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  1. S5 - Replacement Wanted

    We will arrange in game settings to get you in the division during the evening, you can arrange the game from now on with your opponent Bifford.
  2. S5 - Replacement Wanted

    One team looks like is leaving us in the end, we would need to replace him.. Chaos Dwarf with current TV at 1280, whatever would be welcome as there is only one game to play as this replacement.
  3. Season 6 signups

    As you are already playing as a replacement, you should post on your division decisions thread... that should be enough to keep your place for the incoming season.
  4. OCC Season 3 Prize Pool

    Grats to the winners! Specially to the OCC champion @Francach hope to have a chance to face these greenskins soon or any other team you coach!
  5. Probobly a stupid question about Season 4

    Game over Raikaria!
  6. Probobly a stupid question about Season 4

    Shame you quit Khemri!!!
  7. Both are against the game rules. It does not matter if Cyanide says it is intended or not.