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  1. Hearthstone?

    I play on EU. Is this thread still somewhere around - cannot find it anymore.
  2. Hearthstone?

    So, finally noticed there is also thins kind of thread here in OCC, and had to comment on this - even though it is a bit late, I had exactly the same feelings. Ended up playing Pirate Warrior (that I also hate) to crush even more annoying Quest Rogue - got into legend in two days (rank1 in one day, where the Quest Rogues disappeared, and needed some grinding). The record vs Quest Rogue was something like 20-1, I think. Very seldom made it past rank5, even with serious effort, and never legend before. Makes you wonder is the only important point in this game to play a net-deck that counters a more popular net-deck. Still, I find myself returning back with new expansions, as new meta feels always exciting, and putting enough time to this game to keep my collection up-to-date. (been playing more or less regularly since beginning).