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  1. Entering MD8, we thank you for your interest but now it's to late. See you in season 14! Sign up Now, if your not already in.
  2. Hello, We have two who dropped out, in T4 Season 13. I'd like to know if there are anyone who like to try out Humans or Amazon team. Human http://www.bb2leaguemanager.com/Leaderboard/team_detail.php?team_id=2945674&community_id=1 Amazon http://www.bb2leaguemanager.com/Leaderboard/team_detail.php?team_id=2750996&community_id=1 If so, please create a team just like em and let me or @Tys123 know. We have started MD6, so it's 4 or 3 games, we are talking about. Thanks! BR /Admins
  3. Yes what a strange game this was. If you have been watching this and wonder why I play the way I play them. Please drop me a PM and I can explain all moves, and the background for each end everything.
  4. Joined s2 occ1... honoured to be here!
  5. Fantastic performance @Regor. Congrats!
  6. Ticket Sent, and you are facing Razta this MD. Good luck and thanks, team is also a perfect match, well done. Thanks! BR /B
  7. I'll send a ticket (will probably take 3 hours from now). Meanwhile Please check with your opp and check time to play. Thanks
  8. If you have the time. Thanks.
  9. Smifffy01 - To wolf or not to wolf - Necromantic - - Just dropped out of T3B, due to illnesses TV 1580 atm. We need to support 3B and replace him. Thanks
  10. Thanks.. Next opponent is orcs.. Not sure if the green suite helps or not.
  11. Bantha

    OCC Awards

    There should be some award to the admin who get's the awards working again, right
  12. I'll nudge you in 9 weeks for sure. You have my verb on it.
  13. There is 3B now open for you if you would like to join. Please let me know. Thanks. ** Updated
  14. Any plans for MD7, been gone for a while as this page is not cooperative.
  15. After game, submit your touchdown scorer with the lowest points tally as per these rules: MA + AGI = base point score +1 for each skill useful for mobility or agility* -1 for each negatrait affecting mobility or agility** Vamp 6+4+dodge+pro-lust = 11
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