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  1. Can star players get mvp?

    If i hire griff oberwald can he get mvp ?
  2. Season 5 signups

    Coach Name: Fengraf Team: OCC Deus Vult Race: Bretonnia
  3. How does the meta look like currently?

    I have been asking this question every couple of seasons or so and the stats does not seem to change so i believe bretonnia will still be the least picked team. I doubt anything will change for the next season. It would be weird if a lot of people suddenly wanted to reroll to bretonnia
  4. How does the meta look like currently?

    So it is khemri that will probably have the fewest coaches?
  5. I am thinking of rerolling and i wanted to know which team is the most under-represented.
  6. Is spiralling expenses active?

    Hi, does team value increase if you have over 150 k gold?
  7. Hello, I am planning to play orcs next season and i am wondering if i can still play with LE users without having LE or must i get LE?
  8. what is the current amount of each race in occ3 ?

    Seems like i made the right choice then i kinda had a feeling there would be more CD than dwarves.
  9. what is the current amount of each race in occ3 ?

    yeah tried that once. Sounds good, doesn't work
  10. what is the current amount of each race in occ3 ?

    How do i edit title? it should probably say "what will be the amount of each race in occ3 ? "
  11. As the title. I know it is a bit early to ask this question but I am pre asking so i do not forget to ask after the 19th. I am quite curious since i decided to reroll with dwarves (av 8 was kinda sad and there are too many orcs and nurgle already so it was either dwarves or chaos dwarves). I was really torn between dwarves or chaos dwarves i guess this is my try season since this is the first season where CD is allowed. If there happens to be more dwarves than CD this season then I might switch.
  12. Hello, what is the current amount of each team in occ2 ?
  13. Hello, I am interested to know the quantity of the races in your league! I usually play the race that no one else plays so I am interested to see what kind of race I would be playing if i joined!