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  2. If the issue is really related ONLY to the game then a proper reinstall might be in order. Check if all drivers etc. are up to date afterwards. But I'd start there.
  3. Season 8, Match Day 6: These dwarfs aren't funny at all. Watch the game HERE! MY BALL ZACH URTS VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE @Cereal Killar shows up with the scariest team in tier 4A, by far. Guard and Mighty Blow litter the field, and I'm just glad he hasn't gotten around to growing Claws yet. His Minotaur even comes with Block. I expected a devastating loss, as My Ball Zach Urts looked liked it should plough through any team it comes across. However, the C-Dorfs 3-0-2 record indicated that they were beatable after all. The ladies and I gathered up all the courage and Gnoblars we could find, ready for a brutal game of Blood Bowl. We start on defence and our Line of Scrimmage comes out relatively unscathed. Except for Lennifer Jaw-Rends, she gets Knocked Out and doesn't wake up for the rest of the game. Some sweet double-skulls on the Mino do allow us to lob a Gnobbie to the backfield and mess with the ball pick-up. Our plan is simple, destroy all the Hobgoblins and make it really hard for Cereal Killar to handle the pigskin, which kinda-sorta worked. We remove the Hobgoblins pretty quickly, but the Bull Centaurs show that hidden AG5 stat again as their pick-ups succeed on the first try every time. We're whittled down to just 4 Ogres by the end of the first half, but we do manage a Throw Team-mate for the equaliser on our turn 8. Half time, 1-1 (for the Women with Attitude, of course). Our offensive half isn't very pretty, especially since we have 4 Ogres total. We try to set up for a "late" Throw Team-mate but we simply don't have the players to do so. Near the end, a Chaos Dwarf Blocker and a Bull centaur roll a few 4+ Dodges and secure the victory. 2-1 for the Chaos Dwarfs. We came out of this one with one Gnoblar MNG and Kitchen Sink IV bit the dust... again (he is very dead). No Ogres with permanent injuries, so I'm calling this one a success. We fought very hard, had a few great plays on the ball-carrier in the first half and we abused Break Tackle as much as we could, once again proving it is simply THE BEST SKILL for any Ogre and you should always get it. Sidenote: Cereal Killar's Minotaur was a non-factor for most of the game. If anyone who plays Chaos Dwarfs ever reads this, please watch this game so you can see why 95% of CDorfs don't bother with the Minotaur. He's big, expensive, unreliable and I'm pretty sure my opponent would have been better off with another 200k Inducement money. GG to Cereal Killar. Chaos Dwarfs are scary. But we survived! Quick edit! If you don't have time to watch the entire game, please enjoy this highlight where I predict THE FUTURE!
  4. You should've picked a team with smarter players. Like Ogres!
  5. Better be careful, sneaky Sidley doesn't take kindly to being outwitted. Better hire some goons to taste everything you eat and/or drink for the next few weeks.
  6. I'm 99% sure I started this game off by saying "We've lost to teams consisting of 4 players before". Ogres vs Dark Elves #NeverForget.
  7. Why do you guys hate your players so much?
  9. Season 8, Match Day 5: They can't run if you break their legs! Watch the game HERE! WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs ATARAXIA'S BLACK CROWS Well, this game was an absolute travesty. @gaiasekker and myself seem to have angered the Blood Bowl Gods in some way because what happened on the pitch earlier today was both absolutely hilarious and soul-crushingly depressing at the same time. We start off on a high note when Gaiasekker decides he wants Morg 'n Thorg and a Bloodweiser Babe over any of the other (probably more useful) Star Players or something silly, like a Wizard. I applaud his full, plentiful balls, though. From turn 2 onward he was making the most high-risk high-reward plays in the book which resulted in many injured Elves, one Knocked Out Ellen, Rip-You-A-Part-Ley and a whole lot of 1's when you don't want them to show up. All in all, good times all around and our first win in three Seasons! I mean, the game even ended with a pitch-clear after Kandarian Bootfook was allowed to run rampant, fouling Morg on turn 14 before he finally got sent off. And to top it all off, we got some fancy level-ups! BOOM! After being on the team since their inception, Paris Killton finally levelled-up and got herself +MA. Nothing insane, but the extra square is always useful. DOUBLE BOOM! Savage Compliment, the Gnoblar destined to be tossed a lot rolled +AG AND HE ALREADY HAD CATCH! I mean, obviously this means that I am a Magical Seer, capable of predicting the future since I planned for this little guy to be the team-torpedo. This was a good day for the Women with Attitude. ----- ----- ----- Good game to Gaiasekker. He's not so bad for a dirty, dirty High Elf.
  11. Season 8, Match Day 4: The Superior Stunty Watch the game HERE! WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs USA USA USA USA USA USA!! @hammersholt and his Americana Halflings show up with less TV than only our Ogres combined, which gives him a literal ton of inducements. Morg 'n Thorg makes an appearance, as does Willow. A Wizard, a Chef and some leftovers. The Chef was kind to us in the first half but on turn 9 we played the entire half with only 1 reroll. Our ladies went hard 'n fast on Lyndon B. Johnson, a Half-Star with +AG, Sprint and Sure Feet. Richard Nixon, a more simple +AG Player was also a prime target and we managed to remove both of them from the field fairly quickly. Our offence was, as it usually is, the worst part of out game. We were forced in to an early Throw-Team Mate play which backfired and allowed hammersholt to attempt the exact same thing. Only difference being that his stunty actually landed on his feet and managed to score a touchdown. Much like last game, our defense was much more glorious than our offense. Again, Break Tackle proves invaluable as Amy Shawarma takes out the ball-carrier, hidden away in some Trees and a lot of little dudes. Many scatters and bounces later, the pigskin gets tossed from Halfing to Gnoblar to Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley. The Wizard tries his vicious Lightningbolt on Ellen's face, but she gets up, grabs the ball again and walks in the touchdown on turn 16. 1 reroll used in the entire half, Bone-Head was kind to us and allowed us to have our first non-loss of the Season. Another very fun game, I do hope this trend continues. Good game to hammersholt. Any stunty-coach deserves the best in my eyes, even if it's filthy, nasty Halflings.
  12. Season 8, Match Day 3: It's true, they're Lizard People! Watch the game HERE! CHAQUA SUNS VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE Lately I've been lacking a bit of motivation to do full write-ups so I'm going to keep this one short and sweet, and that will probably be the theme for the remainder of the Season. If you watch one game of ours for Season 8, I'd recommend this one. Lots of back and forth and lots of Ogre-esque fun to be had. The Chaqua Suns get to receive when the whistle blows and what follows is probably the best defensive half we've ever had. A failed pick-up allowed us to toss a Gnobbie to the back-field and waste a few Skinks' time while the Ogres tried to make their way forward. Both Amy Shawarma and Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley took shots at the ball-carrier using the small miracle known as Break Tackle. Ellen even got a full steal off thanks to her AG3. She got pretty far but near the end of the half we did not have enough players left to put up a good fight, eventually resulting in the 1-0 for the Lizzies. Turn 8, White Dragon (our AG4 Gnoblar) got a shot at the equalizer, but he landed one square short of being able to make it to the end-zone. Our offense during the second half wasn't very fancy. Several K.O.'d Saurii returning to the pitch certainly didn't help. The rest of the game was a slugfest until the very end, with another Gnoblar getting close to scoring, but barely not making it. Good game to @Wrekd. May his Slibli rolls be ever in his favour.
  13. I didn't win this one but as always, your optimism is appreciated, Mr.Mongloom! Report coming today or tomorrow. I have some catching up to do.
  14. Let's see. Ellen: 280k Ogre Messiah Basic Bitch Halfling: 30k 30k - 280k + 0 = -250k. Literally not even close. Nobody loses HARDER than THIS GUY!