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  1. Season 12, Match Day 5: Luck don't Last. Game result page HERE! Puncher's chance VS Women with Attitude After a 2-2-0 start to the Season, it was only a matter of time before fit hit the shan. And this is the game that started our downward spiral. @Gadajs's Puncher's Chance doesn't get as many Inducements as most teams we face but he makes up for it with a terrifying Killer Pestigor and an absolutely boss Beast of Nurgle with Block, Dodge and Pro. The petty cash he does have is spent on a Bribe, some Bloodweiser Babes and a rental-Rotter with Kick. The Women with Attitude lose the coin toss and Puncher's Chance chooses to receive. Nothing special happens during the Event-stage of the Kick-off, but the ball does somehow bounce out of bounds even with Quick old Fashioned IV choosing to boot the oval near the backline. Out of fluffy context, I'm guessing the game decided the ball was going to bounce out of bounds before I even chose my square because the one I chose was nowhere near any sideline. I'm curious if anyone else has had this happen to them. Lennox Lewis v2 is handed the pigskin and runs to safety and the beating on the Line of Scrimmage begins. It's surprisingly ineffective as the Nurgle squad not only fails to Blitz down a Gnobbie, Mike Tyson only gets a few pushes on to Swilda Ten Tons. Bichelle Omaha eats the Beast's blow and keeps her armour intact while Paris Killton gets Stunned for her trouble. In return, the gals manage to Knock Out Roy Jones Jr. and Bichelle gets entangled in some Tentacles. Paris is left somewhat undefended and we know the foul is coming, we can only hope it doesn't do too much damage. The Punchers come in hard on their Turn 2. 2 Gnoblars get removed from the game and the boot to Paris' gut knocks her out cold. Lennox is still tucked away nice and safe behind a line of Warriors so we resort to Plan B; punch Rotters and hope to reduce the opponent's numbers and maybe our opponent screws up his cage. Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley goes in for the Blitz but doesn't manage a knockdown. Amy Shawarma also Bone-heads, leaving Swilda standing alone against a couple of enemy players. Swilda takes her beating pretty well, but Amy gets knocked out by a random Rotter. We're down to 4 girls on Turn 3, that's never a good sign. With only 7 players remaining on the field this early on, we completely abandon any attempt at defending. We Blitz and foul Shari the Anomic, unsuccessfully and try to move the rest of the squad back, away from the CLAWPOMB-guy. Gadajs helps us out in this regard, sending his deadliest player after Gnoblars instead of Ogres as he slowly struts forward, Blitzing and fouling along the way. The Referee does call the foul on Turn 4, burning our opponent's Bribe. An opportunity presents itself, we move 2 Gnobbies in to contact with our opponent as we prepare Lennifer Jaw-Rends for a Blitz on to Lennox. The Bone-head decides we have to blow our reroll early, however and we get cold feet. Instead we Blitz an adjacent Rotter. In hindsight, we should've definitely gone for the shot at the ball-carrier, seeing as we were down 6 to 10 players. Not only do we not break the Rotter's armour, we now have our few remaining Gnoblars facing some heavy Nurgle fists. A massive mistake on my part. Our opponent doesn't even Blitz or foul, he just gets Lennox away safely and takes care of whatever's in his tackle zones. He did not count on Bichelle's amazing long-distance sprinting, however and after not Bone-heading, dodging out of tentacles, making a couple of GFI's and getting over Foul Appearance, we get a Blitz off on Lennox. rerolled in to , Lennox stays on his feet. Bichelle's nearly-great play earns her a clawpomp to the face, but her armour stays intact. Lennox runs further forward and Swilda takes down a cocky goatman who thought he could get an easy 1-die in. The gals keep up whatever pressure they can manage as Bichelle once more Blitzes and Break Tackles her way next to Lennox, marking the Nurgle ball-carrier while Ellen makes her way over from the left flank. Frightened by the presence of the few players we have left, Lennox Blitzes himself free and runs it in for the 1-0 on Turn 7. With 2 Turns to make something happen, White Dragon takes to the field. A very deep Kick and some Brilliant Coaching on Gadajs' side combined with Disturbing Presence looks like it'll be a long shot. Several ineffective Blocks and some Bone-heads don't make things any easier. As expected, we are immediately swarmed before we can even get the ball close to our star Gnoblar. On top of all of that, George Foreman gets a good hit in and injures Bichelle, MNG. We go for the hand-off under 39 layers of Disturbing Presence, but it's no use and the half ends 1-0. Amy decides to sleep through the second half so we start off Turn 9 with 4 Ogres and 5 Gnoblars for a grand total of 9 players. The crowd decides it's time to Get the Ref, which generally benefits the team with more reserves and Dirty Players... . Eager to score just once and with our opponent's Kicker on the Line of Scrimmage, we set up for a 1TTD again. Nuffle's curse strikes once more as White Dragon fails to catch the hand-off and Lennifer Bone-heads. We've already committed to the play, so Paris tries to Break Tackle but also fails, causing a Turnover. White Dragon gets his chungus flonked immediately and Puncher's Chance is free to move in pretty much anywhere without fear of retaliation. SOMEHOW Lennifer actually succeeds in recovering the ball, dodging away to safety and then passing it to Full Nelson III, earning that last SPP she needed to become a Super Star. Moral Victory achieved? Heck, yes. Perhaps we can even force a draw? Most of our opponent's Warriors are near the mid-field so a good Throw Team-mate could give us a chance if we get a good scatter! Ellen comes in to Blitz the only threat away from Full Nelson III and promptly rolls + in to +. Fuck me sideways and call me Wednesday... . The obvious thing happens and the pigskin is lost. After our opponent's Turn 11, all of our players, besides Lennifer, are down on the ground and most of them are Stunned. Ellen attempts a long-shot Blitz on Joe Calzaghe, the Pestigor ready to pick up the ball, but she ain't as dodgy as she wants to be and gets herself Stunned. We scramble to get away from the fists and boots as Gadajs takes his time, picking up the ball and handing it around. Ellen tries to redeem herself but once again rolls + while attempting to knock down a Rotter. I guess it's Nuffle's way of saying "Stay down, bitch." Gadajs feeds some Claws to Lennifer before he hands off the ball to Lennox. Ellen gives it another go but Bone-heads her Blitz this time around. We try once more on Turn 16 but again Bone-head. Beaten and broken, we succumb to our Nurgle foes and Lennox runs it in for the 2-0. ----- After our game against Grumplekins, I knew we were going to get a crapshoot of our own, because that's how Blood Bowl works. I'm fairly sure Gadajs could've skipped several turns and he still would've at least won 1-0. The only good thing to come out of this game is Lennifer's level-up. Better luck next time... maybe.
  2. Season 12, Match Day 4: Banana Split Happens. Game result page HERE! Black Metal Gear Solid VS Women with Attitude Right off the bat, the first thing I noticed about @grumplekins was that he was a very nice fella, the second thing I noticed was that he somehow managed to go 0-1-2 with Dark Elves. That's weird, maybe he's one of those coaches that plays for fun and has unusual team builds and stuff? Turns out he is just the unluckiest bastard around... . Without their Star Gnoblar, White Dragon, the Women with Attitude make their way on to the pitch to face an opponent they've lost to many, many times before. The dreaded Dark Elves. Black Metal Gear Solid brings quite a few inducements to the game in the form of Eldril Sidewinder, a Loner Assassin, some Bloodweiser Babes and of course; a Wizard. The Elves also win the toss and choose to Kick, so the girls are hoping to put some serious damage in to the pointy ears, ASAP. A High Kick to the left, on the side of the pitch, on the 2 yard line, that looks fun. Lennifer Jaw-Rends bursts forward from her backfield position and prepares to catch this gift from the Heavens and makes it look like she's done this a million times before; ball secured. Lennifer Bone-heads, of course, but we have Swilda Ten Tons and a couple of Gnoblars nearby to keep her safe. Immediately, the Elf-Screen comes up and we prepare ourselves for the inevitable Blitz-Base-Dodge-Blitz-Base-Dodge game that's about to happen. However, after ,only a single turn, our opponent takes a more offensive approach and gathers up some Elves to fight Bichelle Omaha and Amy Shawarma, giving up the screen he'd managed to build on his first turn. Bichelle takes the hit and moves on while Amy remains Stunned. With all of the Elves gathered up, this is a nice chance to stick some gals next to 80% of our opponent's team. Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley goes for the Blitz and shows TeitanBlood Bowl 2 that thick thighs save lives as the skinny git gets her pelvis smashed in by the superior woman. Angered by the loss of his Witch, Grumplekins moves even more of his players away for a gang-foul on poor Amy, Stunning her again. We take advantage of the hole created on the left flank and move up with our Gnoblar squad, Lennifer and Swilda while the rest of the girls gather up around Amy. Black Metal Gear Solid goes for it again, Blitzing Paris Killton out of the way before putting another boot to Amy's gut. Again, just a Stun. The Elves are forced to give up and run back, but will they manage to recreate their screen in time? Once more, the gals take advantage of our opponent's weaker position and base the bejeezus out of as many Elves as possible right before Bichelle piles on to Sargeists and Goblins and puts him in the injury box. The Lightning Bolt comes down on Lennifer's head but fizzles and pops without having any real effect. The Loner Assassin goes for a Blitz on Hot Karl IV, but doesn't manage to stab the Gnoblar... somehow. Demoralised by the many curses of Nuffle that have befallen him, Grumplekins orders his squad back to fouling duty as LITERALLY all of the Elves converge around Amy once more. Their puny boots only manage a Stun for the third time in a row. Ellen and Paris strut back to their downed teammate as Lennifer moves the ball closer to the Elves' end zone. The 4th foul rolls around and the Referee finally catches on, sending off the offending Elf while Amy remains on the field. After several Bone-heads, we decide to run it in on our Turn 7, just to be safe. Lennifer brings it in for the 0-1 lead. Quick Old Fashioned IV makes sure the ball gets kicked as deep as possible and Black Metal Gear Solid has 2 turns to make something happen. The Elves swoop forward on the right flank, leaving only Neverwinter Nachtmystium behind to pick up the ball. The ladies respond with an amazing turn of successful GFI's and Bone-heads, blocking any avenues for an easy Touchdown. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the lone Witch attempts a Pass across 3 Ogres and a few Gnoblars. Bichelle ain't having none of it and grabs the ball in mid-air, ending the half with a glorious Interception! The second half kicks off with some Brilliant Coaching on my part, providing the gals with an additional reroll. Again, the Elves go heavy on the right flank, but this time misses Neverwinter screws up and is forced to burn a reroll on the pick-up. Not keen on getting the ball intercepted again, Grumplekins orders the Pass, only to have the ball fall on the ground near the 6 yard line. This would be a great opportunity to move some ladies next to the pigskin but Bichelle pulls of her trademarked Blitz Bone-head in to Bone-head so we're forced to at least somewhat deal with the gits in our backfield. Thankfully, the Gnobbies pull their weight and 3 of 'em group around the ball, making it at least a little more difficult for our opponent to just retrieve it. Disaster strikes again when Fight Nightbringer Blocks Quick Old Fashioned IV and chooses for some reason, instantly ending the Elves' turn. Ellen removes another Blitzer from the game and Lennifer GFI's her way towards the ball and gets the pick-up. Thanks to the early Turnover, she's surrounded by Gnoblars and a couple of her girlfriends, so she's perfectly safe for the time being. There's an attempt at an uphill Blitz by Funeral Myst, but Lennifer holds fast and the Elves scramble to form any kind of defensive posture. Ellen continues her rampage as she bashes the Assassin's head in while we attempt a couple of fouls on Eldril, the theme of just Stunning downed targets continues. A teeny, tiny Elf screen forms as the teams start exchanging Blitzes while our Ogre cage slowly moves forward, with pretty much our Bone-head rolls being the only thing that's holding the ladies back. Nightbringer redeems himself with an uphill Blitz resulting in +, taking Lennifer down. This move is then immediately followed up by misses Neverwinter once again failing to pick up the pigskin. The girls surround the ball and knock nearly every Elf on the field down to the ground. With little to no options remaining, Burzumout Paradise attempts a pick up but it's not to be. Eager for the taste of a 0-2 victory against Dark Elves, the girls retrieve the pigskin and Lennifer is set up to score once more. Turn 16 rolls around and after a Bone-head (to keep things interesting) we pop a reroll to run it in for the 0-2. Victory for the Women with Attitude! There's no way we're not getting punished for getting this lucky... . ----- I would like to point out that Grumplekins did not manage a single casualty on our entire team over the course of this game. Many Gnoblars went down, but they always got back up. Combine that with the Wizard failing, some extremely ineffective fouling and a misclick that causes your Lineman to go down to a Gnoblar and you're in serious trouble. Grumplekins did take it all in stride, though, he was not one to be crying and moaning, kudos to that man, Goddamnit.
  3. Season 12, Match Day 3: Hot Babes and Horse Dudes. Game result page HERE! Preston Chorf End VS Women with Attitude Better late than never, or whatever. Whenever, wherever. We're meant to be together. I'll be there and you'll be near, and that's the deal my dear. There over, hereunder. You'll never have to wonder. We can always play by ear, but that's the deal my dear. On a more serious note, I was looking forward to finally playing @Fantus. I feel like we got to know each other a little over the course of The Bachelogrette, and he seemed like a nice gentleman. I was slightly disappointed when his team showed up without a Minotaur named Dogbert, but that's a tale for another time. Fantus did show up with a temp-worker Blocker, a Wizard and Hthark The Unstoppable (who will be henceforth be referred to as Steve for brevity's sake). On our side we are lacking Paris Killton because she had to get her nails done. The girls win the coin toss and choose to Kick since our opponents have a spooky Wizardman and no Claws yet. The Cheering Fans can be heard loud and clear as both teams gain an extra reroll and the match finally begins. Preston Chorf End starts off with some low-blows to the girls on the Line of Scrimmage and a Blitz on a poor, teeny Gnobbie. In true Dwarven fashion, several Blockers mark any Gnoblar within range while the rest of the squad sets up for a foul. Unfortunately for Fantus, his incompetent Ball-Carrier, Louis Molt lets the pigskin slide and his turn ends before the fouling can even begin. Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley decides to show these wankers how put the Blood in Blood Bowl and injures Jayden Stockley, forcing the Apothecary on Turn 1. Lennifer Jaw-Rends flings a Gnobbie to the backfield, but the poor bugger doesn't stick the landing and ends up Stunned. The rest of our turn is spent getting gals back on their feet and Gnobbies away from filthy Dwarfses. After hearing Fantus shouting at them angrily from the sidelines in between sipping his tea and smoking his pipe, Preston Chorf End picks up their game and Louis gets that ball moving, followed immediately by a supreme Foul on Bichelle Omaha. Poof, both Apothecaries used by Turn 2, and Bichelle luckily makes it out just fine. Due to his foul, Daniel Johnson essentially painted a huge target on his face and it doesn't take long for Lennifer to bring her mighty fist down upon the Hobo's face. Louis continues his strut forward on the left flank, slowly surrounding himself with allies, probably because he's a coward. But the Women with Attitude hold fast and the lack of Bone-Heads or Gnobbies failing to get away from Dwarfs means that we can hold a steady screen, forcing some uphill Blocks out of our opponent. A couple of Turns roll by as both teams trade Blitzes and the Chaos Dwarfs make their way to the other side of the pitch. With the Dwarfs not being able to keep up, Louis is forced to make a move forward on his own. Steve fails to Break Tackle his way next to Amy Shawarma, which means that Louis is about to get punched. Bosh, boom, straight to the moon as the ball goes flying off the pitch. Unfortunately for the ladies, the pigskin is thrown in fairly close to our endzone and there's several Preston Chorf End players nearby to take advantage of this opportunity. But then Quick Old Fashioned IV comes in for the snatch! The little fella grabs the ball right from under a Bull's nose. Lennifer, always ready to throw things around, Break Tackles to freedom and puts her Strong Arm to good use. Sure, Quick Old Fashioned IV doesn't land properly and gets himself Knocked Out in the process, but the ball is now a lot further up field than Fantus would like, and we're OK with that. In a desperate attempt to score on Turn 8, Alan Browne picks up the ball to pull off a hand-off to his fellow Bull. His feet aren't as sure as he'd like and he tumbles to the ground, killing any hope the Chorfs had of scoring during the first half. Our turn on the offensive. The whistle blows, the kickoff happens and the Cheering Fans only scream for Fantus this time around. White Dragon gets to play right away since we're hoping to settle this game 0-1 before the final bell rings. Due to several Bone-Heads, our Turn 9 isn't very effective but we do manage to get a hold of the oval. The Chorfs move forward immediately and force our poor Gnobbie ball carrier to head over to the left flank, as far as possible away from the horse-people. After a couple of ineffective Blocks and a Blitz, Preston Chorf End pulls back a little, leaving most of the ladies free to move as they please. This means that it's time for the Bone-head in to Bone-head Blitz,essentially setting us back a turn. Steve knocks Amy out and now we're down to 4 girls to keep White Dragon safe. The Dwarfs move in to the gaping hole left by Bone-head-Bichelle and things suddenly start to look really bleak. At the start of Chorf Turn 12, the Fireball finally comes down and Lennifer hits the ground, leaving White Dragon undefended. Declan Rudd comes in for the sack and breaks White Dragon in half, reducing his AV to 4. Unlike before, the ball does not bounce out of bounds, it remains in our half and we have very few Gnoblars remaining to retrieve it. Josh Harrop makes a few GFIs and gets a hold of the pigskin on the 12 yard line. Ever so close to scoring the winning touchdown.... . Fancy Ogre Play-time. Lennifer Breaks herself free and sets up right next to the nasty Hobo. Bichelle also Break Tackles to freedom and pushes the little bugger off the pitch. The ball gets thrown in back on Preston Chorf End's 6 yard line. With only 4 turns remaining and only 1 AG3 player on the field for the disgusting, tiny men, the gals have a fair shot at forcing the draw. Not only that, Ellen finishes the whole ordeal off by escaping her captors as well and marking the pigskin. She tried to pick it up but it was all slippery with Hobgoblin and Gnoblar blood. The game turns in to a brutal fight for the ball as every player on the opposing team converges on to Ellen's position. Louis gets a hold of the ball, but as long as Ellen is standing, she ain't giving up so easily! Break Tackle, Blitz and KAPOW! The ball is free once more and our chubby heroine is right next to it, again. Callum Robinson manages to take Ellen down on Turn 14 and his horse-pal Alan gets the ball moving on the first try. Not good... . With no rerolls left, our only option is a long-distance Blitz with Bichelle but Ogres will be Ogres and the Bone-head kicks in once more. Fantus now has plenty of time to surround Bichelle with his remaining players while Ellen's stuck in his backfield and Lennifer is still punching gits on the left flank. Alan runs it in for the 1-0 victory right before the final whistle and the game ends. ----- Overall, I think we put up a good fight. Chorfs are hard to handle because you spend rerolls on Gnoblar Dodges and once a Blodging Bull Centaur gets a hold of the ball, you really need the dice to go your way. A close call for Fantus, but a well earned victory nonetheless. In the meantime, Dogbert has made his return to the pitch and I approve of this decision!
  4. I've met some very nice coaches around here and I probably wouldn't be playing Blood Bowl as much if it wasn't for the OCC. Kudos to everyone who's kept and is still keeping it alive.
  5. Season 12, Match Day 9 - Women with Attitude VS Nurn County
  6. Season 12, Match Day 8 - Women with Attitude VS Demented Doctors
  7. Season 12, Match Day 7 - Bloody Oath VS Women with Attitude
  8. You will be glad to hear Dogbert has made his competitive debut this week, and caused two injuries as well! :)

    1. C2MC


      I watched the game, he was in top form! ;)

  9. Season 12, Match Day 6 - Winter Wolf`s VS Women with Attitude
  10. Season 12, Match Day 5 - Puncher's chance VS Women with Attitude
  11. Season 12, Match Day 4 - Black Metal Gear Solid VS Women with Attitude
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  13. Season 12, Match Day 2: Sometimes you win, sometimes you play Blood Bowl. Game result page HERE! Women with Attitude VS The Mordheim Horrors @Rama Set shows up to face some Ogres once more after our previous encounter in the 2018 OCC World Cup Qualifiers, however this time he isn't facing some lowly 1350TV Ogre squad... . This time around he faces the extraordinarily gorgeous Women with Attitude in all of their chunky 2000+TV glory. @AllyRdr also did use a huge favour by dismantling Grolack the Elder (Block, +MA, +MA Wolf) in their game. So, with no developed Ghouls and The Cooda Bean Champion Grolack replaced by a rookie there's very few "ball handling-shenanigans" to be expected from this Necro team, which is always good news for any Ogre squad especially since we just got a fresh Kicker in Quick Old Fashioned IV. The inducement phase sees the walking dead hire Wilhelm Chaney, a Wizard, a Bribe and 2 Bloodweiser Babes. With a Wizard on the pitch and no Claw + Mighty Blow on our opponent's side, the gals decide to kick first. Lycaeus the Astronomer fails to remove a Gnoblar from the pitch and only Paris Killton and Amy Shawarma go down on the Line of Scrimmage. With a Bribe on deck, Rama Set feels pretty safe going for a foul on Amy, which results in a stun. Unfortunately for him, we've got an extremely fair referee calling the shots and Ilgoth "Ber" gets sent off anyway. The ladies shuffle around a bit, anticipating the movement of the Ghoul and the Wolves, getting a nice, even spread of Ogres across the pitch. The Necros decide to go for the big hits right away as Lycaeus switches his focus from Gnoblars to Bichelle Omaha after setting up a ton of assists. Bichelle's armour holds and immediately afterwards, Commandante LeBarge wastes a reroll and gets both himself and Paris downed, ruining any plans the Horrors may have had. Eager to show these stringy boys how it's done, Bichelle gets up and busts right through Magister Steffan's armour. The combination of Bichelle's Mighty Blow and Steffan's Niggling Injury gets him removed from the game as he does not manage to Regenerate. This is a pretty big deal, because now the only Guard piece on our opponent's side is Edmond the Duster and thanks to the referee, we're actually up 11-9 players. Demoralised but not defeated, the Horrors move up on the right flank. Wilhelm Chaney takes Bichelle down once more, not causing any damage. Lycaeus, now surrounded by Ogres and Gnoblars tries to make a break for it but proves not dodgy enough for this escape attempt. The gals get a huge turn out of this turnover as Amy Break Tackles in to the cage and knocks out Gelp the Urchin, removing yet another Necro player from the field and freeing up the ball. Quick Old Fashioned IV recovers the pigskin and hands it off to Lennifer Jaw-Rends, who heroically runs away from the giant pile of fighting Blood Bowl players. The Horrors retaliate by punching some Gnoblars and removing Paris from the field (MNG). She'll be stuck at 50/51SPP for a little while longer, I suppose... . Ah well, at least Lycaeus fails another dodge and causes yet another turnover for the Necros. Lennifer, Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley and a couple of Gnobbies scurry over to the left side of the pitch while Amy knocks out another Zombie and Bichelle stuns Lord Bernard the Third. The Horrors catch up to our ball carrier and her escorts pretty quickly but there's no real opening for a sack thanks to a screen of Gnoblars with the occasional Ogre sprinkled throughout. One Break Tackle later, Lennifer is set up on the side of the pitch, at the 20 yard line with 2 Gnoblars on her right flank for "protection". A failed dodge by Full Nelson III and a failed Bone-Head by Amy means that both Werewolves are free to roam the field, but pretty much every other player is tied up. Desperately, Lycaeus goes for the sack but Stand Firm keeps Lennifer safe from the uphill + in to +. Unable to take down our beefy ball carrier themselves, the Horrors call in their Wizard but Lennifer shrugs it off and remains upright on our turn 7, the pigskin still in her hands. The ladies don't take any chances and go for the Touchdown immediately. Lennifer Blitzes aside Lycaeus and dodges her way out of danger and in to the opposing end zone. Turn 7 ends 1-0 for the Women with Attitude. The last turns of the first half see both teams just trying to punch a few holes in to the opposition but there's no permanent damage on either side. The second half kicks off and the gals' plan is fairly simple. Get the ball in to White Dragon's teeny hands, keep Lennifer close by and try to get that little man across the pitch... somehow. A couple of Bone-Heads make it so we don't do much harm to the Horrors but at least we get that ball and keep it tucked away nice and safe in our back field. Rama Set gets his goons to move forward, with Lycaeus threatening our back field while the Golems and Zombies hold up the Ogres on the Line of Scrimmage. Slow and steady wins the race. The girls regroup, recover from their Bone-Heads and we form a fancy cage with White Dragons till safely tucked away. Swilda Ten Tons also gets the knock out on Edmond, getting rid of the last Guard piece our opponent has. The girls keep trucking forward, White Dragon shoved against the sideline, Bichelle and Lennifer guarding his left flank. Lycaeus spots an opening and actually manages to dodge his way through a wall of Gnoblars but this time around he fails his GFI, burns the last reroll his coach has and still doesn't make it in the end. Bichelle Blitzes away and knocks out Wilhelm Chaney, Amy removes another Zombie and White Dragon struts forward, still fairly well protected up against the right flank. The Horrors mark any Ogres that're not with our ball carrier and after taking care of Kindness II and his Diving Tackle, Lycaeus still finds a way to disappoint Rama Set by failing to dodge away from Hot Karl IV. With pretty much all of the opposing players around the Line of Scrimmage, we're free to run White Dragon forward on his own and send everyone else back towards the actual fight. The triple Bone-Head turn finally comes around, allowing the Horrors to threaten White Dragon and forcing our hand. The little star walks it in on turn 14, 2-0 for the Women with Attitude. With 3 turns remaining, the Horrors have a shot at scoring at least once but the girls don't plan to make it easy for them. Get the ref! provides both teams with an additional Bribe as Quick Old Fashioned IV gets a great kick in, all the way to the back field. The Horrors form a cage for Lycaeus on the right flank of the pitch around our 6 yard marker and Wilhelm Chaney runs all the way forward to the 14 yard line. The ladies spread around. Ellen stuns Lord Mayor Helmut while several Gnoblars block the way forward on the right flank. Wilhelm Chaney is given a Gnobbie to chew on and we await Rama Set's next move. Lord Bernard sprints forward with the oval in his paws and not only does he fail his GFI, his armour doesn't hold and the ball is left unmarked on the Line of Scrimmage. With only 1 turn remaining for both teams, we just push as many players towards the ball as possible. By the end of the gals' turn 16, we've got 2 Gnoblars and Bichelle marking the pigskin and unless some Zombie makes a couple of amazing dodges in to a Long Pass, there's very little the Horrors can do to score a touchdown this game. Rama Set doesn't even go for any low probability plays, instead opting to do as much damage as possible in the final moments of this game. Lycaeus stuns a poor Gnoblar and sets up for an assist to knock down Ellen. He surrounds the poor, downed Super Star for one last foul and even though Ellen gets Badly Hurt, it does little for the Horror's morale as Walt the Confessor gets sent off by the referee. The game ends 2-0 for the ladies, yay! ----- Rama Set definitely didn't get very lucky on this one. The early failed dodges, combined with our girls steadily removing players got us ahead by turn 4. Top that off with essentially 250k gold of Inducements doing absolutely nothing and you end up losing 2-0 to Ogres. It also took forever before any of our Gnoblars got removed from the pitch and the only Casualty that mattered was the MNG on Paris. Sure, we only caused 1 Casualty ourselves (only 1 that stuck, anyways) but we consistently got stuns and knock outs to help us along while our entire crew of Gnobbies remained relatively unharmed throughout this entire game. Good game to Rama Set. I said it during the game but I'll say it again here; may his curse be lifted and his team flourish (whenever he's not facing Ogres, obviously). He's a good coach and I'm curious about how he'll handle the remaining games of the season.
  14. Season 12, Match Day 2 - Women with Attitude VS The Mordheim Horrors
  15. Season 12, Match Day 1: Broads and Bananas. Game result page HERE! Women with Attitude VS Knights of the HardBanana The Women with Attitude kick-off Season 12 against the notorious Dirty Git-Enthusiast @Gobas and his gang of Banaknights. With only 4 Ogres on the pitch, a depleted bank and less Gnoblars in reserve than I'd like, we're rather pessimistic about the whole situation. Our only goal is to keep the remaining gals alive and maybe collect some SPP along the way. In classic Gobas-fashion, he does not opt for a Wizard, instead bringing some Bloodweiser Babes and a Bribe. The Knights choose to receive and with Dauntless on every Blitzer and Guard on every Blocker, we're really hoping our armour holds for the first few turns, because we're about to get pummelled on the Line of Scrimmage. On the bright side, without Sure Hands available, Arthur King of Bretons fails to pick up the ball and burns 1 out of the Knight's 2 rerolls, ending their turn before the foul comes in. Lennifer Jaw-Rends flings Kitchen Sink VIII across the pitch to be a nob and mark the ball, which is a huge deal with the lack of Tackle on our opponent's side. The beating in the middle of the pitch is a lot less severe on turn 2, but the ladies make up for it with Bone-Heads on everyone except Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley. The silver lining is that Kitchen Sink is still next to the ball by the time our turn is over and we've managed to get a whole host of Gnoblars nearby to be even more annoying and force our foe to deal with them. Arthur gets his stuff together and actually picks up the ball and runs to safety while the ladies scramble to mark a couple of players that ran forward. Ironically, we score the first somewhat successful foul of the game by Knocking Out Swamp Castle Guard, removing a valuable Guard-piece from the field. In an attempt to bamboozle us, Arthur runs across the pitch and hands off the ball to Sir Galahad the Pure, who fails the catch and ends the Knights' turn. Ellen makes Brave Sir Robin eat his helmet and after a few fancy moves, Kindness II actually snatches the ball and potatoes towards the 6 yard line, hoping to get lucky and somehow survive multiple blitzes. This does not happen as he goes down on the first try and gets KOd by a foul for his insolence. After removing a few more Gnobbies, Gobas is forced to burn his last reroll on the pick-up. The Brets recover nicely, running across the pitch once more and this time the catch isn't ruined, allowing Sir Bors to run forward, ball in hand. Ellen continues trucking from side to side and puts her Tackle on Sir Bors, forcing our opponent in to a scenario where he either makes the dodge or loses the pigskin on his next turn. To even things up, Paris Killton fails to break away from a lowly Lineman and puts herself in the injury box, making sure she definitely won't earn that last SPP she needs to level-up in this game. Sir Bors shows off how it's done, and by turn 7 the score is 0-1 for the Knight of the HardBanana. With 2 turns remaining, Throw Team-Mate is the obvious play, but a very deep kick makes things a lot more difficult. Somehow, we manage. A little hand-off here, a little Strong Arm there and White Dragon sticks his landing right next to an opposing player and exactly 8 squares away from the end-zone. Lucky? Perhaps. Fun? Definitely. The half ends 1-1 (for the Women with Attitude). Second half and it's 7 players against 11. I think it's fair to say that the odds are not in our favour on this one. Swilda Ten Tons helps out a little by scoring the first casualty of her career and we do our best to keep the ball safe in our back field. The Knights swarm forward, forcing Ellen, Lennifer and whatever Gnobbies we have left in to a little corner on the left side of the pitch, just hoping we somehow manage to not lose the pigskin too quickly. Gobas over-commits a bit and Lennifer hurls White Dragon forward. This would have been a "safe play" if we'd GFI'd forward 2 more squares, but as it stands we stay in range of 1 lone Lineman, Witch-Hunting Villager. The POW is scored and White Dragon goes down. With all of the gals in the back, all we can do is muster a couple of Gnoblars around the ball and pray for a lucky pick-up. The exact opposite happens after Sir Arthur Blitzes Quick Old Fashioned IV on to the ball and it scatters right in to his greedy, Bretonnian hands. The Knights sprint forth with nearly nothing or nobody standing in their way, thinking they're safe but Ellen struts her stuff for the fans and gets the sack after some Elf-esque dodges. Terrified of Ellen's amazing skills, Gobas quickly recovers the pigskin and has Sir Bedevere the Wise run it in before she gets another great play in. Turn 14 rolls around, 1-2 for the Knights of the HardBanana. Once again, the gals have 2 turns left for a Throw Team-Mate play and once more they're forced to play hard-mode as a Pitch Invasion stuns White Dragon and Tug of Love. Quick Old Fashioned steps up to the plate and volunteers as rocketman. He's somewhat protected on our 6 yard line and after a failed GFI by Sir Galahad it all comes down to a good scatter. Against all odds, the repeat happens and Quick old Fashioned gloriously lands 7 squares from the opposing end-zone and scores the touchdown. 2-2 (for the Women with Attitude) on our turn 16. A small Gnoblar sacrifice on the Line of Scrimmage ends the game and the gals get away with a draw at the end of the day. Quick Old Fashioned is rewarded with a double on his level-up and I still haven't decided whether to go for Kick or Dirty Player. Probably Kick, since we have quite a few teams with Regeneration in our Division this Season... . Good game to Gobas and his Knights! May we meet again on the pitch in the future.
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