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  1. Vampires?  One of us!  I see your name and instantly think of Lizards.  Feels weird but I like it.

    1. jrpeart


      Yeah, I was Lizards for so long I may have burnt myself out on them.

      The Vamps have been my "reliable" team, what with playing Ogres over in BC2.

      Of course they've been reliably relegating sideways in tier 4 for a few seasons now.

  2. This weeks AI battle was yet another battlefield victory.
  3. I beat Doomy in a match that went surprisingly well for once. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1158011536 Forgot to get the report screen but it was a battlefield victory to me. I finally managed to get my first shipment off with 3 days to spare. I think I would have missed it if not for a Veteran skill. In other news I finally got a permanent injury on someone other than Nynaeve or Siuan so Elayne is now getting replaced due to loss of a SP.
  4. Tuesday I have Badminton so how about Wednesday?
  5. Well since I can't do Sunday it looks like a weekday evening would be good. How about Monday at 1900 UTC?
  6. I can currently do: Saturday 0900 - 2200 UTC Sunday 1900 - 2100 UTC Monday 1900 - 2100 UTC not sure beyond that yet except I can't do Tuesdays
  7. How about we try this Monday at 1900 UTC?
  8. Player Name: jrpeart Warband Name: The White Tower Race: Sisters mainly cos I can't think of a theme for Cult or Skaven
  9. I'm fine with either 0 or 5, slightly prefer 0 as starting at 5 seems to lead to the big guy dominating the game.
  10. These are the voyages of the warband Enterprise. Our continuing mission to seek out more wyrdstone, new heretics to kill. To boldly burn what no man has burned before. Captains log: match day 2.4.2 We received word that a group of perverted nuns with a hammer fetish were transporting a contraband idol in their wagon and the Federation gave us a mission to retreive it. With our superiour tech, training and numbers it was predicted to be a walk in the park. Chekov and Scotty spotted a cache of large crystals to the left so detoured over there to collect them while Spock muttered something about the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the one before anchoring that end of the battle line against 3 of the nuns. Kirk set crossbows to pain before shooting the nuns deviant leader. The redshirts and Uhura laid down fire on any targets they had available, while Sulu tried to hold the right of the line on his own. He might have survived against 2 of them but when the leader joined in she made sure he was destined to fall. This didn't come without significant cost to her own wellbeing however as Kirks earlier shot left her suffering with every attack she made. The nuns were forced to remove Sulus arm to grab Grabthar's Hammer as he refused to let go despite being beaten down. Chekov and Scotty came to Spocks aid making it 3 on 3 down the left, while Kirk joined the melee on the right, taking the nuns leader from behind and giving her a right good seeing to, removing her arm. He then moved to retrieve the contraband idol and made a run back towards the Enterprise. Before he could make it Spock felled their second in command and the rest of them gave up the fight at that point. Thanks for the game Doomy.
  11. @Doomy I can now start weekdays (not Wednesday) from 1900 - 2100 UTC.
  12. These are the voyages of the warband Enterprise. Our continuing mission to seek out more wyrdstone, new heretics to kill. To boldly burn what no man has burned before. Captains log: match day 2.2.1 We were collecting Wyrdstone in the Kobayashi Maru district when Vampiric Warbats decloaked into a vicious ambush that left no one standing. Captains log: match day 2.2.2 Trying to track down a lead on the Vampires a reduced away team went and tracked down some Rat informants. They refused to give us the information we needed so we burnt the foul heretics at the stake. Captains log: match day 2.3.1 We encountered some Federation traitors who refused to give up the information we needed so we burnt them as well. Captains log: match day 2.3.2 Having improved the strength of the Enterprise with our intelligence gathering activities we went back to gathering Wyrdstone and came up against a heretical group of Chaos worshippers. While Kirk and Uhura used their range and height advantage to great effect, Redshirt 1 did what Redshirts do best. Captains log: match day 2.4.1 Again we tried to get information from some Rats, and again they refused to give it to us so we burned them. Uhura and Kirk did have to briefly get stuck into close combat this time.
  13. I'll get back to you on that, I'm 5 AI matches behind and I'd like to get some of them done first. I may finally be able to set aside some time to get them done tomorrow night.
  14. I think I'm 4 AI games behind myself on Undead Dwarf (5 with Enterprise) and I'd like to get some of them done, if just so I can get some money while Dave recovers from the Killer Joke.
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