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  1. I, for one, welcome our new Brassican despot.
  2. Coach name: dode Team name: Dismal Portents Race: Dark Elf Confirming this is a new team.
  3. Two different things. The thing which makes your TV increase when you go above 150k in the treasury is the Bank rule. Spiralling Expenses are extra costs due to the TV of your team. Both are active.
  4. Admin wins league... fix! Well done, Pidpad. 3rd time, is it?
  5. I've had no issues and had to adjust no ports. Reconnection in case of internet drop out also works pretty well, too.
  6. dode

    Summer breack?

    There might be a week or so by default between seasons 2 and 3. Not sure exactly when that happens though.
  7. 1. Doesn't matter. If you can only set 2 up on the LOS you can legitimately concede. 2. Irrelevant. If you can set more than 2 up on the LOS you are subject to the 51SPP rule. Blood Bowl is not about making you feel good all the time. Sometimes Nuffle is a total and utter bastard. Dealing with that is part of the game.
  8. Hi mate! I think you swept by some validation a bit to quick! Orca-cola aint a girl you know ;)

    Check out the Ssc1 again pls :)

  9. Claw is OP!

    1. Cuerdelion


      could be worse memory serves me razor sharp was much nastier

    2. Cuerdelion


      could be worse memory serves me razor sharp was much nastier

    3. dode


      I was being ironic ;)

  10. Just had to reinstall the laptop - fortunately no data lost thanks to an Ubuntu livedisk!

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