= 50
  2. Heperu Sethat. thro-ra. 8+1 (SH)= 9 EDIT: and he did it in the rain with an effective AG of 1, so you should let him win this
  3. In. Might be a day or so to pay as I’m at Mom’s with exciting internet
  4. Sophis Heqmut (blitzra) (110k) puts a BH (+0) on Nardos (werewolf) (200k)= 90
  5. i'll let you know what you score Monday evening :)
  6. bob152

    Side bets

    Well let me know if you drink a bit before the match!
  7. What happens when a Lion fights a Bear? We find out THIS WEEK!!!!! hey @Pidpad I bet you 1 Orca Coin that my Bears can beat your Lions.
  8. bob152

    support group?

    i am willing to lend orca coins. the interest rate is a mere pitance; you'll barely notice the scars.
  9. thank you! i started this process twice. got as far down as div 2. and then thought "you know what fuck it, i'll just let that coin go" so thanks!