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  1. Hallo folks, Just a quick note to say, if you missed Andy's 1/4 finals champ ladder game vs aDant's killer dwarves...you might want to check this out: This has to be one of THE most dramatic games of BB I have ever seen. Enjoy! Zunkbot
  2. Those Orcs were hilarious. Glad to see Andy is playing some new Orcs in S8!
  3. Sure can! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4hzfz2rbFULXNJ4xOewDkA
  4. Back online tomorrow 10am UK time GMT+1 (Saturday 8th July)
  5. Thanks for the feedback, Ally - we've done only 1 week now and it does seem to be going down well with the punters, eh? Andy's back on Twitch telly 9am UTC this Saturday Jul 8th when he's back from his holidays. Hope to see you all then! Cheers, Z (does a pretty good job)
  6. Hey Spydyr, Only just watched this; didn't realise you uploaded to YouTube. Nice commentary; couple of criticisms you made were fair comment; there were alternatives. A couple of criticisms, I had considered what you suggested on the stream but had motives for doing as I did which you didn't discuss. Certainly agree that the two mega-saurii going out so early was absolutely crucial. Just a final note: whilst I fully recognise my limited proficiency at BB, I'm not completely a rookie as you speculated early in the video; been at this daft game since the mid-80's. I've played in OCC since season 2 (8 years) and UKBBL for around 6 years. So nice to finally meet you! Take care and hopefully bump into you again for the revenge match. Cheers, Z