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  1. Mongloom

    Tie Breakers

    We have relocated some information on the forum, old links could not work. Post has been edited. Every race can defend and to avoid receiving TD, not every race can score a lot. You won't find most casualties on the list either, it is a way for balancing the competition and... we are not like most leagues, we are THE LEAGUE!
  2. Forum name changed... next time you log in you should use your new forum name Arkady
  3. In game coach name must match with the forum name... We can made the forum name change, please confirm your in game name is Arkady and we will arrange everything.
  4. And you are IN now!!! You will receive a ticket as you are joining the league in the middle.
  5. We have had recently a drop so... we would have a seat for a new coach if interested... Still 4 matches to end the 11th season and the chance to keep that team for season 12 or just reroll to a different one at the end of the season.
  6. Juggs is nice, not everybody could dare to try to surf you, I would take Juggs! But SF could help you as well... Whatever you pick will help Lennifer on the pitch!
  7. This thread is only for Season 11, you will be included in the reserves list for the present season. Season 12 thread will be open in some seasons, you would need to post on that thread by then.
  8. You have been added to the reserves list!!
  9. Why not to join to our reserves coach list? You have a lot of chances to get a seat... People some time drops the league out. Because you already did it!!!
  10. World blood bowl cup my friend.
  11. As Pidpad said, we must wait till your absent match(es) happens, but in the worse of the cases, if you have properly communicated your absence, the worse admin result would be a 2-1 admin defeat, you would get MVP, winnings and 1 random TD. In the other hand, we are fine if you find somebody to play the match on your seat while you are absent.
  12. As you are already playing on the OCC you just need to post on your division decisions thread. It is not necessary to post here.
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