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  1. Thanks.. Next opponent is orcs.. Not sure if the green suite helps or not.
  2. Bantha

    OCC Awards

    There should be some award to the admin who get's the awards working again, right
  3. I'll nudge you in 9 weeks for sure. You have my verb on it.
  4. There is 3B now open for you if you would like to join. Please let me know. Thanks. ** Updated
  5. Any plans for MD7, been gone for a while as this page is not cooperative.
  6. After game, submit your touchdown scorer with the lowest points tally as per these rules: MA + AGI = base point score +1 for each skill useful for mobility or agility* -1 for each negatrait affecting mobility or agility** Vamp 6+4+dodge+pro-lust = 11
  7. Ideas.. Mdx Flagelant week.. The worst injury on a own teammate.. Either by own surfing (happens) failed gfi, bothdown and no wrestle or block.. Skull on block etc.. Im not counting bites from vamps.. Would not be fare I figure.. MDy Surfing week.. Worst opp surfed based on spp and skills i figure
  8. Correct.. Rip yethee at 0 spp. Dead anyhow.. Last blitz in the game.. On norse turn.. Bothdown.. He died my vamp did not.
  9. @Rymdkejsaren @Borke Aha.. So all new plugins will be shown beneath the user icon..which goes hidden in smartphone mode.. Thats fine I was not sure about the situation and just wanted to inform you. Sometimes how stuff appears is not investigated enough and we do this for free.. So I just was not sure how deep we tested this. Thanks for input.. Over and out.
  10. Im the grown-up.. As phones did not exist way back when i was not..And it was just info.. No critics
  11. @Suido So if I get this right.. Most dmg in md1 during a block or blitz action. And I agree with RK that a non dmg skilled dude who rips another apart should be more weight than the other way around... Like an gnoblar doing the kill..dmg.. Instead of the ogre. I also think it would be worth something if from bothdown you dmg both..which is quite rare i admit.
  12. Cough cough... There you go. @Rymdkejsaren That user section is actuallt not visual through a smart phone mode.. So not user friendly..you have to switch to pc-mode to see the user icon inorder to navigate to coin section. Just feed back Rymdis.
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