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    BloodBowl huh?
  1. OCC Awards

    There should be some award to the admin who get's the awards working again, right
  2. S8 - replacements wanted

    I'll nudge you in 9 weeks for sure. You have my verb on it.
  3. S8 - replacements wanted

    There is 3B now open for you if you would like to join. Please let me know. Thanks. ** Updated
  4. Any plans for MD7, been gone for a while as this page is not cooperative.
  5. After game, submit your touchdown scorer with the lowest points tally as per these rules: MA + AGI = base point score +1 for each skill useful for mobility or agility* -1 for each negatrait affecting mobility or agility** Vamp 6+4+dodge+pro-lust = 11
  6. So i guess I won... @Suido when can I expect the coins?
  7. Ideas.. Mdx Flagelant week.. The worst injury on a own teammate.. Either by own surfing (happens) failed gfi, bothdown and no wrestle or block.. Skull on block etc.. Im not counting bites from vamps.. Would not be fare I figure.. MDy Surfing week.. Worst opp surfed based on spp and skills i figure
  8. Im in.. Handing over the coin later this evening..
  9. Correct.. Rip yethee at 0 spp. Dead anyhow.. Last blitz in the game.. On norse turn.. Bothdown.. He died my vamp did not.
  10. @Rymdkejsaren @Borke Aha.. So all new plugins will be shown beneath the user icon..which goes hidden in smartphone mode.. Thats fine I was not sure about the situation and just wanted to inform you. Sometimes how stuff appears is not investigated enough and we do this for free.. So I just was not sure how deep we tested this. Thanks for input.. Over and out.
  11. Im the grown-up.. As phones did not exist way back when i was not..And it was just info.. No critics
  12. @Suido So if I get this right.. Most dmg in md1 during a block or blitz action. And I agree with RK that a non dmg skilled dude who rips another apart should be more weight than the other way around... Like an gnoblar doing the kill..dmg.. Instead of the ogre. I also think it would be worth something if from bothdown you dmg both..which is quite rare i admit.
  13. Cough cough... There you go. @Rymdkejsaren That user section is actuallt not visual through a smart phone mode.. So not user friendly..you have to switch to pc-mode to see the user icon inorder to navigate to coin section. Just feed back Rymdis.