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Orca Cola Championship


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    BloodBowl huh?
  1. What the Fluff??

    Fluff On!
  2. Heroes have access and will gain it once they reach 3 different levels. So no henchmen or leader.
  3. So tempted to start Nurgle team called. Hello Shitty!

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    2. Bantha


      Lucky me I have two boys only.

    3. Barristan


      Ah. I thought there was some pet hate involved :D

    4. Bantha


      Nope, just a good nurgle name... :)

  4. Championship MD report folder is missing

    1. Gobas


      Aaaand by Magic of Zephire there is one.

  5. 1/3.. done how did it go and why.. now in the vamp section

  6. My first Match is up, MD2 in Tier2, BR Louis

  7. Read the Story of Louis in match reports MD2, his first game will soon follow

    1. Zgagor


      Looks very ambitious and totally awesome, check it out!

  8. Reigning LFC champ over there in the OFL

  9. Hi... any news about your game with Bathoz?

  10. See that your on now.. can we start earlier?

  11. Bloodbowl

    1. Bantha


      Come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth.