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  1. A great name... A great Mauryan emperor and a great Padawan... This name has it all !!!! Wellcome, un saludo.
  2. Fairly descent will be my future, even though isn´t 100% safe
  3. It was my situation the last season, now I am in T2. Un saludo.
  4. Do not you love me?. My body is green, like yours. I am smaller than you, and I am not very agile either, but you lose the true love, the orc that understands you, that would clean your drool with pleasure and that would massage you with anxiety in those places where now I am forbidden to look. My eyes ... they have been looking at yours since I arrived here, and now I notice how my heart is dying. I'll have to shower with cold water quickly ... I wait for you outside, I know that you will reject all these suitors and that you will return to me, running awkwardly and crying for my green body. Always yours, Karlmann, your King.
  5. Hay que ponerte algo debajo de Mongloom... xDDDD

  6. Sorry, but Pelagatos already exists, my team will be called: Los Pelagatos Un saludo.
  7. El Maldito Norse Pelagatos Los Pelagatos +18: Confirmed Un saludo.
  8. Hi. Coach name (ingame): El Maldito Team name: Green Floyd Race: Orc Un saludo !!.
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