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  1. That is the best tournament you!! And you are the best to command the OCC team!!!!
  2. You can try a couple of games of the present season just to take contact and you could decide to keep the team you played those games or just reroll to a new fresh team, but you will be in for the next season just by filling the end season decisions thread.
  3. You are in my friend! @Lanky we will send further instructions to you by pm
  4. You are in if you want... You will receive further details by PM.
  5. Welcome to the league!!! You can play whatever you prefer... Is the team already created in game? We will give you further details by PM... From now and on you have COACH rights on the forum... You are going to be in DIVISION 6G!!
  6. You are also IN!!! Just create a new fresh team and read the rules, we will send to you further instructions by PM in a while, your forum rights have already been upgraded to coach ones.
  7. Your nurgle are in then! You will receive further details by PM, Coach rights have been applied to your forum account, please read the OCC rules and take a first contact with the coach section if you wish. You are in time to play the MD5!!!
  8. It is not necessary to pick exactly the same race, you can choose any race you like to play with. You can create a fresh new team and we will manage everything. At the end of the season you can decide to keep the team you played with or just to reroll to a different one!
  9. Noooooo!!! Never give up!!! We will be glad to see you in a future if you changes your mind!!!
  10. And heeeere we are!!! @Bouffon is now wearing the red!! If you want to look like him, dont forget to contact meeeee!!! Welcome to the redsuit team!!! Now you are faster than ever!
  11. Then apply NOW to become a redsuit! You will be faster than your opponents!!! FASTER IS BETTER, WEAR THE RED!!!! You'll be helping out admin a tier. Highlights include: Turning the MD Posting MD threads Dealing with delinquent coaches Access to the admin lounge Obeying the fickle whims of the greensuits The possibility of admin awards... Or not, Houston we are having problems on the awards! Please note that the creative part of MD threads is separate from the redsuit admin tasks. If you want to participate creatively, apply to the Fluff Team. (You can do both! That won't bother us at all) Contact @Mongloom now and we'll fit you with a nice red suit and matching manacles. *Yeah okay so it won't be phenomenal. But you'll have power**. **Though if you abuse it we'll nail your butt to your face***. ***Yeah, that's possible. Do you want to find out how? Probably not. But apply for the job. It looks great on your CV****. ****Okay, no it doesn't.
  12. Is that your wish? I would not like to do so but, Skitts could have his own idea about our next match.
  13. I ve never won this league!!! NOT on the top at all!!! But I will try it again this season!!!
  14. Yes you can, you should inform your opponent on the MD thread or by PM about that situation and if he agrees, you can do it for sure... it is usual on the OCC.
  15. Great race to play with!!! Good luck out there!!!
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