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Orca Cola Championship

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  1. Horrible news but I will be around if we ever get a season going. PM me just in case if I miss any updates please.
  2. Bo Diddly


    Now I feel like we are playing in the Orca Cola College playoffs and I love college football. I am sure this is something that can be looked at but probably not for the current season of course. Thanks for suggestion Ozone!
  3. Old picture if it is easily available. Was a fun time and thanks for all your work sir!
  4. If you are looking for a PS4 league MML is a very friendly community http://www.mmlpro.com You must play in their farm league first which sounds like it would help you learn the game a bit more. ....that being said we are better :) So go out and get that PC!
  5. Me??? Well maybe.... I did take Rama's hammer for my vamp.
  6. Bo Diddly (ColoradoCelt) Death Cheaters Undead
  7. Vampires win vs the pesky mortals in a very very close game.
  8. Darn Chaos took down my vamp and the match ended. GG Doomy!
  9. Hmmm So my best times are Tomorrow (Tuesday) 2030-0100 Thursday 1430-1630 Friday 1430-1630 Sunday 1800-2200 All times UTC any of those work?
  10. Waiting to hear back for final BB2 match. Currently I have a strange 2 weeks. If this upcoming Saturday works 1430-0100 or Monday 25th 1430-0100 those are my preferred days ATM.
  11. See you then bud I do have a match at 2200 utc but should be plenty of time....especially since im bad lol.
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