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  1. ahhh yes! MD5 was a 1-1 and not a TG scoring, Bob is the ONE!
  2. I will try to do it... It should be complicated but, lets see!!! Scoring a hat trick could work as well with whoever of my other guys!
  3. I will play this week! Looking for some fun around my lucky season!
  4. OCC Awards

    We are working on it... we will need to be right awarded once they are back again!
  5. Congrats on the not defeat!!!! Now it is time to win all the matches from now on!
  6. Season 8 Signups

    Everybody after that post will go to the reserves list. A reserve coach will be able to take any free place in the registering process or even in the middle of the season.
  7. Would you like to join to the RED LEGION? Then apply NOW to become a redsuit! You'll be helping out admin a tier. Highlights include: Turning the MD Posting MD threads Dealing with delinquent coaches Access to the admin lounge Obeying the fickle whims of the greensuits The possibility of admin awards... Or not, Houston we are having problems on the awards! Please note that the creative part of MD threads is separate from the redsuit admin tasks. If you want to participate creatively, apply to the Fluff Team. (You can do both! That won't bother us at all) Contact @Mongloom now and we'll fit you with a nice red suit and matching manacles. Red is the new Black!!! *Yeah okay so it won't be phenomenal. But you'll have power**. **Though if you abuse it we'll nail your butt to your face***. ***Yeah, that's possible. Do you want to find out how? Probably not. But apply for the job. It looks great on your CV****. ****Okay, no it doesn't.
  8. I was confident on the comeback!!! At least it was not so far this time!! Season 8 looks to be a great one!
  9. Is COL worth playing in regularly?

    For MM matches with random players, go to the CCL not the open ladder. You can always play on the Orca Cola Brawl ladder with some OCC coaches! http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/forum/512-orca-cola-brawl/
  10. Season 8 Signups

    If you are already playing you just need to post on your division DECISIONS thread... not here. There... you will find the instructions to post your decision for the incoming season 8.
  11. 137 casualties!! This is the number!
  12. So... 13 is my number!! I was about to pick 0 but...
  13. I will bet for the 0-13!!! Now I need to know how to transfer the coin to you!
  14. Season 7 Signups

    You should include here: Team name Team Race Your Ingame Name And we will include you on the list.
  15. We have started on the luck side!! Next game we need to choose the right side of the luck. We will miss Peaches, RIP.