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  1. OCC2 Season 2 Winners!

    Depends on what kind of games you like. One is a turn based strategy game, the other a slow realistic military shooter.
  2. OCC2 Season 2 Winners!

    The walking dead: season one please
  3. OCC1 Divisions S35

    Oh jesus no give me Gobbos over halflings any day. I've coached a Goblin team in the OCC once and ended up 2-2-5 which I'm quite happy with
  4. OCC1 Divisions S35

    U misspelled mad :p
  5. Hi Bill-BJJ, I work the early shift on friday so the earlier we can play the better for me. I'll be home by 14 gmt and am free for the rest of the afternoon and evening. So let me know what best suits you.