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  1. Season 3 Winners!

    Thanks :)! I admit my rats took advantage of a peculiar situation and run with it. I'd nearly be ashamed if I played Bretonnians or High Elves, but... Skaven! I promise to spend every coin in bounties on the Championship's top players :p. I'd like to leave you with the image of the man who inspired the jersey of my team "The Dreams": The American Dream Dusty Rodhes. He made me smile when I was a kid. Brawl on!
  2. Resetting MNG's for next season

    Anytime you are in front of two different options in Bloodbowl, always consider the worst case scenario ;)!
  3. I tried to resist. I failed. Please add me to the list. Coach name: Galenth. Team: Dark Elves. Team Name: Pretty Dead People. I confirm I am old enough.
  4. Such a beautiful couple of sentences. I will print them, frame them and hang them in my office.
  5. Season 6 signups

    I supposed so, but the wizard has always been my teams' best player :D!
  6. Season 6 signups

    Thanks pal ;)!
  7. Season 6 signups

    'I've got an itch to scratch, and I need action!' Hello folks, I would like to return to the OCC battle grounds after a break. Coach name : Galenth. Team name: Lords and Ladies. Race: Dark Elves. This is a returning team. I played the last time in the Championship of OCC2 Season 1, when I placed 9th. I retired for a while out of shame . Really hope to be able to use these guys and gals again! Pleas note the two spaces after 'Lords'.
  8. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    Ghouls always need to die. Period! Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z00AD utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    Do not forget poked eyes ! Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z00AD utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    As with bloodbowl, playing this game without permanent injuries is nonsense :)!
  11. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    Very intereste here, I love this game :)!