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  1. Coach name : meebee Team: Bretonnians Team name: (;=;) Can`N´Ballz (;=;) old enough to mess up life on my own
  2. Do you still send tickets? As far as i remember, i was searching the proper league/division last season and joined it. The team then had been accepted by ther admins. no guarantee.. but i believe it worked this way
  3. I had plenty of dc-issues with BB1, due to low bandwith connection. Although we finally got broadband access over here this year, i still had to play BB2 with poor connection for quite some time before. And i never had any problem with it. The netcode is the best improvement on the entire game.
  4. it is. but it just does not work. always received the message it does not fit the 125px limit.
  5. Hello there, as i got a request for a signature update today, i was editing Mikkos signature to given height of 125px and tried to use it in my own settings before sending him the link. However, it did not work. I was always receiving the message, that the size does exceed the limit of 125px. Here is the picture (probably should have shrunken? it from the original (and will do later on) but this isn't about quality but about dimensions atm. It is png, 333x125px maybe you named width and height in wrong order?
  6. the technician to install broadband connection has been announced to come next month. therefore i might be able to tell within 2 or 3 months.
  7. native ground she probably thought she was hired for B(.)(.)BY Trap. EDIT: on the other hand... maybe its just because of the bad coach
  8. for the current season (md6 of 9) 2 Chaos, 2 Undead, 1 Liz, 1 Norse, 1 Bret, 1 Elves, 1 Human, 1 Necro
  9. Confusion! Sounds like my kind of girl
  10. as i am part of the league for the third season now, i take the freedom to answer, where i am able to do so. Till will do the rest. 1. Till and his wife do manage the league. And they both are german. However, as we have/had several foreign European members too and are open to any nationality, spoken language is English. 2. Current season is ending next week. We had 11 coaches + one dummy team. Nine of eleven (not her, who we know from star trek ) coaches did re-roll the current season. One coach of those who kept the teams, did drop out mid-season and won't return. Therefore there will be one team with 2 seasons and the rest with one season at max. Not all of the left coaches will return for season 6. Some might decide to re-roll. Could not tell the number right now. 3. can't answer the question, as it probably depends upon the number of applications for season 6. 4. all current coaches are within UTC+2 timezone. Its about the same as OCC. 5. BB2 All answers come without guarantee.
  11. Have some rep for keeping this alive with creative work! Love it. I won't be able to play it myself until midst of next year, when i (hopefully, finally) get broadband connection.
  12. very creative. thumbs up! hope you won't forget to go further, with your newly acquired amnesia.
  13. I think meebee isn't really a proper name, as the names story is somehow weird and hard to communicate. But if you go for witches, i might propose my favurite female in-character name: "Tomo Chiyoko" It was once chosen for some asian style mmorpg and used to be "Tomoyoko Chiyoko" Tomoyoko means "child of wisdom". Chiyoko's meaning is "child of thousand generations" Therefore, in its short form, its meaning is something like "Wisdom is a child of thousand generations" - Tomo Chiyoko Occasionally i was using "Tomoko Chiyoko" too this is what she looked like in "Saints Row 3" Edit: Oh.. it was "witch hunter", not witches... nevermind
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