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  1. Season 11, Match Day 6: Ogre here, Ogre there, Ogre everywhere. Game result page HERE! Da Tiny Titanz VS Women with Attitude It had been a while since the Women with Attitude faced off against another team of equal girth, and we were not let down by our opponent's will to fight in the slightest. @Com Yarrick, King of Ogres, denizen of South Zealandia and Coach of Da Tiny Titanz just stood next to me and we talked back and forth for the entire game while the players did all of the heavy lifting. Even against another Ogre team, we somehow end up against a Wizard and a Bribe. We're not bloaty, we're big boned! The game starts off with Da Titanz receiving, but a Blitz! puts a quick end to Yarrick's plan of seizing the initiative. Especially after Amy Shawarma brutally kills an opposing Ogre. the Apothecary was there to save the poor fella, but it's an immediate advantage before the ball has even hit the ground. The trend continues as the ladies score K.O.'s and Casualties like nobody's business, while Yarrick slowly descends in to madness and his team grows smaller and smaller. One thing Da Tiny Titanz have always been a lot better at than punching, is throwing Gnoblars around and getting them to land properly. They prove that a little bit of luck can go a long way as the half ends 1-0. Our own TTM attempt on Turn 8 was a spectacular failure. The second half sees the girls play the running game since our Gnoblars couldn't stick a landing if they had runway lights and a marshall there to guide them. Since we keep up the removal of opposing Gnoblars and Ogres alike, Yarrick is eventually forced to use that damned Wizard of his. Against all odds, a lone Gnoblar sneaks in between approximately 37 other players, grabs the ball and runs off. It takes a lot more effort than I'd like to admit, but near the end the gals even up the score and the final whistle is blown. 1-1. We couldn't have Ogre-strated it better. --- Good game to Yarrick. Ogre on Ogre action is always fun and this game was no exception. I'd talk about how many SPP we got out of this game, but we already played MD7 and we'll get in to a little more details there... .
  2. Season 11, Match Day 7 - Forces of Grimmforest VS Women with Attitude - WEDNESDAY 22/05 - 16h00 UTC
  3. Season 11, Match Day 6 - Da Tiny Titanz VS Women with Attitude - MONDAY 20/05 - 18h00 UTC
  4. Season 11, Match Day 5: Black Hole of Stupid. Game result page HERE! Women with Attitude VS The Cadaverous Host Sometimes, your team can have a bad game. Sometimes, your opponent's team can have a bad game. Sometimes, both teams have a bad game and the end result is a cacophony of bad dice at the wrong time and good dice at the exact right time only to have some more bad dice afterwards to kick you in the kidneys when you think you've finally recovered. The Women with Attitude may not have suffered horrendous injuries against @Flyktsoda's Cadaverous Host, but this match was a psychological horror. The ladies decide to receive because we don't want to get clawed at from the get go and our offense is rather pitiful. Multiple Gnoblars bite the dust instantly and with 83% of the gals down on the ground for most of the half, we try for a long bomb towards a lone Gnoblar we somehow managed to sneak in to the opposing end-zone. A 6+ Interception crushes our dreams and the Host scores on Turn 8 with relative ease. The second half sees the Host attempting hand-offs which never seem to work, giving the ladies multiple opportunities to mark the ball and there's even a time where we actually steal it, only to be let down by White Dragon in the end. We were 0-3 on "Gnoblars landing" this game. After some more brutal beat-downs and a fancy sack by Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley, the Beastmen finally figure out how to perform the dreaded hand-off and score once more. Turn 16 rolls around and a "High Kick", caught by Ellen gives us a shot at making this a 1-2 game. But Ellen Bone-heads and the game ends 0-2. It was incredibly insane how this game went. Sometimes our plays failed right from the start, but we had several moments where we blossomed in to greatness, only to be horribly let down afterwards. Same goes for Flyktsoda, his ball-handling was atrocious and I'm pretty sure that every CLAWPOMB (except for one on Bichelle Omaha) ended in a Stun. What a terrible, terrible game. We should definitely do that again some time, Flyktsoda!
  5. Season 11, Match Day 5 - Women with Attitude VS The Cadaverous Host - THURSDAY 09/05 - 16h00 UTC
  6. Season 11, Match Day 4: Waning Wizardry. Game result page HERE! Purple Nurples United VS Women with Attitude Well, the Women with Attitude finally did it. They won a game against High Elves! @Thernlow has a pretty fancy team, keen on twisting our gals' nipples and assisted by Eldril Sidewinder, 2 Bloodweiser Babes, a Wandering Apothecary and a Wizard. The girls choose to receive and things go as they usually go, both team Blitz back and forth hoping to score a few Casualties before the Nurples are forced to score on turn 5. No Casualties on either side. The ladies have 4 turns to even up the score but on turn 8, Lennifer Jaw-Rends is still holding on to the ball (eliminating our Strong Arm from the equation) and Eldril has hypnotised White Dragon. Our only shot at the equaliser is a hand off to Kindness II, who manages to catch the ball even with two nasty Elves standing right next to him! Bichelle Omaha runs up and gets the Throw Team-Mate, followed by a neat landing and a Touchdown. The half ends 1-1, thanks to some amazing rolls on the girls' side. The second half is a lot more straight forward because for the first time EVER, the Wizard fails to take down our ball-carrier Ogre with his Lightning Bolt. We slowly make our way up the pitch, poking at Elves and enduring the odd uphill Blitz. Consistent removal of Elves thanks to Dame Juicy Drenched keeps the ladies a step ahead. and on turn 16, Lennifer runs the ball in, securing our first victory against the Elves in quite some time. After the game, Lennifer levelled up, but didn't roll stats or doubles so I'm not really sure about what to pick. Juggernaut would make her a better Ball Carrier, allowing her to Blitz out of trouble more easily. Stand Firm would make sideline cages a lot more safe and I'm leaning towards that one since we almost got pushed off in this game as well. And then there's Guard, of course, because you can never have enough Guard. Your suggestions are appreciated! Good game to Thernlow! He had good Dodges, but bad Blocks and a crummy Wizard.
  7. Season 11, Match Day 4 - Purple Nurples United VS Women with Attitude - FRIDAY 03/05 - 16h00 UTC
  8. Season 11, Match Day 3: "Make my Ogres throoo~w!". Game result page HERE! Women with Attitude VS Orkhestraded Demise Well, I never thought the Women with Attitude would get to play an OCC Champion, but earlier today the stars aligned and our ladies faced the dreaded duo of @AndyDavo and @Zunk (which is very unfair, 1v2?). Due to the surreal amounts of silly things happening, I'd highly suggest giving this one a watch either on Cabalvision or Andy's Twitch or YouTube. I was expecting some Bloodweiser Babes, Bribes and a Chainsaw but Andy decided on Morg 'n Thorg and a Wizard for his Inducements. The girls choose to defend, hoping to force out the Wizard as soon as possible. The Orcs' offence is a little weird as one of the Blitzers only needs 1SPP to level-up and a failed Pass/Catch gets the ball loose very early on. By Turn 3, Andy's only got 1 Reroll left and a failed GFI drops the ball in the gals' end-zone. There's a bit of a tussle, and then this happens: I don't know what the odds are, but we actually kind-of own-goal a Touchdown for Andy on our Turn 5. The rest of the half is spent setting up Lennifer Jaw-Rends and White Dragon but once again a failed Bone-Head forces our reroll early and White Dragon doesn't stick the landing. It's becoming a theme. We K.O.'d 2 Black Orcs, both of them wake up and Andy and myself are pretty much at full capacity for the second half. Our first instinct is to score quickly with another TTM-attempt, going for the 1-1 and then stealing the ball in the Orcs' second offensive drive. Unfortunately, a failed pick-up crushes that idea quickly and the second half turns in to a slug-fest with Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley biting the dust on Turn 10. Our Apothecary saves the day, thankfully. We slowly move up the right flank but a Bone-Head here and a Bone-Head there make it so the Ogres can't keep up with the Gnobbies. The Wizard finally comes in to play, allowing our ball-carrier to get Blitzed down. Miraculously, the girls recover the pigskin and get it to a fairly safe location. At one point we're set up perfectly for Lennifer to throw White Dragon around some more, out of range of any of the Orcs. But the Bone-Head strikes again and even with Strong Arm, our throw fails and White Dragon goes down. All that's left for the Orcs to do now is pick up the pieces and score one final time, which happens pretty quickly. The game ends 0-2 for Orkhestrated Demise. I'm sort of happy that Andy scored on his own in the end, otherwise we would have literally lost because the ball bounced in to one of his Blitzers' hands by sheer luck. Good game to AndyDavo. I watched the VOD of the stream afterwards and it was quite fun to see the game from the other side. I was very flattered by the fact that I made an experienced Coach work for his win and think about his turns. All in all, it was a very fun game with a lot of dumb stuff going on and if that's not what Blood Bowl is all about, I don't know anything anymore.
  9. Season 11, Match Day 3 - Women with Attitude VS Orkhestraded Demise - SATURDAY 27/04 - 09h00 UTC
  10. Neither will I. This was just an very weird turn of events and I couldn't help but vent a little. Hopefully your next game has a few more turns in it.
  11. So usually I just quietly watch the replays of your team because they're entertaining, and then I saw this one pop up and I though to myself "Alright, we're watching the VOD because this needs some context". Unfortunately, the VOD didn't give me much to go on as you seemed just as perplexed as I was. There was no banter between coaches and you were so surprised by the conduct of your opponent that you missed the fact that he used his Apo to get a Hobo K.O. rerolled to a Stun. The OCC does not allow a Coach to concede, unless you have a very good reason and I don't think "My Claw + Mighty Blow didn't kill all the Saurii" qualifies. Especially not after only 3 Turns of game play. I even thought Sardaor was a Redsuit, so he should definitely know better. I can understand having a crummy game and unleashing the rage-cage after several turns of getting boned, but this just came out of nowhere... .
  12. Season 11, Match Day 2: Sometimes, bad things happen. Game result page HERE! WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE VS UNEQUALED GLORY HOGGERS A wonky mix of @Ugh (Oook!) failing tons of Dodges in the first half followed by the ladies failing to perform during the second half. We Kicked, hoping to force the Wizard early on but it didn't happen. We were able to score on Turn 8 thanks to White Dragon and Lennifer Jaw-Rends. As expected, the Bloodweiser Babes did their job and our opponent still had 11 players by the time the second half came around, which is never good news. Especially when the kick is pretty deep. After thinking I'd secured a proper spot, safe from Wizards and Elves, Lennifer double Bone-headed and my turn clock ended without me realising it. There was a big battle for the ball, but AG4 won it eventually and Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley was not able to Break Tackle her way to the ball-carrier on Turn 15, otherwise we may have been able to force a draw. Another loss to the Elves, the trend continues. Good game to Ugh (Oook!).
  14. Season 11, Match Day 1: Are inducements a team? Game result page HERE! UNKNOWN STRANGERS VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE Foreword: So after last Season, keeping up with the MD-Threads, The Bachelogrette and the team blog I feel like I've sort of exhausted my reservoir of fluffy-ness. A bit of a burn out, I suppose. I've decided to take a break from the big blog for now, probably for the remainder of Season 11. We'll do the Player Evaluation at the end and post a little paragraph to let you guys know what happened every game, but I couldn't even bring myself to make an overview of the team's we're facing before the Season kicked off so I think it's for the best. Our game against @Uniball was a weird concoction of the both of us getting lucky and unlucky at the weirdest times. The Strangers hired a Wizard, a Wandering Apothecary, Helmut, Silly Billy and a Bribe. Helmut took care of himself on Turn 1, knocking himself out and then the ref refused the Bribe at half time. Which was some great Blood Bowl, right there. We also got the Wizard out during the Lizard's offensive drive so our own was a little easier to maintain. Good defense and a little bit of luck made it so the first half ended 0-0. During our offensive drive, the ladies got pretty far but a failed landing after a powerful TTM-throw by Lennifer Jaw-Rends denied us the 0-1. The Strangers nearly got a Touchdown on the rebound and the final failed GFI robbing them of the win. An enjoyable game overall. Well played to Uniball!
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