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  1. Coach name : Regor Team: DarkElfs Team name: Carnival WCOCC 18+
  2. Hello all, BBTactics.com -- is running a permanent multi-tier competition in Blood Bowl II PC - The Big Crunch 2. Season 9 is just ending. Season10 kick-off is soon, so now is a great time to consider joining a great community! In this competition you would compete against the finest coaches and will lead your team from the very start towards the Tier 1 Altdwarf. It is a multi-tier competition and there are spots for new and experienced teams alike. Each game is meaningful and your opponents are serious about the playing and winning. 1) For new players, Only new teams may apply to Big Crunch 2 a) The starting TV must not exceed a team value above 1000 2) Matches are played at the rate of 1 per week. 3) Match weeks begin from 00.00 GMT on Wednesday morning and end at 23.59 GMT on Tuesday evening in any given week 4) We have most European players but we have too a Several non-European coaches. 5) We have some streamers with us, like Ilgoth, check his channel at Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/ilgoth Big Crunch 2 rules: https://bbtactics.com/forum/threads/big-crunch-2-rules.6120/ Go to https://bbtactics.com/forum/threads/waiting-list-for-season-10.12762/page-3#post-207657 to sign up for Big Crunch 2, Season 10! Cheers, Regor
  3. I want to sign in: InGame Coach Name: RegorTeam Name: Carnival of DoomRace: ChaosTV: 1680MP Comp it comes from (e.g. COL): Muncher (Cup from bbtactics)Speciality Moves: Pray to nuffle
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