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  1. Ronnie James Dio (170) made 2 casualties BH and APOed to BH: Rookie welf lineman (60) : 60-170+0 = -110 LEVEL 2 welf thrower (90) : 90-170+0 = -80 -190 POINTS! Well done! Negative is the new positive!!
  2. And Mongloom is really proud of you!!! Keep those girls fighting!!!
  3. Your chances to make the TTM work: handoff to the snot near to the wing, throw and pray! As you tried a pass later and the 3 squares went forward... you could have had a chance there! But after failing 4 BH I can understand you were a bit annoyed to see or to even try to think about a different option than throw one of your AG4 gnoblars!
  4. Mongloom

    Got Brawl?

    Season 6 awards and OCC Coins has been spread!!! Keep brawling!!!
  5. I have scored with: 1TD Jimi Hendrix 6+3 +(dodge, SideStep) 2 =11 1TD Sid Vicious 6+2 +(KOR, surehands) 2 = 10 Points The other Khemri spoiling my second row win!!!
  6. Mongloom

    Bantha is Green!

    Yup, green works. You will bashed better now.
  7. BLOCK AND SURF: Block: Ronnie James (170TV) MNGed (apoed from Niggling) Farlig (190TV) = 190-170+10=30 Surf: Bon Scott (120TV) busted MA Vass (160TV) = 160-120+30= 70 But it does not matter as my TG didn't get any SPP. So, 30 points!
  8. My game is done, will be back tomorrow with the points made!