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  1. Why not to join to our reserves coach list? You have a lot of chances to get a seat... People some time drops the league out. Because you already did it!!!
  2. World blood bowl cup my friend.
  3. As Pidpad said, we must wait till your absent match(es) happens, but in the worse of the cases, if you have properly communicated your absence, the worse admin result would be a 2-1 admin defeat, you would get MVP, winnings and 1 random TD. In the other hand, we are fine if you find somebody to play the match on your seat while you are absent.
  4. As you are already playing on the OCC you just need to post on your division decisions thread. It is not necessary to post here.
  5. I loved the removals collage!!! Expecting now your MD3 victory report!
  6. Ohhh Lennifer, those poor candidates trying to impress you out of the pitch... Sid Vicious II will do again the same spectacular performance he did on MD1. We played flings on the 2nd MD and we don't like to take advantage from the stunties, don't take that game in account, Sid feels better when he faces opponents of his size or bigger ones, just like you Lennifer. Keep an eye onto him, he will make you smile for one more week and don't forget... bones are always tough, never limp. Bony hugs!
  7. Lemmy Killmister (140TV) Killed Focking Focker (30TV) 30+50-140 = -60 Beat that!
  8. Sid Vicious trying to impress the Ogres ladies scored twice dodging and doing gfis everywhere! 6+2+1-2= 7
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