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  1. C2MC

    Home / Away

    Letting you guys know what my numbers are, for reference. Season 4 - 4 Home games Season 5 - 4 Home games Season 6 - 4 Home games Season 7 - 6 Home games Season 8 - 4 Home games Season 9 - 4 Home games Season 10 - 4 Home games Apart from one outlier, 4 home games every time.
  2. Made for the T4A Smack Talk thread! It's late at night. I'm having trouble sleeping. Maybe it's the cold outside or maybe it's the nerves before a new Season,... I don't know. I grip my pillow tightly when I suddenly notice its increasing warmth. A voice “whispers” in my ear... OH YEAH! It's time for the Season 10 Overview, with your host: THE GHOST OF MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! I jump up at the realisation that once again a giant man has manifested himself where my pillow used to be. I try to tell him that it's 3AM and that I have to go to work tomorrow but he won't have any of it. Listen here, oh yeah, Suido is going to do that thing where he smack-talks the entire tier in one fell swoop. But if we get there first, oh yeah, then everyone will think that he stole our idea and you'll look like a genius! Yeah! Reluctantly, I get up and make some coffee. I might as well get this out of the way, I suppose. I get ready to give the Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage the go-ahead, but it looks like he's already sta- The Women with Attitude have never been more prepared for a Season, yeah, and the Macho Man is 1000% CONVINCED that they will bring home the title! Yeah! OH YEAH! Time to scope out the competition, if you can even call it that. Yeah! Let's go in order from FIRST BLOOD TO LAST! Yeah! @wakrob is our appetiser and there is not a doubt in the Macho Man's mind, yeah, that there won't be a single Elf left standing by the time the second half comes around. Sure, it's been a while since the ladies faced off against the forest hippies, yeah, but punching Elves is like riding a bike. You never forget how to do it, oh yeah! @Karmai's Tikal Heart Openers better hope they got a good Apothecary on their side, yeah. Because the gals are looking for some new snake leather boots, yeah, AND THERE AIN'T NO SNAKES SO LIZARDMEN WILL HAVE TO DO! Hissin' and sissin' won't save you when the Women with Attitude come for YOU! Yeah! The Damned United, The Damned Indeed! Yeah! @MC Hammer may be a well-respected artist, yeah, but once you step on to that pitch... none of that matters, yeah. Two Warriors named “Grosspinch”? Yeah! What's that all about? They better not pinch our ladies anywhere inappropriate because NOTHING is more badass, yeah, than treating a woman with RESPECT! Puppy-dogs and bones, yeah, what a strange combination... . The ladies are not too fond of scratchy beasts, so we'll have to get those de-clawed RIGHT AWAY! Yeah! Not to worry, @swompy (yeah!), your vet bill won't come through IF THEY DIE ON THE OPERATING TABLE! Yeah! The train of bashy teams continues with @DakaMan and once again the girls face their old nemesis... Orcs, yeah! But what's this, these guys are some sort of nerdy, skinny Orcs? Yeah! Oho, looks like the tides have finally turned against the Greenskin filth! Yeah! The Macho Man will enjoy watching these dorks, yeah, HANGING FROM A FLAGPOLE BY THEIR UNDERWEAR! @Grufff brings the Norse, a team you don't see that often... yeah. AND THAT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE A GARBAGE TEAM, FOR SHODDY COACHES! Yeah! The Women with Attitude will not only defeat these topless goons, yeah, they will also knit sweaters to protect them from the cold weather BECAUSE THEY ARE EXCELLENT PEOPLE! ALSO: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE KING! Yeah! Hmm, it's one o' them “early promotions”, led by @razta! Yeah. After wave after wave of bashy teams, yeah, these Elves will make for a nice change of pace. The ladies will be sure not to hit too hard, yeah, or otherwise they might get blood on one of them fancy capes, yeah. NOBODY likes capes! Yeah! Get those things OUT OF HERE! Another one who thinks he's King? Yeah... . No. @King Kill talks the talk but can he WALK the WALK? Yeah! “Death will follow” is not nearly as good a catchphrase as “Oh, yeah”, yeah! And death WILL follow, but it will not follow for the Women with Attitude, yeah, it will follow for THE DISCIPLES OF DEATH! Yeah! And I suppose the Macho Man did save the best for last, yeah, because we've been looking forward to this one. THE FINAL MATCH OF ORCAMANIA, yeah, against the Greensuit from down-under himself, @Suido! Yeah! The Macho Man expects cheating and trickery from the Elves and backstabbing politics and abuse of Greensuit powers from their coach, yeah. BUT IT WILL NOT MATTER! Yeah! The gals have two Elf teams to get used to their slippery ways, yeah, and they will be prepared, rehearsed, primed and adjusted to bring down the Elf-menace ONCE AND FOR ALL! Yeah! So bring it on, Tier 4A... . The Macho Man dares you... yeah. As quickly as he appeared, the Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage vanishes in to a puff of smoke. My pillow is still gone. This night sucks... .
  3. Seeing as we're playing against Wood Elves, I feel like there's no way we're winning this. On the other hand, I like even numbers. In.
  4. C2MC

    Divisions S10

    Go to your team's page and clock JOIN A LEAGUE. SEARCH for "The OCC" and find the Division you're in. Click REGISTER.
  5. Well, by the end of Season 4 (our first Season) she'd earned more SPP than any other Ogre on the team and she's held on to that position for 6 Seasons in a row. Even now, she's still 56SPP ahead of the next gal in line. But I must say that everyone else (besides Paris, of course) has definitely shown that they're a valuable piece of the team. Once you get multiple Ogres developed they can actually take on more of a specific role and it helps a lot.
  6. It's been a surprisingly rough Season when you look at the numbers... and that's weird because it definitely didn't feel that way while we were playing. No Admin losses, a couple of Draws and even a Win! We even got another Ogre-to-Ogre Pass! Perhaps a look at our players as individuals can shed some more light on how Season 9 went? *Booo~p* Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley Value: 280K Level 6 119/176 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard, Tackle, +AG. 6 MVP 53 Matches 1 Pass 1 Catch 5 Touchdowns 42 Casualties Inflicted 391 Blocks 4 Kills 1 Crowdsurfs 4 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Ellen, my rock, my hard place. With only 11SPP gained this Season, you can't really say that it's been a great run. But even without hurting as many people as she usually does, Ellen provided great utility throughout all of the games. Block kept her on her feet, Tackle dealt with the dodgy fellas and the extra boost to Agility came in handy several times. Now that Lennifer has taken over as Ogre Ball-Carrier, Ellen is once again free to roam the pitch as she pleases and it's a big improvement for the team, in general. Over 60 Blocks and only 3 Casualties inflicted, but I'm confident that the high number of Blocks will pay off once Nuffle grants us a bit more luck on the injury rolls. It's very noticeable that Ellen has to do a lot less heavy lifting now that we have quite a few developed gals running around but still, none of them come close to Ellen's reliability. Keep on truckin', Ellen, you ARE a future Legend! Bichelle Omaha Value: 230K Level 5 63/76 SPP Skills Acquired: Piling On, +MV, Break Tackle, Juggernaut. 2 MVP 46 Matches 1 Touchdown 25 Casualties Inflicted 262 Blocks 6 Kills 6 Crowdsurfs 5 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Piling On, over 60 Blocks, 1 Kill, 6 Casualties, 9 KO's and probably a lot of Stuns. I've been giving Bichelle a lot of priority when it comes to Blitzing, mainly because Juggernaut allows her to ram in to Block/Wrestle guys without being stuck on them afterwards and because Piling On does do a lot of damage. But much like Ellen, actual SPP-earning removals were rare this Season. And pretty much all of Bichelle's SPP comes from Casualties/Kills... so, yeah. I'm really looking forward for the doubles on her next level-up, though, so I can make her a Frenzy-Ogre. Dame Juicy Drenched Value: 220K Level 5 57/76 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Piling On, Juggernaut, Stand Firm. Injuries Sustained: -1 MA. 3 MVP 48 Matches 21 Casualties Inflicted 241 Blocks 1 Kill 1 Crowdsurf 7 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Oh, Dame Juicy, when will you learn? Season 9 saw the Sustained Casualties go from 4 to 7 and as far as I recall, Dame Juicy is the only Ogre who missed a game due to an injury. One Kill, one Crowdsurf and 2 Casualties inflicted net her 6SPP for the Season... that's pretty much half of what Ellen and Bichelle earned... . Again, I haven't found great use in Stand Firm but I'm 100% sure that it's simply because our girls tend to be spread out too much for it to work properly. Yes, Dame Juicy can hang around and hold up a few guys, but it's taking a toll on her health and I'm not sure about how much more punishment she can take. We'll see what Season 10 brings, but I really need Dame Juicy to pull up her socks and kick it in to gear, because her younger counterpart hasn't just caught up to her, she's surpassed her on almost every level. Amy Shawarma Value: 210K Level 4 48/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard. Injuries Sustained: -AV. 3 MVP 37 Matches 1 Catch 5 Touchdowns 9 Casualties Inflicted 198 Blocks 3 Kills 2 Crowdsurfs 6 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Look who's still alive and kicking? Again, Amy has proven she's worth her pay as she continues to be another reliable Blocker and support-trooper. Multiple enemy Blitzers took shots at her because of her -AV but she only sustained 1 Casualty throughout the entire Season. Much like her sisters, it's been a bit of a slow-roll when it comes to earning SPP, but Amy's only 3 points away from another precious level-up. Perhaps another Tackle-Ogre is just on the horizon? Paris Killton Value: 210K Level 4 35/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Guard, Break Tackle, +MV. 0 MVP 53 Matches 3 Touchdowns 13 Casualties Inflicted 208 Blocks 3 Crowdsurfs 3 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Back to the usual routine for Paris; unreliable Blocks and very little SPP to speak of. I feel like it's become some sort of achievement, Paris has been with us since the very beginning and she is so far behind all of the others. It's a good thing she got a little faster on the last level-up because that did come in handy a few times. As always, I don't have that much to say here, Paris gets in, provides Guard and that's pretty much it. I feel like my encouraging words haven't really had any impact so I won't even bother this time around... . Lennifer Jaw-Rends Value: 200K Level 3 22/31 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, +AG. 2 MVP 12 Matches 2 Casualties Inflicted 28 Blocks 1 Crowdsurf 1 Casualty Sustained Coach's Notes: Well, someone really didn't want to be on the Line of Scrimmage anymore, so she decided to become our Number One Ball-Carrier! Getting a secondary +AG Ogre on the roster definitely feels amazing and because it came so early in her career, Lennifer is on the way to become the fabled Passing-Ogre that Yarrick's always fantasising about. Again, few SPP's were earned during the Season, but considering that Lennifer spent most of her time running around with the Ball, I'd say that's not too bad for her. A Pass, a touchdown and 3 Casualties inflicted... not too shabby. I have high hopes for you, Lennifer! Sure Hands, Pass and Strong Arm are in your future! Team Overview We definitely lost quite a few of our valuable Gnoblars this Season. Kandarian Bootfook and Savage Compliment are no more, depriving us of the secondary +AG Gnoblar and our Dirty Player. On the plus-side, Kindness is still hanging around even though he's lacking even more armour than the average Gnoblar. We still have a Kicker and White Dragon remains our ace-in-the-hole. Overall, we have multiple Ogres close to levelling-up, same goes for a few of our more experienced Gnoblars. And who knows, with only 1 high-AV team in our Division for Season 10, we might have a glorious time ahead of us! ---------- ---------- ---------- Full gallery with all player cards can be found HERE!
  7. Season 9, Match Day 9: Loser, loser, Chicken Bruiser. Game result page HERE! BAT LOSERS vs WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE Much like the vegetables in the Women with Attitude team-fridge, this report is long overdue. We face @jrpeart and his deceptively named Bat Losers once more and we are eager and willing. The ladies love a good rematch! Dame Juicy isn't with us for this one due to a near-death experience in the last game so for the first time in a long, long while we are down quite a bit of TV. Not only that, the Bat Losers got themselves a Magician's Shop... so we have the chance to hire Brick Far'th and Grotty to fill the void left by our absent Ogre. The girls go first on this Very Sunny day, hoping to cause as much damage as possible. A very shallow kick by the Vampires could be trouble, but Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley is near and secures the pigskin on the first turn. The Losers are feeling frisky as well and pile in. For 3 turns the Ogres and Vampires exchange blows, with the gals coming out on top slightly around Turn 4. But there's been enough removals for Hypnotic Gaze to become a real problem, especially with Duke Maxwell the Vain (Block, Mighty Blow, +ST Vampire) running around. The Losers Fireball down 2 Gnoblars and Paris Killton, allowing them to easily reach Ellen and take her down. Lennifer Jaw-Rends is there for the recovery but we're running out of turns and Gnoblars. Another Hypnotic Gaze later, we're forced to use our own Wizard to prevent Count Cyryl the Blood Dragon (Block, Dodge, Pro, Side Step Vampire) from running off with the ball. There's a few more turns of brawling but we somehow manage to get our hands on the ball again by turn 8. Ellen attempts to toss Kindness forward for the score, but her throwing arm is tired from punching gits in the face and the poor Gnoblar ends up in the dirt on the same spot she picked him up to begin with. The half ends, both Wizards used, 0-0. With 99% of their KO'd players recovering after half-time, it's the Losers' time to strike. They move forward aggressively on both flanks. We figure the sun will stop them from making any ridiculous passes and don't spend too much time marking all the players. We are (of course) immediately punished on Turn 10, when Count Amdis von Drakenborg (Pass Vampire) easily makes a 5+ Pass to Count Konrad of Sylvania (Rookie Vampire) who catches the ball and double GFI's it in for the score. Lovely. Time to put Grotty in to play, I guess. The ladies push forward, Grotty safely tucked between a couple of Ogres, the ball in his greedy paws. There's a bit of a snag when one of the Vampires makes a hole in our cage around Turn 13, but we quickly recover due to a Bloodlust-related send-off. It turns out that jrpeart mistakenly took one of our downed Gnoblars for a Thrall and tried to have his Vampire bite him, to no avail. Gnoblars are disgusting. Pigskin in tow, Grotty sprints forward, a wall of Ogres and Gnoblars separating what remains of the Bat Losers from his tender flesh. And then shenanigans happen... . Count Cyryl makes a whole bunch of Dodges, GFI's and a successful Pro-reroll on his Block and manages to take down our ball-carrier. Not only that, the ball falls out of bounds and gets thrown back to our side of the pitch. Nuffle damnit... . We attempt to make some sort of Ogre-Passing play on our last turn, but even with Lennifer and Ellen working in tandem, it's of no use. The Pass is fine, but Ellen misses her GFI (which we re-roll) and then she fails a 2+ Dodge. The game ends 1-0 for the Bat losers. ----- Good game to Mister Peart, shenanigans or not. It's a shame we couldn't cause any more permanent injuries because all those KO's getting back up for the second half was brutal. Please look forward to our Season 9 Player Evaluation coming soon!
  8. When am I getting paid, @Suido? Don't you dare skip out on me.
  10. Thank you for the Nice match report. 

    I know what you wrote is right. 

    But in all fairness , all things i producten that would go wrong went wrong . For Some reason i had that feelin€ and inwas right. 

    I played too cautious Thats i correct but i’d Love to have a team left next Season Thats why . But i enjoyed the read and loved the game , hope to See you soon on the pitch with wizard 😀 only thing i should changed imo 😀👍🏼👍🏼

    1. Asiemoagelis


      Predicted not producten

    2. C2MC


      Je moet de Orc-mentaliteit adopteren; als je gelooft dat het werkt, dan zal't wel werken. :Bananas:

      Veel success met de komende MD en misschien tot binnenkort!

    3. Asiemoagelis


      well denk als ze overleven dat ik er nog seizoen mee ga spelen , maar orcs zijn optie voor nieuw team 

  11. Season 9, Match Day 8: A Christmas Miracle. Game result page HERE! HAMSE PUITEN vs WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE Oh, boy, more Lizardmen! It seems like we just can't get rid of these scaly scoundrels. @Asiemoagelis has had a rough few Seasons, it seems. He was promoted from T6 to T4 after coming in 4th in his Tier during his first Season (7) and he then proceeded to take 27 Casualties during Season 8... which seems exceptionally high for a team with a lot of high Strength/high Armour Value players. It also explains his choice of Inducements once he saw that he was facing the most adorable Ogre team in the entire OCC. Slibli, 2 Wandering Apothecaries and some Bloodweiser Babes. This coach is extremely keen on keeping his players alive. He must not have seen our game against the Duskfell Wardens where our girls couldn't even manage to hurt a single Skink. The game itself starts off and we choose to receive, in an attempt to hurt things before our opponent even gets to have a go. The rain worries me a little, but it's nothing that can't be solved with good, old fashioned luck. First kick-off... perfect Blood Bowl weather. Our first turn is nothing special, we punch a few Saurii and a Krox, but nothing happens. Even our Foul is ineffective and Lennifer Jaw-Rends fails to pick up the ball. We rolled double skulls on our fist Block too, so we were forced to burn a re-roll very early on. The Puiten move in, basing up Gnoblars like it's their day-job. We respond by pulling back a few of the girls, burning another re-roll on Amy Shawarma as she fails her Bone-Head, and I REALLY want her to Blitz an unprotected Skink. She Blocks the bugger to the turf and we see that the trend from the previous game continues as the little lizard remains relatively unharmed (Stunned) after taking a punch and a Foul to the face. Lennifer makes another attempt at picking up the ball but the slippery bugger escapes her clutches once more. I knew I shouldn't have had @Suido spit on it for good luck before the game. That man produces more mucus than a River Troll on holiday in Lustria. To my surprise, Asiemoagelis doesn't take this opportunity to move forward aggressively, instead he remains in his own half, intent on downing the only two Ogres left behind; Dame Juicy Drenched and Paris Killton. Two Gnoblars get knocked out and Paris takes a tumble, but she's OK. Dame Juicy holds fast. Bichelle Omaha ploughs in to a Saurus, breaking through the scaly skin but only managing a Stun, even after tossing her hefty body on to the helpless victim. Hot Karl II, on the other hand, finally manages to remove a Skink from the field. Sure, it's only a K.O., but I'll take it. Lennifer fumbles the pick-up once again and we use our third re-roll... on turn 3. The Puiten gather up some courage and move up one of their Saurii to threaten our back-field a bit and then they proceed to smack Dame Juicy right in the teeth, leaving her for dead on the pitch. Our Apothecary comes in and saves the poor lass by reluctantly giving her mouth-to-mouth. Like Snow White and many other gorgeous princesses before her, Dame Juicy is raised from the dead by the power of exchanging bodily fluids, ready to step back in as soon as she can. The taste of blood still in their mouths, The Puiten move in for a gang-Foul on Paris. Thankfully, she takes it rather well, just a Stun. With most of the Lizardmen converging around Paris and a small crater where Dame Juicy went down the turn before,we have a surprising amount of free space ahead of us. Lennifer rolls up, pigskin in hand and we cover for her as best we can. Eager to remove more Ogres from the Pitch, a naughty Skink attempts another Foul on Paris Killton and gets himself sent off, trading ¼ Skinks for another Stun and sacrificing a bit of positioning. Not a good turn for the Lizzies. Once again, we use the space given to truck forward, covering Lennifer from as many angles as possible. The Puiten figure it's about time to do something about the big gal carrying the ball but they fail to take down Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley, who's leading Lennifer towards their end-zone. Now's the time to perform. Paris gets back up and marks as many scaly dudes as she can. Bichelle knocks down the Saurus that's marking both her and Amy, allowing Amy to support Ellen with a Blitz and therefore allowing Ellen to take down the Krox. Lennifer keeps on running and by the end of our turn 6, she's 6 squares away from the end-zone, fairly safe and there's no Lightning Bolt or Fireball to stop her this game. What a rare sight, indeed! Angered by our excellent turn, the Lizzies take out their frustration on nearby gals and Gnoblars. Unfortunately for them, they also have a Bone-Headed player on their team and he chooses this turn to take a bit of a time-out, even though he was the only one who had a shot at Lennifer. Befuddled by the fact that she wasn't taken down by “the flashy-flashy from the sky” yet, Lennifer fails her Bone-Head and we're forced to use our last re-roll. I don't risk the GFI as this is my first move of the turn and I feel like I can somewhat secure her position. All I need is for her to not fail Bone-Head on the next turn. Bichelle and Paris remain on the floor while Amy does some heavy lifting, freeing up Ellen, who promptly takes a Skink out of the game (Badly Hurt), FINALLY! ¾ Skinks are currently not on the field... which is a huge deal. Asiemoagelis has his guys poke at Amy a bit before taking down another Gnoblar and then running in one of the Saurii to mark Lennifer. However, he is also out of re-rolls and his guy doesn't make the GFI's required to reach our agile Ogre. I shout at Lennifer from the sideline, begging her to just stumble forward a little, and like the sweet girl she is, she obliges and scores. Game after game, Lennifer has been the target of Wizards, but when they're not around, she shows that she has what it takes to carry a tiny object to a specific location. Well done, Lennifer! The Puiten get a turn to do some damage, but not much comes of it and the half ends 0-1 for the Women with Attitude. Now, the K.O.'d Skink wakes up as the second half rolls around but Asiemoagelis can't be that pleased. One rookie and one Loner as your only potential ball carriers doesn't sound that good. The Puiten set up very aggressively, with only the Skinks in the back-field. The ladies kick off and the game decides we don't get to use our “Kick” skill for some reason, but the ball lands fairly deep, which is what we were aiming for. Blows are exchanged and just as quickly as she came back on to the pitch, Dame Juicy is removed once more (MNG). Rough day for Dame Juicy... . Sadly for the ladies, the Puiten manage to pick up the ball right away so there's no Throw Team-Mate shenanigans we can try and pull off. We do, however, have a rather free Blitz on a lone Saurus who moves in ahead of the pack. By “rather free” I mean, of course, that we re-roll a Bone-Head to make it. But in exchange, Bichelle knocks him out, which is nice. Keeping up with their change in stance from extremely defensive during the first half to all-out aggression in the second, the Lizzies shove a bunch of players down our throat on the left flank. They did not account for the fact that Amy Shawarma is a beautiful beast, however, and we go for the take-down on the ball carrier. No re-roll needed for the Bone-Head or Dodge means we go for the 3D instead of the 2D Block. Success! Amy Stuns the Skink and the ball is once more free to roam in the wild... but Amy is very exposed as a result. Here's where Asiemoagelis makes a big mistake in positioning, essentially surrounding Amy from the wrong side and not allowing him to Blitz her off the pitch. He even re-rolled a Loner Block with Slibli to make sure the one Gnoblar that was in the way went down. A failed GFI to top it all off means that Amy remains on the sideline and the ball is still right there, ready to be picked up by anyone willing to give it a shot. We have a grand plan for this turn. A plan that will free up Amy, the ball and all sorts of cool things like that. Blitz down the Saurus next to Amy and get Ellen next to the ball. Block down the Saurus next to Bichelle. Move Paris and the invisible Gnoblar in front of her. Get Amy to push the Saurus next to her off the pitch. Move Lennifer and/or the remaining Gnobbie in if needed. And then Ellen comes in and starts the turn off with double skulls on her Blitz, re-rolling it in to +. It's OK, we can still salvage this. Or Bichelle can also double skull her way towards a turnover. Sure. Why not. The Puiten immediately take advantage. Even with the Krox unwilling to act this turn, the Saurii push Ellen aside, knock Amy to the ground and the Loner Skink grabs the ball and sprints forward. Ellen now has the same play that Amy had a few turns ago; don't Bone-Head, make a 2+ Dodge, make 2 GFI's and get a 3D Blitz on the ball carrier. Thank goodness we decided to move Paris in for safety first because Ellen falls just short of our grand design. The first GFI fails, a re-roll makes it all good but then the second GFI sees her tumble down to the ground. Asiemoagelis, absolutely sure of the fact that his Loner will fail his Dodge makes a few more plays before the dreaded 3+ with a re-roll in to a Touchdown. Including an accidental Foul on a Gnoblar he failed to spot. Luckily for him, the ref doesn't call it. The rookie Skink makes 2 Dodges to support a Block against Paris, but even with his last re-roll, the result remains the same. + in to +. The time finally comes for the Loner to prove his worth, and he obviously fails his Dodge, preventing the equaliser. The ladies now have 3 turns to stall in order to secure the win. Ellen gets back up on her feet, providing that valuable Tackle in case the Skinks feel like giving it another shot and we mark as many guys as possible since the Saurii and Krox are pretty much all still hanging out on the left side of the field. Demoralised, the Krox fails yet another Bone-Head roll and the Saurii are too busy getting Amy pushed off the pitch to provide additional support for the few remaining players fighting for the ball. The Loner gets his sticky fingers on the ball once more, but Ellen Tackles his ass down as he tries to escape. The ladies prioritise keeping Ellen next to the ball, Blitzing her free and moving her back. Our few remaining Gnoblars surround the downed Skink and Quick Old Fashioned III gives him a taste of his boots. K.O., one less Skink to worry about and 2 turns to go. The gang from the West side of town decides to join the game again but all they can do is mark Lennifer and Paris, who're simply there to hold up any support from getting to the ball in the first place. The rookie Skink takes his shot but fails the pick-up. Again, we let Ellen have the Blitz even though the Skink is right next to her, so we can position that big booty right next to the ball afterwards. Paris and Lennifer Break tackle away from the wall of Saurii and Quick Old Fashioned III Fouls the last Skink off the pitch. A desperate final attempt is made as the Krox Blitzes in, knocks the ball off the pitch and prays to Nuffle. But Nuffle is not here today, the ball lands right around the Line of Scrimmage. One of the Saurii manages to pick it up, but a Pass is too much to ask for and after we roll some more double skulls, the game ends 0-1 for the Women with Attitude. So there's multiple reasons for making this ENORMOUS match report. We won a game, yay! It was very close and worthy of a fancy report. It's almost 5AM and I still can't sleep. Asiemoagelis was pretty bummed out near the end so I'm hoping to provide a little help/critique. I've always appreciated it when the other coaches tried to help me so I shall make an attempt for my Belgian brother as well. If anyone else wants to jump in, feel free. Here we go: - A Wizard. During the game Asiemoagelis mentioned that his previous attempts at Wizardry had ended up poorly so he figured it wasn't worth it. I would definitely disagree there as Lightning Bolts and Fireballs have been the bane of my existence ever since I hit over 1700TV. - A Wandering Apothecary is nice, but when the game was over, Asiemoagelis still had all 3 of them remaining. Spending 200k on those was definitely overkill. - I would've personally used one of the Apos for the one Skink that got Injured, especially since there were only 4 Skinks total and one of them was a Loner AND there were still 3 Apo's left. - On the turn where the Loner had a chance to make a Touchdown, Asiemoagelis made a bunch of other moves first, including multiple Dodges with another Skink. There were no re-rolls left and getting that extra Skink in to support a Block on one of the Ogres was certainly riskier than making the one 3+ Dodge (with re-roll, since Ellen was downed and there was no Tackle). You can always expect a play to fail, but you can't expect every play to fail. Playing to not-lose is generally worse than playing to win and I felt like there were a lot of lost opportunities for the Lizardmen because they were being very conservative, especially in the first half. Everyone has bad games, bad Seasons even. And if there's one thing I've learned playing the lovely Women with Attitude; it's that I'd rather come out of a loss, knowing I tried my best and learning from the misplays I made than simply blaming bad luck. That's pretty much it for me. Cookies for anyone who actually reads all of this.
  12. Well, thanks to Skuld's paper Lizardmen, we hit 20 with one game to go.
  14. If I get "The Price is Right"-ed by Suido I'm going to punch a kitten.