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  1. Season 7 Signups

    You should include here: Team name Team Race Your Ingame Name And we will include you on the list.
  2. We have started on the luck side!! Next game we need to choose the right side of the luck. We will miss Peaches, RIP.
  3. I will support the ladies then... but tell them to be gentle with those poor Egyptians!
  4. Divided between khemri and the ladies!!
  5. How do you find an OCC Coach...?

    Tagging the coach and placing the mouse over the tagged name, you get access to his profile link and a fast view to some details... @Waleed
  6. Season 7 Overview

    I m not sure if the girls will play well in a single ogre team division but... GO OGRE LADIES GO!!!
  7. Hay que ponerte algo debajo de Mongloom... xDDDD

  8. Season 2 Winners!

    The MVP here was @dode!! But thanks anyway!!! Not expected award!!! Now I need a new pair of golden boot to fit with the glove!
  9. Season 2 Winners!

    Playing Khemri it is easy to get impressive results!!! Playing Borkes... I feel a bit easier!!!!
  10. I will give norse a try... Mongloom Norse Team Elisa Confirm that you fulfill the age requirements of the BB2 World Cup 2018: CONFIRMED
  11. Season 6 signups

    Dont worry, we are over the sign up process and all the teams signed up will be valid on the beginning. You can post on your 6A division thread, you are an OCC coach now! And dont forget to post on the sign up + time zone thread as well.
  12. Season 6 Divisions

    It seems it is for the good of the ogres, that ensures one good result per season for an ogre team!
  13. Season length discussion

    I think we could try it, stats don't lie. My Khemri team on 1540TV got a game yesterday after a 24 days break.
  14. Season 6 signups

    As you are already playing as a replacement, you should post on your division decisions thread... that should be enough to keep your place for the incoming season.
  15. OCC Season 3 Prize Pool

    Grats to the winners! Specially to the OCC champion @Francach hope to have a chance to face these greenskins soon or any other team you coach!