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  1. T6 is currenlty looking for a replacement of a Chaos team. Anyone who is interested contact @Mongloom, @Ozone and me.
  2. just postingMD on 6A and saw you did the same right now. You want me to finish or you are finished alrezady?


    1. Breschdleng


      just finished^^


    2. Ozone


      lol, ok, i'll erase my 6A thread


  3. Alternative is you could have played one entire season and first game of the next one almost all of your developed players get killed.
  4. Wasn't episode 13 about underworld?
  5. So any news whether the OCC episodes get rehosted? Got them on my old mobile but since that's dead I don't have access to them anymore -.-
  6. Hey it's been a while that I played here but with the last sale I finally baught BB2, just to see I'm a tad bit too late to the party^^; Coach name: Breschdleng Team name: Underwhelming Expectation Race: Underworld
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