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  1. @C2MC and @Weljamir, I am hoarse from yelling! But my anger finally resulted in a series of casualties in the second half of my last game. We still had orcs holding onto those pretty gloves from Weljamir. The goblin assistants have now burned those. The orcs are holding try outs and have cut trolls and black orcs in the past for failure to break enemy bones and souls. Now if I can just get them to focus on scoring and causing mayhem at the same time...
  2. It is disappointing that I have only one upvote to give to such a fine piece! Thanks for making my day. Sincerely, Sidley
  3. Thanks - this replacement request is closed.
  4. An excellent report!! What a great game. A bit of luck both good and bad made it enjoyable. I recommend the reply for Ogre coaches or those about to play them. And this game proved the value of spending the big cash on a star player or two. Both teams will have players in street clothes for the next match. Maybe Nuffle or the OCC scheduling committee will see fit to have these teams square off next season. Until then, good luck to the ladies. Sincerely, Sidley
  5. The math is simple. Two throwers = one troll? Wait! No that does not make any sense even when relativistic effects are considered. But I guess there was a lot rerolls of upper tier teams to allow the 3-3-3 record to move the Bends up to tier 4. We promise a troll is coming this season. We are running a training camp now where "little" trollkins are learning the finer points of being a brute. One of those boyz or girlz will be on the roster for this season.
  6. Hi @Sidley,


    Div 4A - has this been turned over? I haven't logged into the client today but has everybody played their MD1 matches?



    1. Sidley


      Hi VulpesInculta,


      It has been turned over.


      The OCC tries to remain on schedule including turning match weeks over at the scheduled time +/-  a couple hours at the convenience of the admin team.




  7. Congrats to the winners! Well done on the season.
  8. I agree with@notafunhater, yet we (I) still missed it. I would like to see something in game that indicates admininstrated results for each team as a reminder or double check. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
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