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  1. OCC Season 4 Prize Pool and Winners

    Congrats to the winners! Well done on the season.
  2. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    We are looking for a replacement team for a 1460 Skaven team in Division 4C. If you are interested in playing season for the rest of season 4 then contact The Tier 4 Admin team @Sidley, @Kia Sidhe, and @Smiling Tom. I like Skaven so I will make sure you get all the breaks Sincerely, Sidley Replacement found: bob152 After Forever (skaven 1310).
  3. Concesions, money and SPP

    I agree with@notafunhater, yet we (I) still missed it. I would like to see something in game that indicates admininstrated results for each team as a reminder or double check. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk