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  1. Francach

    OCC cast?

    Yeah, I want to listen to the Nurgle episode again. No particular reason...
  2. Francach

    Divisions S10

    It looks like the admins in tier 6 are replacing a few no shows before they post the MD threads. When they're ready they'll post a topic in here. It'll be title MD1: Da Room, contain a bit of fluff and the fixtures of that week. Matchdays last from wednesday mornings 00.00 UTC to tuesday evening 23.59 UTC. However we can start playing MD1 straight away when it kicks off.
  3. Francach

    Divisions S10

    Not a problem, thanks for letting us know. In the future just make sure you @ your tier admins in messages like this so you're 100% sure they'll see this. @Mongloom @Ozone @Breschdleng
  4. Francach

    New Coach asking

    Welcome to the league dieMaus. It's always nice to have a fellow ratkin around. I see bob already answered most of your questions. But I'd just like to say that everyone is welcome here regardless of experience. We were all new once and most of us are just happy to have a new member of the BB community. And starting out in the lower tiers you'll run into people of all different experience levels playing various races so it's a good place to learn.
  5. Hi dead Admin, Gobas didnt come in the scheduled date...i will try to put in contact with him for schedule another day but im not sure if i can play the next week...

    1. Francach


      Thank you for letting me know. Hopefully you two can reschedule otherwise we will take this into account during the MD turnover.


      In the future please contact all of your tier admins @wismerhill @brocCooLi @Javelin The best way to do this is by making a private message and adding recipients.

    2. RyuRada


      Dear* :P ok ill put in contact with them next time, thank you

  6. Francach

    Resetting MNG's for next season

    Miss next game means you miss the next game. Either take your beatings like a man or play goblins so you stop caring about missing one rookie gobbo more or less
  7. Francach

    Season 6 Racial Mix....

    I don't know. I can't think of anyone who'd stoop so low as to play orcs in the early seasons, just to get a few easy wins in.
  8. Francach

    Season 6 Racial Mix....

    Hmmm part of me wanted to reroll as Underworld next season. Partly because I love rats and partly because I came up with a good punny team name. But seeing Khemri is so underrepresented I think I'll stick with them for a while more.
  9. Francach

    OCC Season 5 Prize Pool Winners

    Pidpad won the championship again? If there was one reason for me to return to the championship I'd be to beat some humility into him Congrats on another strong season, flying the banner of under represented teams high! Congrats on Chora-Cra too. Always nice to see agility teams do well too.
  10. Francach

    Season 6 signups

    Coach name: Francach Team name: Bash-Ra Race: Khemri Yes I know this means the Party Blockers are retiring forever. I just can't bear the shame of being an orc coach anymore.
  11. Francach

    Can star players get mvp?

    Unless they're peasants, rotters or zombies. They sometimes have a funny default name. They wont fit in if you have a theme going though but it's grand. They usually dont live long anyway
  12. Francach

    Can star players get mvp?

    I still remember when one of my human journeymen got SPP from a TD, an injury and MVP. And best of all he died on a T15 block
  13. Francach

    How does the meta look like currently?

    Hey I picked Orcs before it was cool! No really I only picked orcs because there were only 4 or so coaches who said they'd play them pre OCC2 seeder. Now it looks like that number has well gone up. My Championship win must have inspired them. I'll give you that. Atleast with dwarfs you have to be smart about positioning. And you have two fun frenzy pieces to play with.
  14. Francach

    How does the meta look like currently?

    I'm not suprised about dwarves. At low to mid team value they are boring to play and tie most of their games more than anything else. And high TV they inevetably run into a claw team that kills them off.
  15. Francach

    OCC Season 3 Prize Pool

    I want to say we've met before but I'm not sure. Do the Masters Of None or Rugby Rats ring a bell? Anyway I can't wait to come back and play some more games against you redshirts and other OCC legends.