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  1. We still good for our game in about 1 hr?

  2. finishing my video stream for another league can we start 15:30?

  3. Highly debatable, mate! Thanks again for the match though. It was one I will surely remember, for it was extremely silly in every imaginable way. Things that usually works didn't play out at all, things that definitely shouldn't have worked unexpectedly did, and things that never ever should even be attempted were suddenly abundant! A clown fiesta from start to finish.
  4. I like that the OCC keeps on going strong all summer. Due to the fact that many of my other obligations and activities takes breaks during the summer season, I actually have more time than average to dedicate to Blood Bowl those months. Everyone's lives look different, and we all take vacation during different weeks - But slaying elves on the pitch must never end!
  5. Heh - I was asking for a friend. I'm probably sticking with my Spicy Meatballs even if I get demoted out of the Championship Tier (which is quite likely), mostly because I have a cool logo for them. I mean, just look at this beauty!
  6. Necro'ing this thread with a related question: Will there be a Racial cap on any of the teams for Season 2, and if so, which ones are in the 'danger zone' of not being selectable?
  7. As the most likely coach to be affected by this during Season 1, I want to say that personally I actually do not have a problem with this rule - It makes every match really 'count' more even when you're out of the running for the gold medal if getting the last spot in the division really stings. Although I can understand that some might be frustrated to end up in that position, the fact that the stakes are even higher for each match even if you're struggling through the season adds more thrill to the game, which is something that I enjoy. You do make a valid point in that it's very harsh of a 'punishment' - I agree fully - But that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  8. I am interested in joining up! Please do send me a PM with further instructions when you get the opportunity to do so. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for the reply and the information, Meebee. It all sounds pretty good to me - I think that I will sign up later on today, when I've figured out which race I wish to play as! I'll request a PM with additional information in the other thread. Thanks again.
  10. I might be interested but have a couple of questions if you do not mind! 1. Is the primary language spoken in the league English? The site appears to be a German domain, if I am not mistaken - That's why I am asking! 2. How many players are currently in the league, and how many are you aiming to recruit before the next season starts? 3. Since the league is on season 5 currently, I assume most teams are already developed. Will new coaches be put in a division against only other new teams? (TV maximum 1000) 4. Is the primary playing hours going to be about the same as OCC? (That is, around the evening hours of UTC/GMT - prime time optimal for Europe) 5. Is the league/games going to be played on BB1 or BB2? Thanks!
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