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  1. Season 12, Match Day 3 - Preston Chorf End VS Women with Attitude
  2. Season 12, Match Day 2: Sometimes you win, sometimes you play Blood Bowl. Game result page HERE! Women with Attitude VS The Mordheim Horrors @Rama Set shows up to face some Ogres once more after our previous encounter in the 2018 OCC World Cup Qualifiers, however this time he isn't facing some lowly 1350TV Ogre squad... . This time around he faces the extraordinarily gorgeous Women with Attitude in all of their chunky 2000+TV glory. @AllyRdr also did use a huge favour by dismantling Grolack the Elder (Block, +MA, +MA Wolf) in their game. So, with no developed Ghouls and The Cooda Bean Champion Grolack replaced by a rookie there's very few "ball handling-shenanigans" to be expected from this Necro team, which is always good news for any Ogre squad especially since we just got a fresh Kicker in Quick Old Fashioned IV. The inducement phase sees the walking dead hire Wilhelm Chaney, a Wizard, a Bribe and 2 Bloodweiser Babes. With a Wizard on the pitch and no Claw + Mighty Blow on our opponent's side, the gals decide to kick first. Lycaeus the Astronomer fails to remove a Gnoblar from the pitch and only Paris Killton and Amy Shawarma go down on the Line of Scrimmage. With a Bribe on deck, Rama Set feels pretty safe going for a foul on Amy, which results in a stun. Unfortunately for him, we've got an extremely fair referee calling the shots and Ilgoth "Ber" gets sent off anyway. The ladies shuffle around a bit, anticipating the movement of the Ghoul and the Wolves, getting a nice, even spread of Ogres across the pitch. The Necros decide to go for the big hits right away as Lycaeus switches his focus from Gnoblars to Bichelle Omaha after setting up a ton of assists. Bichelle's armour holds and immediately afterwards, Commandante LeBarge wastes a reroll and gets both himself and Paris downed, ruining any plans the Horrors may have had. Eager to show these stringy boys how it's done, Bichelle gets up and busts right through Magister Steffan's armour. The combination of Bichelle's Mighty Blow and Steffan's Niggling Injury gets him removed from the game as he does not manage to Regenerate. This is a pretty big deal, because now the only Guard piece on our opponent's side is Edmond the Duster and thanks to the referee, we're actually up 11-9 players. Demoralised but not defeated, the Horrors move up on the right flank. Wilhelm Chaney takes Bichelle down once more, not causing any damage. Lycaeus, now surrounded by Ogres and Gnoblars tries to make a break for it but proves not dodgy enough for this escape attempt. The gals get a huge turn out of this turnover as Amy Break Tackles in to the cage and knocks out Gelp the Urchin, removing yet another Necro player from the field and freeing up the ball. Quick Old Fashioned IV recovers the pigskin and hands it off to Lennifer Jaw-Rends, who heroically runs away from the giant pile of fighting Blood Bowl players. The Horrors retaliate by punching some Gnoblars and removing Paris from the field (MNG). She'll be stuck at 50/51SPP for a little while longer, I suppose... . Ah well, at least Lycaeus fails another dodge and causes yet another turnover for the Necros. Lennifer, Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley and a couple of Gnobbies scurry over to the left side of the pitch while Amy knocks out another Zombie and Bichelle stuns Lord Bernard the Third. The Horrors catch up to our ball carrier and her escorts pretty quickly but there's no real opening for a sack thanks to a screen of Gnoblars with the occasional Ogre sprinkled throughout. One Break Tackle later, Lennifer is set up on the side of the pitch, at the 20 yard line with 2 Gnoblars on her right flank for "protection". A failed dodge by Full Nelson III and a failed Bone-Head by Amy means that both Werewolves are free to roam the field, but pretty much every other player is tied up. Desperately, Lycaeus goes for the sack but Stand Firm keeps Lennifer safe from the uphill + in to +. Unable to take down our beefy ball carrier themselves, the Horrors call in their Wizard but Lennifer shrugs it off and remains upright on our turn 7, the pigskin still in her hands. The ladies don't take any chances and go for the Touchdown immediately. Lennifer Blitzes aside Lycaeus and dodges her way out of danger and in to the opposing end zone. Turn 7 ends 1-0 for the Women with Attitude. The last turns of the first half see both teams just trying to punch a few holes in to the opposition but there's no permanent damage on either side. The second half kicks off and the gals' plan is fairly simple. Get the ball in to White Dragon's teeny hands, keep Lennifer close by and try to get that little man across the pitch... somehow. A couple of Bone-Heads make it so we don't do much harm to the Horrors but at least we get that ball and keep it tucked away nice and safe in our back field. Rama Set gets his goons to move forward, with Lycaeus threatening our back field while the Golems and Zombies hold up the Ogres on the Line of Scrimmage. Slow and steady wins the race. The girls regroup, recover from their Bone-Heads and we form a fancy cage with White Dragons till safely tucked away. Swilda Ten Tons also gets the knock out on Edmond, getting rid of the last Guard piece our opponent has. The girls keep trucking forward, White Dragon shoved against the sideline, Bichelle and Lennifer guarding his left flank. Lycaeus spots an opening and actually manages to dodge his way through a wall of Gnoblars but this time around he fails his GFI, burns the last reroll his coach has and still doesn't make it in the end. Bichelle Blitzes away and knocks out Wilhelm Chaney, Amy removes another Zombie and White Dragon struts forward, still fairly well protected up against the right flank. The Horrors mark any Ogres that're not with our ball carrier and after taking care of Kindness II and his Diving Tackle, Lycaeus still finds a way to disappoint Rama Set by failing to dodge away from Hot Karl IV. With pretty much all of the opposing players around the Line of Scrimmage, we're free to run White Dragon forward on his own and send everyone else back towards the actual fight. The triple Bone-Head turn finally comes around, allowing the Horrors to threaten White Dragon and forcing our hand. The little star walks it in on turn 14, 2-0 for the Women with Attitude. With 3 turns remaining, the Horrors have a shot at scoring at least once but the girls don't plan to make it easy for them. Get the ref! provides both teams with an additional Bribe as Quick Old Fashioned IV gets a great kick in, all the way to the back field. The Horrors form a cage for Lycaeus on the right flank of the pitch around our 6 yard marker and Wilhelm Chaney runs all the way forward to the 14 yard line. The ladies spread around. Ellen stuns Lord Mayor Helmut while several Gnoblars block the way forward on the right flank. Wilhelm Chaney is given a Gnobbie to chew on and we await Rama Set's next move. Lord Bernard sprints forward with the oval in his paws and not only does he fail his GFI, his armour doesn't hold and the ball is left unmarked on the Line of Scrimmage. With only 1 turn remaining for both teams, we just push as many players towards the ball as possible. By the end of the gals' turn 16, we've got 2 Gnoblars and Bichelle marking the pigskin and unless some Zombie makes a couple of amazing dodges in to a Long Pass, there's very little the Horrors can do to score a touchdown this game. Rama Set doesn't even go for any low probability plays, instead opting to do as much damage as possible in the final moments of this game. Lycaeus stuns a poor Gnoblar and sets up for an assist to knock down Ellen. He surrounds the poor, downed Super Star for one last foul and even though Ellen gets Badly Hurt, it does little for the Horror's morale as Walt the Confessor gets sent off by the referee. The game ends 2-0 for the ladies, yay! ----- Rama Set definitely didn't get very lucky on this one. The early failed dodges, combined with our girls steadily removing players got us ahead by turn 4. Top that off with essentially 250k gold of Inducements doing absolutely nothing and you end up losing 2-0 to Ogres. It also took forever before any of our Gnoblars got removed from the pitch and the only Casualty that mattered was the MNG on Paris. Sure, we only caused 1 Casualty ourselves (only 1 that stuck, anyways) but we consistently got stuns and knock outs to help us along while our entire crew of Gnobbies remained relatively unharmed throughout this entire game. Good game to Rama Set. I said it during the game but I'll say it again here; may his curse be lifted and his team flourish (whenever he's not facing Ogres, obviously). He's a good coach and I'm curious about how he'll handle the remaining games of the season.
  3. Season 12, Match Day 2 - Women with Attitude VS The Mordheim Horrors
  4. Season 12, Match Day 1: Broads and Bananas. Game result page HERE! Women with Attitude VS Knights of the HardBanana The Women with Attitude kick-off Season 12 against the notorious Dirty Git-Enthusiast @Gobas and his gang of Banaknights. With only 4 Ogres on the pitch, a depleted bank and less Gnoblars in reserve than I'd like, we're rather pessimistic about the whole situation. Our only goal is to keep the remaining gals alive and maybe collect some SPP along the way. In classic Gobas-fashion, he does not opt for a Wizard, instead bringing some Bloodweiser Babes and a Bribe. The Knights choose to receive and with Dauntless on every Blitzer and Guard on every Blocker, we're really hoping our armour holds for the first few turns, because we're about to get pummelled on the Line of Scrimmage. On the bright side, without Sure Hands available, Arthur King of Bretons fails to pick up the ball and burns 1 out of the Knight's 2 rerolls, ending their turn before the foul comes in. Lennifer Jaw-Rends flings Kitchen Sink VIII across the pitch to be a nob and mark the ball, which is a huge deal with the lack of Tackle on our opponent's side. The beating in the middle of the pitch is a lot less severe on turn 2, but the ladies make up for it with Bone-Heads on everyone except Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley. The silver lining is that Kitchen Sink is still next to the ball by the time our turn is over and we've managed to get a whole host of Gnoblars nearby to be even more annoying and force our foe to deal with them. Arthur gets his stuff together and actually picks up the ball and runs to safety while the ladies scramble to mark a couple of players that ran forward. Ironically, we score the first somewhat successful foul of the game by Knocking Out Swamp Castle Guard, removing a valuable Guard-piece from the field. In an attempt to bamboozle us, Arthur runs across the pitch and hands off the ball to Sir Galahad the Pure, who fails the catch and ends the Knights' turn. Ellen makes Brave Sir Robin eat his helmet and after a few fancy moves, Kindness II actually snatches the ball and potatoes towards the 6 yard line, hoping to get lucky and somehow survive multiple blitzes. This does not happen as he goes down on the first try and gets KOd by a foul for his insolence. After removing a few more Gnobbies, Gobas is forced to burn his last reroll on the pick-up. The Brets recover nicely, running across the pitch once more and this time the catch isn't ruined, allowing Sir Bors to run forward, ball in hand. Ellen continues trucking from side to side and puts her Tackle on Sir Bors, forcing our opponent in to a scenario where he either makes the dodge or loses the pigskin on his next turn. To even things up, Paris Killton fails to break away from a lowly Lineman and puts herself in the injury box, making sure she definitely won't earn that last SPP she needs to level-up in this game. Sir Bors shows off how it's done, and by turn 7 the score is 0-1 for the Knight of the HardBanana. With 2 turns remaining, Throw Team-Mate is the obvious play, but a very deep kick makes things a lot more difficult. Somehow, we manage. A little hand-off here, a little Strong Arm there and White Dragon sticks his landing right next to an opposing player and exactly 8 squares away from the end-zone. Lucky? Perhaps. Fun? Definitely. The half ends 1-1 (for the Women with Attitude). Second half and it's 7 players against 11. I think it's fair to say that the odds are not in our favour on this one. Swilda Ten Tons helps out a little by scoring the first casualty of her career and we do our best to keep the ball safe in our back field. The Knights swarm forward, forcing Ellen, Lennifer and whatever Gnobbies we have left in to a little corner on the left side of the pitch, just hoping we somehow manage to not lose the pigskin too quickly. Gobas over-commits a bit and Lennifer hurls White Dragon forward. This would have been a "safe play" if we'd GFI'd forward 2 more squares, but as it stands we stay in range of 1 lone Lineman, Witch-Hunting Villager. The POW is scored and White Dragon goes down. With all of the gals in the back, all we can do is muster a couple of Gnoblars around the ball and pray for a lucky pick-up. The exact opposite happens after Sir Arthur Blitzes Quick Old Fashioned IV on to the ball and it scatters right in to his greedy, Bretonnian hands. The Knights sprint forth with nearly nothing or nobody standing in their way, thinking they're safe but Ellen struts her stuff for the fans and gets the sack after some Elf-esque dodges. Terrified of Ellen's amazing skills, Gobas quickly recovers the pigskin and has Sir Bedevere the Wise run it in before she gets another great play in. Turn 14 rolls around, 1-2 for the Knights of the HardBanana. Once again, the gals have 2 turns left for a Throw Team-Mate play and once more they're forced to play hard-mode as a Pitch Invasion stuns White Dragon and Tug of Love. Quick Old Fashioned steps up to the plate and volunteers as rocketman. He's somewhat protected on our 6 yard line and after a failed GFI by Sir Galahad it all comes down to a good scatter. Against all odds, the repeat happens and Quick old Fashioned gloriously lands 7 squares from the opposing end-zone and scores the touchdown. 2-2 (for the Women with Attitude) on our turn 16. A small Gnoblar sacrifice on the Line of Scrimmage ends the game and the gals get away with a draw at the end of the day. Quick Old Fashioned is rewarded with a double on his level-up and I still haven't decided whether to go for Kick or Dirty Player. Probably Kick, since we have quite a few teams with Regeneration in our Division this Season... . Good game to Gobas and his Knights! May we meet again on the pitch in the future.
  5. Season 12, Match Day 1 - Women with Attitude VS Knights of the HardBanana
  6. On paper, Season 11 went REALLY well for the Women with Attitude. We got more Wins and Draws than losses and almost ended up in 5th place. Unfortunately, our last game was so dreadful we actually ended up 8th overall with an enormous amount of injuries sustained across the entire team. Now, 8th place is actually not that bad for an Ogre team, but when you have the potential to end up 5th right before your last match, it really stings to see the team drop down so low. Season 11 also came with our first dead gal in 5 Seasons. IN MEMORIAM Dame Juicy Drenched had been walking around with a permanent injury for quite some time, but it hardly ever got in the way of her ability to pummel goons in to the ground. She was a lovely, kind Ogre who had just learned the ability to Jump Up... taken from us too soon. Before we could enjoy Piling On + Jump Up even once. You will be missed, Dame Juicy. *Sniffles* Let us check in on the rest of the cast. Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley Value: 280K Level 6 165/176 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard, Tackle, +AG. 7 MVP 71 Matches 2 Pass 1 Catch 6 Touchdowns 55 Casualties Inflicted 516 Blocks 6 Kills 2 Crowdsurfs 7 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: In one Season, Ellen has nearly doubled her amount of Casualties Sustained, but she also got in 66 Blocks of her own. All of her SPP earned this Season comes from inflicting Casualties, which is a little disappointing. I expect Ellen to be a Jill of All Trades, getting in the occasional Touchdown, Pass or Catch, but now that we have Lennifer and White Dragon, Ellen's focus has been entirely on Blocking and Blitzing down dodgy opponents. As always, Block and Tackle are her Strength and she dives in to cages like no other. A risky play-style that's starting to affect the amount of damage she takes every game. Let's hope we just got unlucky, because I would not like to see those Casualties Sustained increase too much... . Bichelle Omaha Value: 250K Level 6 81/175 SPP Skills Acquired: Piling On, +MV, Break Tackle, Juggernaut, Stand Firm. 2 MVP 64 Matches 1 Touchdown 34 Casualties Inflicted 370 Blocks 8 Kills 7 Crowdsurfs 9 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Finally, Bichelle has achieved the rank of Super Star! It is unfortunate that we did not get another fancy level-up, but Stand Firm is a great skill that has allowed her to get even more Blocks in than usual. Sadly, Bichelle had on her satin gloves this Season and out of 57 Blocks with Mighty Blow and Piling On, only 4 resulted in Casualties. Since we often end up playing against team with Bloodweiser Babes, a lot of K.O.'s simply doesn't cut it... . I feel like it's been a bit of a weak Season for Bichelle and she's starting off Season 12 MNG. That's just no good! I believe in you, my beautiful, fast Ogre! Get yourself together and rip some other people a part! Amy Shawarma Value: 250K Level 6 77/176 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Grab. Injuries Sustained: -AV. 4 MVP 55 Matches 2 Catches 5 Touchdowns 21 Casualties Inflicted 320 Blocks 4 Kills 2 Crowdsurfs 8 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: I know I mention this every damn time I do one of these Player Evaluations, and I just have to do so again. Amy Shawarma, the girl on the brink of being fired for sustaining a -AV injury very early on in her career is still here and doing better than ever. Obviously, she has looked up to Ellen as her grand example and she's been slowly climbing her way to greatness. Stand Firm and Block have made her a reliable Line-Ogre, able to stick to the little fellas and pound on them whenever she gets the chance. Now that she's also acquired Grab, holding her target close has gotten even easier. Besides the fact that she'll miss the first game of Season 12 due to an MNG, I like where she's going. Amy, keep up the good work! Lennifer Jaw-Rends Value: 240K Level 5 64/76 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, +AG, Strong Arm, Stand Firm. 8 MVP 39 Matches 8 Casualties Inflicted 85 Blocks 2 Crowdsurf 4 Casualty Sustained Coach's Notes: Still on a hot streak thanks to the constant MVP Awards, Lennifer has once again proven herself a very impressive player. It's a pity that the scoreboard doesn't keep of the amount of Gnoblars tossed, because I'd sure be interested in that particular statistic. Lennifer doesn't just get by on the judge's love though, she's managed a Pass, a Touchdown, several Casualties Inflicted and a Crowdsurf as a little cherry on top. Her Strong Arm in combination with White Dragon has gotten us out of a few tough spots and is surely one of the reasons we didn't lose as many games as we did in previous Seasons. Especially considering how little damage we did overall. Lennifer may have the horrible habit to Bone-Head whenever we just have to go for that Throw Team-Mate play, but she's still worth her weight in gold. And that's a lot of gold... . Paris Killton Value: 210K Level 4 50/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Guard, Break Tackle, +MV. Injuries Sustained: -AV. 1 MVP 70 Matches 3 Touchdowns 18 Casualties Inflicted 268 Blocks 3 Crowdsurfs 5 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Disappointment, thy name is Paris Killton... . You know what Paris has achieved during the entirety of Season 11? She inflicted 1 single Casualty and got her AV reduced to 8. I swear to Nuffle, I have no idea what it's going to take to get this Ogress on track. 70 games played, only 1 game behind Ellen, but 115SPP behind Ellen when it comes to actually performing and earning some points. I was 100% convinced that Paris would be able to earn herself that 3SPP she needed for her level-up at the start of the Season and perhaps some miraculous skill-up would provide her with that one ability she desperately needs to FINALLY start putting in some work. Now, it would be rude of me to say that Paris' 6MV has never helped her get a big Blitz or Sack, but it never turns in to anything more. Paris gets the job halfway done, and then relies on the rest of the team to do all the fancy stuff like actually hurting the opposition, scoring Touchdowns and marking the ball. Even though she spends her entire life on the Line of Scrimmage, she's only managed to get 27 Blocks in. Unless she pulls an Amy Shawarma and becomes an amazing player after sustaining a terrible, permanent injury, I don't see things getting any better. I am done hoping for a brighter future for you, Paris, but I need a 6th Ogre and you're it. Swilda Ten Tons Value: 140K Level 1 0/6 SPP Skills Acquired: None. 0 MVP 1 Match 3 Blocks Coach's Notes: Our newest addition, Swilda had a bit of a dreadful introduction to the team as she spent the majority of the game marked by Mighty Zug. As with every rookie Ogre, it is impossible to brand her a heroine or a failure after just one match, especially when that match was a gruesome defeat. With our funds at an all-time low and 2 Super Stars MNG, Swilda has some big shoes to fill in Season 12. Let's hope she does not let me down! Gnoblarable Mentions White Dragon Value: 110K Level 4 47/51 SPP Skills Acquired: +AG, Sure Feet, +MA. 4 MVP 45 Matches 2 Catches 9 Touchdowns 436 Yards Running Coach's Notes: White Dragon is still worthy of being up here. His fellow AG4/Block Gnobbie Donkey Punch III would have also joined him as a Gnoblarable Mention were he not so brutally murderised in the final game of Season 11. Even with the extra point of Agility, I still feel like White Dragon falls on his face more often than not, but he has certainly proven himself a capable Runner. Together with Lennifer, White Dragon provides us that extra edge we need in dire times. And right now, times are very dire for the Women with Attitude, so the Gnoblars definitely need to pick up the pace and help the team get back on track! TEAM OVERVIEW A few players levelled up during the Season, but we never got our Leader, Dirty Player or Kick-Gnoblars back. As mentioned above, we did get a +AG/Block Gnoblar, but he didn't last very long. Even our secondary Diving Tackle Gnobbie couldn't make it through 1 Season. We also have 2 Ogres suffering some Armour Issues and in our Tier, it actually matters quite a bit, since not everyone comes in with Claw and Mighty Blow. Orcs, Chaos Dwarfs still in development and any other team with Mighty Blow essentially has 2 AV7 Ogres to pound on, and that scares me. The loss of Dame Juicy was a big hit, especially with our TV being so bloated, it'll take forever to earn enough money should another tragedy occur. If it were not for the final game of Season 11, we would've had a wonderful overview with all 6 Ogres standing proudly before you. Several Gnoblars with +AG right behind them. But now, here we stand at 1560TV, no gold in the bank and only 12 Players for our first game next Season. A rough ending to a somewhat successful Season 11 might prove to be our downfall in Season 12. Will the ladies overcome this terrible tragedy? ---------- ---------- ---------- Full gallery with all player cards can be found HERE!
  7. Season 11, Match Day 9: Aaaaaaand... it's over. Game result page HERE! Women with Attitude VS Carteret Cavaliers Well, the Women with Attitude end their Season on a grand whimper. 9/15 players Injured by the end of the match including MNG on both Bichelle Omaha and Amy Shawarma. Our +Ag/Block Gnobbie, Donkey Punch III was also brutally murdered in the process. I feel like we certainly got diced on this one, but I don't want to take anything away from @BDawg and his Cavaliers. He did a great job marking Swilda Ten Tons with Mighty Zug every chance he got, essentially keeping her out of the game. I think the most disappointing part is that we actually had a pretty great Season so far, but a devastating 0-3 loss will quickly throw us from our 5th spot and our only chance to retain 6th place all depends on some very specific scenarios that need to come to fruition.
  8. Season 11, Match Day 9 - Women with Attitude VS Carteret Cavaliers - WEDNESDAY 05/06 - 18h00 UTC
  9. Season 11, Match Day 8: Rock'em Toss'em Gnoblars Game result page HERE! Revenage Of Bad Karma VS Women with Attitude The Women with Attitude went in to this game with a big-boned skeleton crew of a team. 4 Ogres and 8 Gnoblars for a grand total of 12 players instead of our usual 15-16. @Innovation 1992 brings the Claws, a Wizard, Bloodweiser Babes, a Wandering Apothecary and an extra Goatman. I believe this match can be summed up in 2 sentences: - We scored 2/3 times when our opponent failed a vanity Pass in his back field during the first half, allowing a TTM to get a Gnoblar nearby and run it in for a Touchdown. - We scored one last time when Lennifer Jaw-Rends managed another great TTM all the way from the middle of our side of the field, leaving White Dragon to run to safety and score on our turn 16. Lennifer, White Dragon and Donkey Punch III were definitely the stars of this Match Day, turning almost every opportunity for a steal in to a Touchdown. Both the ladies and the Revenage of Bad Karma were terrible at causing injuries, keeping our Gnoblar count up and getting us out of this game with no permanent injuries on any players. But besides the extravagant TTM escapades, what really helped us out is that there was very little Block and Guard on our opponent's side, essentially nullifying any fight on the Line of Scrimmage during Innovation 1992's turns. We rolled a 3 for out winnings, barely getting us to 140k. So please join me in welcoming Swilda Ten Tons to the squad of gals!
  10. Season 11, Match Day 8 - Revenage Of Bad Karma VS Women with Attitude - FRIDAY 31/05 - 18h00 UTC
  11. Season 11, Match Day 7: Git Stomped. Game result page HERE! Forces of Grimmforest VS Women with Attitude´╗┐ I wish there was some way to describe this game and make it look cool but there's very little to be said here, @EvilSmoothie Fouled us in to oblivion, shattering brocCooLi's Boota Point-Record in the process. A Wizard, several bribes and a Chainsaw make their way on to the pitch and from the get-go, we are completely screwed. Bichelle Omaha is the first to almost die, but the Apothecary steps in and manages to save her. Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley is next on the docket, but gets out with just being Badly Hurt. Dame Juicy Drenched, our fresh Super Star takes fouls for 3-4 turns before she finally gives in to the call of the Grim Reaper and Paris Killton suffers an AV-loss. The only reason this was not a 2-1 Victory for the Forces of Grimmforest, is because Mr.Smoothie was too busy scoring Dirty Git points. Our TV has been reduced severely, and our next game will be played with only 4 Ogres due to Paris' injury and the fact that we rolled a 1 for our winning, actually reducing our Treasury because of how bloaty we were before. Dame Juicy also got the MVP after the match, so the only thing we gained is 4SPP on Donkey Punch III thanks to a Stunty-Pass and a Touchdown. The Referee intervened twice during the whole game, once during the first half when our opponent fouled every turn and once on our opponent's turn 16, preventing him from scoring the game-winning touchdown. We had a few fun moments. Paris made a pretty neat cage-dive and our GFI's were amazing throughout the entire game. But as a pixel-hugger man, this was a devastating tragedy. Out of the 8 Casualties caused by our opponent, only 3 were Badly Hurt, 2 were deaths and the rest was MNG or worse. Let us hope this never happens again.
  12. Season 11, Match Day 6: Ogre here, Ogre there, Ogre everywhere. Game result page HERE! Da Tiny Titanz VS Women with Attitude It had been a while since the Women with Attitude faced off against another team of equal girth, and we were not let down by our opponent's will to fight in the slightest. @Com Yarrick, King of Ogres, denizen of South Zealandia and Coach of Da Tiny Titanz just stood next to me and we talked back and forth for the entire game while the players did all of the heavy lifting. Even against another Ogre team, we somehow end up against a Wizard and a Bribe. We're not bloaty, we're big boned! The game starts off with Da Titanz receiving, but a Blitz! puts a quick end to Yarrick's plan of seizing the initiative. Especially after Amy Shawarma brutally kills an opposing Ogre. the Apothecary was there to save the poor fella, but it's an immediate advantage before the ball has even hit the ground. The trend continues as the ladies score K.O.'s and Casualties like nobody's business, while Yarrick slowly descends in to madness and his team grows smaller and smaller. One thing Da Tiny Titanz have always been a lot better at than punching, is throwing Gnoblars around and getting them to land properly. They prove that a little bit of luck can go a long way as the half ends 1-0. Our own TTM attempt on Turn 8 was a spectacular failure. The second half sees the girls play the running game since our Gnoblars couldn't stick a landing if they had runway lights and a marshall there to guide them. Since we keep up the removal of opposing Gnoblars and Ogres alike, Yarrick is eventually forced to use that damned Wizard of his. Against all odds, a lone Gnoblar sneaks in between approximately 37 other players, grabs the ball and runs off. It takes a lot more effort than I'd like to admit, but near the end the gals even up the score and the final whistle is blown. 1-1. We couldn't have Ogre-strated it better. --- Good game to Yarrick. Ogre on Ogre action is always fun and this game was no exception. I'd talk about how many SPP we got out of this game, but we already played MD7 and we'll get in to a little more details there... .
  13. Season 11, Match Day 7 - Forces of Grimmforest VS Women with Attitude - WEDNESDAY 22/05 - 16h00 UTC
  14. Season 11, Match Day 6 - Da Tiny Titanz VS Women with Attitude - MONDAY 20/05 - 18h00 UTC
  15. Season 11, Match Day 5: Black Hole of Stupid. Game result page HERE! Women with Attitude VS The Cadaverous Host Sometimes, your team can have a bad game. Sometimes, your opponent's team can have a bad game. Sometimes, both teams have a bad game and the end result is a cacophony of bad dice at the wrong time and good dice at the exact right time only to have some more bad dice afterwards to kick you in the kidneys when you think you've finally recovered. The Women with Attitude may not have suffered horrendous injuries against @Flyktsoda's Cadaverous Host, but this match was a psychological horror. The ladies decide to receive because we don't want to get clawed at from the get go and our offense is rather pitiful. Multiple Gnoblars bite the dust instantly and with 83% of the gals down on the ground for most of the half, we try for a long bomb towards a lone Gnoblar we somehow managed to sneak in to the opposing end-zone. A 6+ Interception crushes our dreams and the Host scores on Turn 8 with relative ease. The second half sees the Host attempting hand-offs which never seem to work, giving the ladies multiple opportunities to mark the ball and there's even a time where we actually steal it, only to be let down by White Dragon in the end. We were 0-3 on "Gnoblars landing" this game. After some more brutal beat-downs and a fancy sack by Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley, the Beastmen finally figure out how to perform the dreaded hand-off and score once more. Turn 16 rolls around and a "High Kick", caught by Ellen gives us a shot at making this a 1-2 game. But Ellen Bone-heads and the game ends 0-2. It was incredibly insane how this game went. Sometimes our plays failed right from the start, but we had several moments where we blossomed in to greatness, only to be horribly let down afterwards. Same goes for Flyktsoda, his ball-handling was atrocious and I'm pretty sure that every CLAWPOMB (except for one on Bichelle Omaha) ended in a Stun. What a terrible, terrible game. We should definitely do that again some time, Flyktsoda!
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