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  1. I saw it from a guy playing against Thyss so gave them a try, if the format was rogue and mage heavy worth swapping for dire mole I admit
  2. As promised, the beast hunter list... 2 emerald reaver 2 springpaw 2 Timberwolf 1 tracking 2 crackling razormaw 2 revenge of the wild 2 scavenging hyena 2 animal companion 2 eaglehorn bow 2 kill command 2 masters call 2 unleash the hounds 2 dire frenzy 2 flanking strike 2 tundra rhino 1 deathstalker rexar
  3. I’d play more but currently playing magic arena and got to platinum 1
  4. Will post it on there haven’t play for a month or so and went from 20 to 13 in an hour and a half...seems strong against the meta at mo
  5. Eu, currently using the facehunter deck it’s busted at mo
  6. I think it will still be good, had to be nerfed tbf
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